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Guest lecture for Avans IoT minor

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16 April 2018. Guest lecture for student of Avans University of Applied Sciences as startup inspiration for their IoT semester.

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Guest lecture for Avans IoT minor

  1. 1. A New Type of Things Iskander Smit, @iskandr, April 16, 2018 Iohanna Nicenboim, Objects of Research
  2. 2. AMS @iskandr
  3. 3. We craft digital products that people love to use
  4. 4. We craft digital products that people love to use
  5. 5. ThingsCon fosters the creation of a responsible and human-centric IoT
  6. 6. 2014 8
  7. 7. Today 9
  8. 8. A new type of Things and our intelligent future Video: Rush Hour
  9. 9. People ThingsServices
  10. 10. People ThingsServices city home thing person
  11. 11. definition internet of things Wikipedia Internet of things, also known as the Internet of objects, refers to the networked interconnection of everyday objects. It is described as a self-configuring wireless network of sensors whose purpose would be to interconnect all things. Essence: there is a network where the objects function as a hub. Connecting the objects creates new possibilities, new smartness. Products are enhanced with data from the Internet.
  12. 12. forming a network (optional with the Internet) objects connected together
  13. 13. Smart home (r)evolution Best Buy shop
  14. 14. Connected art frame Electric Objects
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Optimized experience vs new meaning Eneco Toon vs Nest
  17. 17. Connected city LEaD The Way
  18. 18. 2014. The Internet of Xmas Gifts
  19. 19. 2015. Products with an app
  20. 20. 2016. Embodiment of new possibilities
  21. 21. 2017. Hidden features
  22. 22. An example; a new bbq experience Products become systems
  23. 23. The Helpful BBQ Sietse Taams
  24. 24. Master of the party occasionally
  25. 25. (ecosystem of) things data activities while using
  26. 26. Input Interface Measure height Well done Raw Measure temperature Computation Position Energy = Time x Heat x Height Measure temperature
  27. 27. Hardware as a platform Conversations with the machines Beyond screen interactions Context aware, rule-based New type of things
  28. 28. Aurora Smart coffee experience
  29. 29. the software layer is defining the experience In the product system
  30. 30. Dialogues Talking Trainers, Google + Adidas
  31. 31. Objects that are aware, conscious, stubborn… Google Home
  32. 32. ” “ Speaking to things the next generation will do with What this generation does with touch, Chris Messina, Uber, SXSW 2016 conversations with things
  33. 33. Platforms Bosch SoftTec
  34. 34. Connected system Uber app for drivers
  35. 35. Product and function separated Tesla updates
  36. 36. System changes LomboXnet, community organised energy
  37. 37. The Collector The Actor The Creator THREE METAPHORS OF PRODUCT AGENCY Products as Agents defining the roles of products with their users Products As Agents; Nazli Cila, Elisa Guiccardi, Iskander Smit, Ben Kröse; 2016
  38. 38. The collector Growficient, high precision agriculture
  39. 39. The Actor June oven
  40. 40. The Creator Starfish self-modeling robot
  41. 41. Interact everywhere, with everything Hyper-reality
  42. 42. New models Bundles pay per use
  43. 43. Amazon Dash Market instant delivery
  44. 44. Amazon Key New trust?
  45. 45. Design the right redundancy
  46. 46. Roomba reveal Saving your room data
  47. 47. 54 Wechat connected childrens shoes Privacy is contextual
  48. 48. Issues of delegation Uninvited guests, Superflux
  49. 49. what will be our relation to things? New type of things
  50. 50. We will have a new relation with the things
  51. 51. We will grow into immersive conversations with the things
  52. 52. Things will start new affiliations with other things
  53. 53. Agents of assistants John Cross Neumann
  54. 54. Intelligent products think themselves HomePod
  55. 55. Artificial Intelligence or smart Internet of Things Communicate Act
  56. 56. Affective Things Iohanna Nicenboim & Elisa Giaccardi
  57. 57. with sensors & data, products will service platforms Connected objects will be default
  58. 58. self-agency, operating in concert with humans Things will be intelligent and autonomous
  59. 59. rule-based, dialogues, beyond screen and intuitive Design for dynamic behaviour in context
  60. 60. Hardware as a platform Conversations with the machines Beyond screen interactions Context aware, rule-based New type of things
  61. 61. Thanks! Iskander Smit _ @iskandr _ _