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Tourism operators receive social media primer

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Social media are becoming more popular around the world, and tourism stakeholders must join the movement if they don't want to be left behind.

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Tourism operators receive social media primer

  1. 1. - Tourism operators receive social media primer | M... Tourism operators receive social media primer Published Saturday March 13th, 2010 Meeting: Organizers of Restigouche 1760 festival also provide an update on plans I3 Myriam Lavallee The Tribune CAMPBELLTON - Social media are becoming more popular around the world, and tourism stakeholders must join the movement if they don't want to be left behind. ENLARGE PHOTO That was the message from Isabelle Poirier, an expert in investment strategy in economic development, during her lecture given as part of the second forum of the Restigouche Tourism Association on Monday. Social media are many, and include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and LinkedIn. Well used, their benefits are also many. According to Poirier, brochures, a website and traditional advertising have their uses, but are no longer sufficient. Social media on the Internet are now needed to spread the tourism message. Facebook, she said, Myriam Lavallee/L'Etoile Restigouche already has almost 60,000 organizations active in Alex MacDonald, wearing the American Revolutionary tourism and the number continues to increase. War uniform of the Royal Regiment of New York Province, 1st Battalion, Line Infantry, lets loose with a musket shot at Sugarloaf Park while attending the meeting of the "We cannot reverse this phenomenon. It is now a global Restigouche Tourism Association on Monday. He was phenomenon. The model that we had learned, where there to bring attention to July's Restigouche 1760 the information comes from an authority on high and we celebrations. get it from the top on down, is completely swept away in today's society," she said. The president of the association, Marc Dube, said that the forum this year especially focused on the importance of social media, because he hoped that local tourism operators will join the movement online. "Those who do not want to get on board will be left behind. I would not say that Restigouche is lagging behind rest of the province, but we aren't advanced either. "It is an advantage to people if they want to apply what they learned today," said Dube, who added that more information will be provided next year. "We haven't yet decided on next year's theme. Maybe it will be human resources training. Each year we try to target something that will really help tourism operators." Ninety-five people attended this year's forum, about 20 more than last year. Several forum participants came dressed in period costume. Members of the organizing committee of Restigouche 1760 came to speak about the festival, to be held in July, marking the 250th anniversary of the Battle of the Restigouche. "Our first goal is to commemorate the conflict, but we also want to demonstrate the collaboration between the three cultures (Acadian, Scottish, and Mi'gmaq)," said Valerie Babin, New Brunswick co-ordinator of the event, which will also see activities take place on the Quebec side of the river, where most of the French settlements and fortifications were situated in 1760. Two participants were in historical uniform. Michael Moores LeBlanc was wearing the red coat of the Royal Regiment of New York Province, 2nd Light Infantry, while Alex MacDonald was wearing the green coat of the same regiment's 1st Battalion, Line Infantry. In a telephone interview later, LeBlanc explained that the two uniforms dated from the American Revolutionary War period, 16 years later than the Battle of the Restigouche, but that he hoped to tweak them into 1760 form. He said that early Loyalist settlers Isaac Man Jr. and John Man had both served in the 1st Battalion. Edward Isaac Man served in another 'redcoat' regiment. As part of their presentation, Restigouche 1760 organizers gave a brief overview of activities that will take place during the festival. The festival will see the appearance of the Chaleur Phantom 'ghost ship', a concert at the Campbellton Regional Memorial Civic Centre featuring Dr. Bernie Francis, Hert LeBlanc and Jimmy Rankin, and a day involving pirates and a historical demonstration. The events will take place in Listuguj, Pointe-à-la-Croix, and Campbellton. July 11 will also mark the 100th anniverary of the Campbellton Fire of 1910. Nothing so far has been announced by the City of Campbellton to mark this occasion, which saw most of the town burn, except 1 of 2 2010-03-15 09:33
  2. 2. - Tourism operators receive social media primer | M... for about 75 buildings. Please or FREE You are currently not logged into this site. Please log in or register for a FREE ONE Account. Logged in visitors may comment on articles, enter contests, manage home delivery holds and much more online. Your ONE Account grants you access to features and content across the entire CanadaEast Network of sites. 2 of 2 2010-03-15 09:33