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Grant writing masterclass 16 August 2019

  1. Grant Writing Masterclass 16 August 2019 Lorraine Acheson, Manager for Northern Ireland
  2. 3 What % of the UK workforce is employed by the construction sector? 5% 8% 10%
  3. 4 How much larger is the construction sector than the automotive sector? 3x 6x 9x
  4. 5 What proportion of the construction workforce is over 50? 11% 19% 32%
  5. 6 What proportion of the construction workforce is under 25? 10% 14% 22%
  6. 7 How many new schools does the UK build per year to renew old stock? 1300 2000 2600
  7. 8 Waste from construction, demolition and excavation makes up what % of all UK waste each year? 33% 45% 60%
  8. 9 How much has the UK Government committed to the Transforming Construction challenge? £98m £144m £172m
  9. 10 How much has Innovate UK given out in grants for R&D since 2007? £1.7bn £2.5bn £2.9bn
  10. 11 What proportion of applications for Innovate UK funding come from NI? 1.5% 2.5% 3.5%
  11. 12 What is the average success rate of NI applications for Innovate UK funding? 1 in 2 1 in 4 1 in 6 Is this more, less or the same as the rest of the UK?
  12. Ageing Society Future of mobility Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund Approx. £1bn investment AI and Data Economy NationalSatellite TestFacility Audience of the future Quantumtechnologies Nextgeneration services Made smarter DigitalSecurity by Design Leading-edge healthcare (inc. medicinesmanufacturing) Data to earlydiagnosis and precision medicine Healthyageing Accelerating detection of disease Self-drivingvehicles Manufacturing and materials of the future Faradaybatterychallenge Robotsfor a safer world Drivingthe electric revolution Future flight Clean growth Energyrevolution Transformingconstruction Transformingfoodproduction Industrialdecarbonisation Smart sustainable plasticpackaging TransformingFoundation Industries
  13. 14
  14. Innovation Funding Service 15
  15. 16
  16. Nuts and bolts 17 • Competitive calls, all guidance available online • Applications are typically open for 2 months • Grant funding, sliding scale depending on size of company e.g. up to 70% project costs for SMEs undertaking feasibility studies • Online application process, 10 questions • Peer-reviewed by up to 5 independent assessors • Quality threshold • Feedback provided to unsuccessful applicants • Application can be resubmitted once where there is a relevant competition
  17. Lorraine.Acheson@innovateuk.ukri.org
  18. Masterclass A guide to writing applications for R&D Grant Funding Stephen Mc Comb, KTN @mccomb_sj
  19. Types of Funding Products 1. Competition Based Grants 2. Innovation Loans 3. Investment Accelerator 4. SBRI 5. UKRI Future Leaders (Emerging) This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA-NC
  20. Assess Suitability • Stage of R&D – Blue sky or close to commercialisation • Level of Government Contribution – Can I fund the gap? • Single or Collaborative – Can I find suitable partners? Can I work with them? • Loan or grant – Match your company needs. • Equity – Have I considered the equity implications • Duration – Does this match the stability of the company. • Level of Innovation Required – Business may be profitable but unsuitable to the competition.
  21. Considering Eligibility Criteria • Are You Eligible - Small/Micro, Medium or Large (EU definition), Research Organisations, Public Sector Organisations doing research activity. • Participation Rules - 50%/ 70% of total eligible project costs may be incurred by business. Focus on funding to Business. • Collaboration – Business Led, Multiple Organisations and effective partnership. • Scope – does your project align with the competition. • Innovation – world leading science and business which drives growth. We would expect to see projects that align with the challenge and with a structure and rationale of the collaboration that makes business sense.
  22. Searching for Innovate UK funding opportunities https://apply-for- innovation- funding.service.gov.uk/co mpetition/search
  23. Support for businesses Invest NI
  24. Quick Icebreaker Group Activity
  25. Impact - Write a sentence, fold it over, then pass it on Question: What impact might glider buses have on the City of Belfast? This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-SA
  26. How Did You Score? 1) What if it was the financial director Reading it? 2) What if it was someone who knew nothing about transport? 3) What if the reviewer only care about passenger safety? @mairidillon
  27. Answering the assessors’ prayer … “Oh, Lord, send me a good one!”
  28. It’s an exam and a story … - Answer the Question - Tell a Story - Convince Rather than Meet the Word Count - High Scores in all Questions
  29. Before you Start A well told story about robots won’t win the romantic fiction awards. Check that your scope aligns. If in doubt, check with lead technologists at Innovate UK. Use the competition help. They are helpful.
  30. … First Impressions Project Summary Please provide a short summary of your project. • This is the first thing they read - ‘wow!, I get this and I like this’. • Top tip – ‘Economist’ editorial style. 9 word sentences, active tense.
  31. 1. Need or challenge What is the business need, citizen challenge, technological challenge or market opportunity behind your innovation? “Here’s an unmet business needs that is costing or denying (John/s) value. We can develop the tech/service/product to fix this challenge and when we do, (John/s) will buy it.” • Depth about the wider context • Insight on how you will solve it where others fail
  32. 1. Need or challenge Good Great
  33. 2. Approach and innovation What approach will you take and where will the focus of the innovation be? “We will technically solve the challenge by x, y, z. This is better than competitors a, b, c because … Based on earlier work (patent searches) we have freedom to operate. We will deliver (this/these) outputs.” • “and here’s a picture (Appendix Q2) that oozes ‘wow factor!’” • A technical stretch is important – Not off the shelf
  34. 2. Approach and innovation Good Great
  35. 3. Team and resources Who is in the project team and what are their roles? “Our team is the best - and here’s a list of credentials/track record that shows we can build it and get traction in the market. We will additionally need (these) resources and this is where we get them”. • Do not be shy! • Use the competition to expand your network
  36. 3. Team and resources Good Great
  37. 4. Market awareness What does the market you are targeting look like? • The market looks like (this) and here’s the trends with numbers and recent references that show we really know our stuff. Our target addressable market is (sensible, conservative, argued) numbers).
  38. 4. Market awareness Good Great
  39. 5. Outcomes and route to market How are you going to grow your business and increase your productivity into the long term as a result of the project? “The value proposition to our target customers is (how they benefit in a business sense and it’s worth x to them). Our routes to market are (credible ideas, preferably relevant to market identified in Q4). Currently we sit (here) in the market but this project will take us to (there).”
  40. 5. Outcomes and route to market Good Great
  41. 6. Wider impacts What impact might this project have outside the project team? • “There are external (wider) benefits to (economic/social/environmental/greater good stuff) attributable to this solution being implemented and they are worth (some sort of guestimate). Stress any regional impacts (local economy stuff).”
  42. 6. Wider impacts Good Great
  43. 7. Project management How will you manage the project effectively? “Here’s a fantastic project plan (work packages, costed, research category, description of deliverables, management techniques and structure”. • “and here’s a Gantt chart (AppendixQ7)”. • The plan lines up with all other comments and comitments made in earlier sections.
  44. 7. Project management Good Great
  45. 8. Risks What are the main risks for this project? “Here’s a thorough risk assessment (project/technical/commercial/environmental/regulatory/whatever) with risk ownership assigned and sensible mitigation suggested along with a description of how risk will be managed during the project.” • “and here’s a nice initial risk register (AppendixQ8).” • Top tip – this is a ‘graph question’, label the axes.
  46. 8. Risks Good Great
  47. 9. Additionality Describe the impact that an injection of public funding would have on this project. “We seriously need support. It will not happen without it. Support enables (faster time to market; derisking to the point where private investors will come in; a new type of collaboration) – and look at those awesome (stakeholder and/or wider) benefits.”
  48. 9. Additionality Good Great
  49. 10. Costs and value for money How much will the project cost and how does it represent value for money for the team and the taxpayer? “It’s excellent value for money - look how modestly the work packages are costed. Subcontracts are justified because (they’re the best/we worked well with them previously/etc). The return to the tax payer comes from (increased VAT/payroll taxes/improved productivity/efficiency/contribution to govt strategy/etc).”
  50. 10. Costs and value for money Good Great
  51. Summary • Wow them from the off. • Answer the questions. • Use short, punchy sentences. Create a narrative flow. • Bring Innovation • Be Great not Good
  52. Tip – Read News Articles • Previous awards • 5-10 years experience (Frequently International) • Identified & quantified a problem • Early explorations & Analysis • The results promising with HOWEVER still significant challenges (lack of sensitivity, unproven, scalable) • Lead to world firsts • Ambitious - high risk - multidisciplinary
  53. First Impressions Count Group Activity
  54. Critique As a group consider: • What standard is the response? • Does it leave a lasting impression? • How would you improve or amend?
  55. Thank you Register for our updates: www.ktn-uk.org Original Presentation from @mairidillon
  56. Richard Pelan Grant Writing Masterclass - 16th Aug 2019 Innovation Advisor Engineering, Construction & Transportation
  57. Importance of Innovation • Companies who are innovating are twice as likely to be growing (ITI Business Monitor) • Companies who invest in innovation demonstrate greater job growth, employed better qualified people and are more likely to export (NESTA) • Companies who collaborate on innovation are more productive than those that do not (OECD) • Investments in innovation are responsible for 2/3rds of UK productivity growth (NESTA)
  58. The Innovation Escalator
  59. Support Available • Free Advice & Guidance – NIBusinessinfo.co.uk • The Innovation Canvas – www.innovationcanvas.ktn-uk.org - opportunity, capability and offer • Innovation Vouchers – re-opens mid-Sept • Technical Development Incentive Grants (TDI) • Project Definition – You can use PD to make an application for external funding – such InnovateUK • Grant for R&D • KTP
  60. Project Definition (PD) – changes • Project Definition - grant to explore the technical feasibility or commercial potential of new products, processes or services • Maximum Grant rates • Max of 2 offers in a rolling 5-year period or 8-year period if a PD is not progressed into an R&D project within a year of completion • Consultancy – supported eligible costs capped at £400 per day • Prior to submission of an application, company must engage with an Invest NI named contact Employees Max Grant 0-2 No support unless HPSU 3-15 £15,000 16-250 £30,000 > 250 No Support unless Collaborative
  61. Project Definition Eligible Costs • Internal staff time • Consultancy • Intellectual Property • Travel and Accommodation
  62. What makes a good project? Project •Level of Innovation •Technical Risk and R&D Challenge •Potential to create IP •Exploitation Potential •Company & Economic Benefit Company / Applicant • Management Ability & Staff Expertise - Track Record • Additionality – Show the difference public money will make • Viability
  63. Remember, we can help • Project Definition can be used to apply for ISCF & Innovate UK competitions • We can connect you with partners and the KTN • We can provide advice and feedback on draft applications prior to submission • Invest NI Tutorial video – a guide to writing Innovate UK funding applications
  64. Thank you Richard Pelan Innovation Advisor Advanced Engineering R&D Team richard.pelan@investni.com 07780002603 02890698632
  65. Transforming Construction competition briefing event 11 September, Titanic Belfast