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Action time NSGF Denmark

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Action time NSGF Denmark

  1. 1. Jamboree Denmark SL2017 HOTELT
  2. 2. - with participation of 37,000 scouts and guides, - among these 4,500 scouts and guides from abroad, - altogether 42 nations, - plus around 4,000 volunteers, among these members of The National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Denmark, - the camp covered around 3,000,000 m² ~ 3 km² - or 740 acres
  3. 3. The camp seen from above
  4. 4. - The idea originated from the NSGF of Norway - with slight adjustments it worked under Danish conditions - we struck a good deal with a supplier of outdoor equipment for scouting and guiding, - then, we asked the local members ofThe National Scout and Guide Fellowship to buy a tent before the camp, lend it to the Hotelt-project and afterwards donate it to a local guide or scout group, - we were able to buy and set up 24 yellow tents
  5. 5. HOTELT with the 24 yellow tents for rent
  6. 6. Reception & Exhibition
  7. 7. Friends from near and far dropped in for meetings in the common tent
  8. 8. A well deserved break between the showers
  9. 9. Camp fire for jobbers
  10. 10. We organised Iron-Age activities for children of 5-8 years of age – 600 participants altogether
  11. 11. Events for the members of the National Scout and Guide Fellowship and jobbers when they were off
  12. 12. HRH Princess Benedikte, the honourable member of the National Scout and Guide Fellowship of Denmark, paid a visit to the camp and Hotelt
  13. 13. Even aTV-station used Hotelt as their backdrop
  14. 14. The scout groups lucky enough to have received a tent took it down themselves to bring home
  15. 15. We achieved - great exposure to the scout organisations and visitors, - to be seen as an active fellow player, - to get lots of PR and press regionally as well as nationally, - to feel the joy of getting a job done in a team.