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Small Businesses: Are Your Business Practices a Hot Mess?

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If you receive a prospect what is your first reaction? Do you have the most efficient processes to turn the prospect into a customer?

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Small Businesses: Are Your Business Practices a Hot Mess?

  1. 1. ARE YOUR BUSINESS PRACTICES a hot mess? What’s your next move? Jot down their contact info on a bar napkin... It’s happy hour! Where is that contact info now? In my Excel sheet or email address book I updated the next day. Can’t Siri automatically remind me? How do you prepare for the initial call? Grab my cell and enter the info into Evernote. How will you remember to touch base? Check my network and work those connections. Sit back, relax, and just wing it! Oops! I should have done my research. Pick up the phone and grab coffee with the connection to secure him as a reference. At the meeting the lead brings up your mutual connection. They talked and he loves the product! FTW! You close the deal. You receive a prospect. What’s your first reaction? What’s a prospect? HellsYa! Turns out you have a mutual connection. How do you leverage it? You walk into the meeting and it’s an old alumni contact. How’d you miss that? Set a calendar or task reminder. Sit and wonder how they met. You’re at the meeting and the lead brings up your connection. Why didn’t you talk to him before? Uh oh… I don’t think that napkin made it home from the bar. HOT MESS dust yourself off Clean & mean You're screwed. It’s time to get back to basics and learn the fundamentals of managing your customers. It’s time to get serious about managing your contacts, especially while you’re not in the office, before those bar napkins accidently make their way into the laundry. You rock! You’ve got this whole business thing down pat. We’re toasting to you!