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Viral Advertisment 1          This viral advert is Lactose free milk. ...
the whole advert is at the end showing the product the advert is selling, but eventhat is more of a medium long shotViral ...
his shows two different camera angles and distance shots. This one is a long shot and an establishing shot to show the sca...
Viral Advertisement 6“Never say no to Panda”This advert is advertising Panda che...
When                                                                       viewing this                                   ...
Viral Advertisement 9 viral advert is advertising Lucozade using the DDay Fr...
I would use some of the styles from this advert such as showing your product in thebackground this is because this way the...
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  1. 1. Viral Advertisment 1 This viral advert is Lactose free milk. This is a good advert to be inspired by the different camera angles used during the advert and how it uses the rule of thirds.The rule of thirds is when there are usaly two subjects on the right and left side of the screen and they will never swap position throught out the clip or scene, when there is only one person on the screen that person or object will always stay on the left or right handside and will never swap to other side that the other charector or object is on. This is presented thought out the video in majority of the scenes. This advert is of a converation between a person and a objects and uses a lot of dialoge. I have chosen this video because its humarouse and simple but also effective and demonstrated the rule of thirds in a simple way, this could work very well in a lot of different viral adverts. When doing my viral advert I would like to try and use this style in my advert.This shows how the glass of milk is always on the right of the screen and the woman is on the left. Viral Advertisement 2 This viral advert is called “The Natural Confectionery Company, Bring on the Trumpets”. I have chosen to look at this viral video because this video also containes the rule of thirds, but the video also is set out for a younger audience. It’s targeted audience would be for both sex’s and the age group of about 3-12 year olds this is because it’s a simple advert to show to that audience, theres not much dialogue and rever simple wording, but at the berging there are more complicated dialogue but that would be set out for the adults who are watching the commercial. This video also shows the packaging of the product they are trying to sell. This advert just like the other one is between two objects and a conversation between those two objects. This works because it’s a funny advert and for a lot of viral adverts now they can’t be longer that 30 seconds other wise people lose interest and they have to be funny or have a tag line that will stay in people’s heads. The camering on the advert are all very close to the objects the only long shot in
  2. 2. the whole advert is at the end showing the product the advert is selling, but eventhat is more of a medium long shotViral Advertisement 3 video was produced for the help line “Talk to Frank” and is called “Pablo thedrug mule dog”. This advert contains a lot of different subjects in the video, but themain subject is the dog. Unlike the other two adverts this one is not trying to sellanything to the viewers, but is trying to help. The adverts main targeted audience isboth sexes of the age 16-25 this would be for the stereotypical views of that agegroup and majority of the people in the advert are of that age group. The secondaryaudience for the advert would be still both sexes, but of the age group of 25-35 forthe older generation.The advert contains different varies uses of camera angles and styles. There are alot of extreme close up’s or medium close ups. The video also contains stop motion in itthis is used mainly on the dog when moving its head and other parts. In one scene wesee visual effects used to present the advert, but when watching it the effects make itseem more like an opening to a T.V show. During this advert the rule of thirds alsomade an appearance when the dog ‘Pablo’ is talking to the other subjects. Theadvert also seems like some of the shots have been shot hand using the hand heldeffect.This advert also contains more than one person in the frame unlike the other threewhere there always only been one person or object in each frame. This is when thedog is talking to the drug dealer and when a person is dancing at a party…Unlike most viral adverts this video is over 30 seconds and is a hole minuet, but Ithink this because it’s a gripping and hard hitting video that it keeps you payingattachment to what’s on the screen. If I was to create an advert like this base onserious issues such as war, drug use or other crimes I would go down the same routesas this video very hard hitting and keeps the viewers attenchent the whole waythought the advert, but for any other type of advert I would think about using thedifferent styles of the camera’s that have been used to film this advert.Viral Advertisement 4 advert is the “Chuck Norris - Mountain Dew Commercial”. Unlike the otheradverts this one has a film and T.V star to help promote the product that is beingadvertised.During this advert extreme close ups where used, medium shots are used and long shots
  3. 3. his shows two different camera angles and distance shots. This one is a long shot and an establishing shot to show the scale and distan eme close up on the main subject’s hand showing the product being advertised compaired to the others when there were only about two or three different styles of shooting used. The targeted audience for this advert would be again both sex’s, but that can be argued as there are no women in the advert and could be a negative representation on women saying that women don’t use the product being promoted. The targeted age group would 13-18 when that age group are first introduced to energy drinks. The secondary audience would be the age groups of 18-30 this is because there not to fused, but may drink it for different reasons unlike the main audience will be drinking it because others will be and they don’t want to be left out. I would use some of the styles of how this video has been presented like how it’s very fast paced and the cameras jump from one to the other very quickly. Viral Advertisement 5 This viral advert if “Skittles -Taste The Rainbow”. This video is promoting “Skittles” and compared to the other adverts can be interpreted in different ways some people find it funny and some find it really sad, I think this is a good thing in adverts having people interpreting adverts differently this way not everyone gives off the same reaction or the same response. This is one of the reasons I chose to look at this viral video for the mixed response it gives off. A different reason is that unlike the other adverts I have looked at this one uses a lot of CGI as shown below. This adverts targeted audience would be again for both sexes this is clarified in the video by a women/girl eating the product unlike the Mountain Dew advert were it’s only men/boys drinking the product giving off possible wrong responses to different audiences. The main age group for this video would be all ages really, but to be able to intemperate the advert how the company wants you to I would think you would have to be in the age group of 13-20, but the product is aimed for all ages.
  4. 4. Viral Advertisement 6“Never say no to Panda”This advert is advertising Panda cheas. This video can be interpreted in different waysbeing on what sound track is played in the background as on YouTube there isdifferent music played over the top of the video and some are for more matureviewers. This would be the reason I chose to look at this advert because unlike theother videos people have taken the original video and changed it to there own and thisdidn’t occur in any of the others. This also could be shown, as they are happy thattheir audience are changing the advert to how they want it.The demographic audience for this advert would be men as you don’t see any women inthis version of the advert and it one also has the mature music in it and this kind isusually associated with the 15-18 and with the lower and middle class and would besuited for all races.During the advert there are a lot of close ups on the pandas face and the whenshowing the packaging of the product.If I was to use anything from this advert it would be how they have let peoplecustomize the advert for better or for worse depending on how the audience views thecommercial.Viral Advertisement 7 is the banned Voles Wagon advert when watching it you can under stand why itwas never shown on public T.V as most viewers would find it ofecive. The originaldemographic for this advert would have been both sexes eventho the product that isbeing advertised is usually associated with women and the age would be 17+ this isbecause it’s a small car and is excepted by all ages, but would be associated withlow class and upper class.The advert uses a lot of different camera angles such as tracking shots andestablishing shots, but used the most thought the advert are medium long shots.
  5. 5. When viewing this advert you can see whyit was banned as some would say its showing or promoting terrorism as shown in thescreen shots below.Viral Advertisement 8 is the Cabrurys chocolate advert; this is one of the most successful Cabruysadverts that have ever been shown with 5,825,712 views on YouTube.The demographic for this advert would be again both sexes and of all ages, this isbecause the company being advertised have been around for a long amount of timestill attracting the older generation who grew up with the product. When peoplethink of this product as being middle class and upper class product from how thepackaging is always in purple and gold colours and in neat packaging, but a lot oflower class buy this product. The product being advertised has a mixed demographicaudience more than any of the other viral videos.At the begging of the advert there is a lot of extreme close up of the subject in theadvert as show below. Extreme close ups is the main cameraing thought out theadvert and then nearer to the end we see a medium long shot and that’s the only onein the advert.
  6. 6. Viral Advertisement 9 viral advert is advertising Lucozade using the DDay Fresh music video. Thedemographic for this advert would male as most people associate males being moreafletic than females, but of the age 13-25 this is because the Lucozade Company ismainly aimed at sporty people, as it’s a sports drink or clothing. The secondaryaudience would be females of the age of 13-25, but people would argue differentlyabout this audience response as the main people in front of the camera are female allthe time and they may say that they should be the targeted audience. From the musicthat is being played people would say it’s for lower class and middle class, thiswould also be from how people are dressed in the advert.There are a lot of different camera angles used in this advert such as tracking shots,close ups, medium long shots, long shots and others.
  7. 7. I would use some of the styles from this advert such as showing your product in thebackground this is because this way the viewer can interact with the product more ifthey see it being used in the advert. I would also use the varies of the camera anglesand shots that were used.Viral Advertisement 10 chose to look at this advert because unlike all the other this is filmed and madevery defiantly to the others adverts.The demographic for this viral video is aimed at young men/ boys, but people maythink it should be aimed at women as well because it may not always be a man beingviolent to there partner. The age group for this video would be 16-25 year olds; thisis because this is the age people assuming the young generation start to have seriousrelationships. This video would be aimed at lower class and middle class viewers thisis shown by how the people in the advert are dressed and how their bedroom ispresented.Thought out the video there are a lot of low angle shots this could be interpretedthat it was done to show that the victim in the advert fill very low. There are alsosome over shoulder shots compeered to the other videos where this didn’t happen.