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How to book_transfer_quick_engl

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Transfer from Airport to Hotel, Villa, appartments.

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How to book_transfer_quick_engl

  1. 1. Without special training How to book quickly your transfer
  2. 2. click here
  3. 3. indicate the direction of your transfer click here
  4. 4. indicate your airport, port, train station choose from the list begin typing letter by letter
  5. 5. indicate your destination point (drop off or pick up point) begin typing the name of your hotel letter by letter or the name of your district choose from the list
  6. 6. click the link: Copy the address of your destination point from the voucher for the hotel or from the site of hotel booking was your hotel or city/ district not found?
  7. 7. paste the copied address was your hotel or city/ district not found?
  8. 8. If something is still unknown, let be shown those parameters, that are offered in the search form « by default». indicate date time passengers currency unwrap the form
  9. 9. click here here is the following information: what else is included in the price where and how to find a pick up point or a meeting point
  10. 10. check and indicate your flight number address of the drop off, pick up point your phone number in order to let the driver contact you (the passenger) but not the number of your ticket or of your itinerary receipt
  11. 11. click at the bottom of a page choose a country a city and an airport (a port, a train station) one more way to find the transfer Click the Catalog of transfers:
  12. 12. Check the data of the voucher! Voucher contains detailed instructions: what where how will be available after payment in your personal account on the site and will be sent to your email
  13. 13. Did you not find the transfer? write here
  14. 14. A shuttle VS a private transfer. To get more information How to amend the transfer details. Time restrictions for transfer booking. What to choose? What`s the difference?
  15. 15. +4000 more clients` feedbacks see on Our clients` feedbacks
  16. 16. ELI Have a nice trip! SMART WAY TO IMPROVE YOU TRIP