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SAMS autonomous mobility

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a industry cluster supplying sustainable autonomous mobility systems, to a global market

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SAMS autonomous mobility

  1. 1. SAMS autonomous mobility - a industry cluster supplying sustainable autonomous mobility systems, to a global market.
  2. 2. We need to do better! Our mobility system today is partly great but it s2ll has large flaws: - harmful emissions locally and globally - 2me consuming conges2ons - high human and societal cost from accidents We need to do be<er to ensure good quality of life and sustainable use of resources! We need to change the system – and with todays technology we can.
  3. 3. Increased and lasting quality of life is our mission Daily life around the world represents different struggles and challenges. Mobility systems are designed to address some of these. New technology gives us new tools for addressing more problems in better ways, to serve society and people.
  4. 4. Autonomous mobility opens up for green cities and new blue transport routes Illustration: Dyrvik Arkitekter og Transborder Studio Well designed and managed systems for autonomous mobility opens up for reduced traffic, more flexible solutions and increased use of rivers, seas and ocean as infrastructure for mobility. We can make better use of valuable city areas.
  5. 5. We build on generations of experience with mastering the ocean, living with challenging weather conditions and utilizing all talent across the society. Cluster partners have developed autonomous solutions in over 40 years and deliver proven solutions to a global marked. Together with start-ups, universities and research institutes we continue to develop and provide a wide range of technologies, solutions and systems. An ongoing history of innovations
  6. 6. Sustainable autonomous mobility systems The core competence of this industry cluster is design, development, test and delivery of complex control systems for fleets of autonomous units. To realize the great positive social effect embedded in autonomous mobility, systems for integration and control must be characterized by: - Attractive and trusted mobility services and solutions - Holistic design and integration across modes of mobility - Safe and secure data processing and handling - Sustainable use of resources
  7. 7. Autonomous shipping – autonomous port operations Norwegian maritime industry is leading the global development on zero emission and autonomous solutions. We offer applications for subsea, defence, fishfarming and shipping. Autonomous maritime solutions in combination with autonomous port operations opens up for increased safety and efficiency in the transport chain.
  8. 8. Autonomous urban mobility – systems and solutions Multi modal mobility for urban areas is increasingly tested in many cities in Norway. The government adapts the legislation accordingly to allow development of new systems, services and technologies. Norway’s leading position in the uptake of electric vehicles and a high level of digitalization across the society, gives us an unique home market and a living lab for exploring global solutions.
  9. 9. Foto: Yeti Snow Technology Autonomous mobility solutions – industry and agriculture Changing seasons, rough weather, high mountains and long :ords challenge our engineers every day. Autonomous vehicles for industry and agriculture designed for a Norwegian se@ng, will need to funcAon under all weather and climate condiAons. Specialized technologies, components and systems is offered to a global market.
  10. 10. HORTEN KONGSBERG HERØYA Testarenas for Autonomous Mobility Systems • Landbased and urban mobility • Post and parcels delivery • 5G communication • Maritime and defence applications • Logistics and port operations • 5G communication • Industry park • Land- and railbased mobility • Logistics and port operations • Drones Systems for autonomous mobility operate in complex environment and need to be thoroughly tested in mixed traffic. We offer testarenas with different configuraGons for landbased, urban, mariGme and airborne mobility soluGons can be tested.
  11. 11. Welcome to Nordic EV Summit 2019 Norway is a renowned world-leader in establishing a predictable and ambitious EV policy framework. The EV market is about to enter the mass market stage 5-10 years ahead of all other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. This unique experience is essential for other countries, cities and industry that wants to achieve zero emission in the transport sector. Learn from the Norwegian and Nordic experience! Nordic EV Summit 2019 will gather polisymakers, representatives from the industry developing solutions for electric mobility, representatives from the charging industry and relevant research communities and last but not least the user groups. The Summit will be an important networking arena for stakeholders with 900 delegates from over 30 countries. 21st and 22nd March 2019 we gather at the most important EV Summit in the Nordics. More information and registration on:
  12. 12. Partners Inspire Invest AS Askelab AS Contact: Torun Degnes, CEO Phone: +47 48254961 e-mail: Thank you for your a:en;on! Supported by: