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Onboarding overview sc 5 24-06


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Onboarding overview sc 5 24-06

  1. 1. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 Onboarding refers to the collective processes and activities of integrating new employees. The onboarding period begins when the new employee accepts an offer and continues through the first 90 days of employment. It includes preparing for, enabling, engaging, and supporting the new employee. The process is designed to help employees adjust to the culture, embrace the values, and establish work goals and priorities. Onboarding – Definition Onboarding Offer Letter Signed 90 Days1st Day 1st Week 30 Days 60 Days The Brand The Values & Culture The Candidate Experience The Employee Experience
  2. 2. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 • To maximize new hire performance and engagement and ensure the perpetuation of our Core Values. • To quickly give new hires the skills, confidence, and tools needed to do their job effectively and become fully adapted to their new organization. • To simplify the various current processes, information and resources that can sometimes be confusing for new employees and hiring managers to navigate; and to create a shared foundational experience for all new employees. Why Implement a Consistent Onboarding Process Across the Org?
  3. 3. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 The new onboarding process will: Incorporate our Core Values Be simple • Checklists for hiring managers, new employees, and HRBPs; logical & evident sequence Leverage and integrate existing processes • Utilize Manager & New Employee Dashboards • Clarify hand-off points and responsibilities Provide easy access to info and tools • Resources will be centrally located and will include checklists and templates Onboarding – New Process
  4. 4. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 Prepare • Recruiting, Hiring Manager, and team prepare resources (work space, computer, uID, card key, welcome poster, etc.) • Hiring Manager outlines performance expectations, key contacts, first assignment, and defines what success will look like. Enable • New employee builds key relationships, learns the business and culture, and understands how s/he contributes to the success of the team and business. • Hiring Managers and Onboarding Buddies play integral roles in enabling and engaging new employees. Support • As the new employee executes and delivers, the Hiring Manager (and HRBP for L5+) continues to enable and support the new hire and ensure ongoing communication and feedback between new hire and manager. Onboarding – Future State 30 Days 90 Days Offer Letter Signed 1st Day 90 Days 1st Week 60 Days Enable SupportPrepare E n g a g e
  5. 5. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006  Procure desk space, computer, phone, uID, etc.  E-mail to team and other applicable parties announcing new hire, background, and focus of new role (copy new employee, or save to share with him/her on the first day)  Provide access to all relevant collab sites, Distribution Lists, etc.  Assign an onboarding buddy to assist in onboarding  Identify key contacts for new hire  Print out team/dept. org charts and phone lists  Define performance expectations for 30/60/90 day timeframe  Vision/Mission/Values poster on desk  Welcome letter from CEO  (E) Create onboarding plan (E) = L5+ Onboarding – Prepare Phase Signed Offer Letter to Day 1
  6. 6. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006  Welcome event with co-workers  1:1 Welcome meeting with hiring manager; review Core Values  Complete new hire paperwork; set up voice mail; explore New Employee Dashboard  Introductions and facility tour  Complete new employee orientation eLearning modules  Review org charts, time recording, vacation planning, sick leave, dress code, etc.  1:1 meetings with key business contacts (may be outside of team)  Weekly check-ins with manager (performance expectations, what’s going well, what’s challenging, how can I help?)  Performance Management and Development Planning overview  Identify training requirements and overview of Talent Builder  Review 30/60/90 day plan  30-day check in  (E) Meet with Rewards & Benefits  (E) Executive Passport  (E) The First 100 Days plan (E) = L5+ Onboarding – Enable Phase Day 1 to Day 30
  7. 7. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 60-day manager/new emp check in (Template includes conversation about core values) (E) Understand Talent Planning and Succession processes (E) Create personal “Board of Advisors” (E) NLA – New Leader Assimilation (E) New Employee Roundtable with CEO prior to Sr. Leader Retreat (E) Follow-up meeting with Rewards & Benefits (E) = L5+ Onboarding – Support Phase Day 30 – Day 90 and beyond
  8. 8. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 • A buddy offers insight and instruction to new hires and shares certain responsibilities with the manager. • Buddies should exhibit the Values and Competencies. • Buddies help navigate the complexities and networks of xx: – Explain organization and business unit structure – Introduce new hires to colleagues – Offer insight into core values and culture, and – Provide instruction on processes and the way work gets done. What is an Onboarding Buddy?
  9. 9. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 • Research across industries found that 40% of external executive hires fail within 18 months. • American Express did an analysis of exit interview data and found that the key reasons for departure of external executive hires are: – Poor explanation or understanding of performance expectations – Overpressure to perform early in tenure – Failure to form key internal networks and relationships – New hires’ feelings that their ideas are rejected What About Executives?
  10. 10. Michelle Chamberlain Enterprise-wide OD05/24/2006 Onboarding refers to the collective processes and activities of integrating new employees into xx. The onboarding period begins when the new executive signs the offer letter and continues through the first 180 days of employment. It includes preparing for, enabling, engaging and supporting the new employee. The process is designed to help employees adjust to the culture, embrace the values, and establish work goals and priorities. Executive Onboarding – Future State 30 Days 180 Days 1st Day 1st Week 60 Days Enable SupportPrepare Offer Letter Signed R&B / Compliance Meetings Begin Mentor Meetings NLA Personal Board of Advisors Key Stakeholder Meetings e-Passport & New Employee Roundtable with CEO R&B Follow-up Meeting 100 Day Plan Check in E n g a g e The First 100 Days Plan (initiated by SHRM and hiring manager, input by new exec) Research & Customer Insight Briefing

Notas del editor

  • Ensure manager provides new employee with set scheduled time to do new employee dashboard. There is lots of great info on there but new employees are not given time to go through it, call benefits with questions, etc.
    New employee dashboard – one stop for everything; required forms, desk, computers, cards, access, etc.
    New Manager’s Roadmap
    OpEx TSG process for access and new account enablement (major improvement in turnaround time needed) as well as new equipment procurement process
  • Identify training requirements (New Manager Road Map)
    Identify commonly used websites/publications, etc. on the team
    Guide employees to resources/checklist of items that need to be completed within a certain date (eg health benefits enrollment)
    Review of Division, Company, and Dept. goals along with Individual goals.
    New employee checklist (hard copy?)
    How about a new employee orientation where rewards/benefits present everything employees need to know?
    Benefits, Incentive Pay intro for all employees
    Supplemental processes for remote employees, i.e. scheduling travel to meet team the first or second week
    Discuss Vision/Mission/Values poster during 1:1
    ID Key individuals outside ee’s team who will be consistently involved with ee’s tasks/resp.
    What about ensuring ee has access to user name/password?
    Establish card key access
    Check list for hiring managers:
    Cleaning cube
    Welcome sign
    Should make sure that the new hire gets an opp to meet recruiter in person at some point, not just the RA
    Check lists for needs with links to productivity tools (should beat time of requisition for new FTE)
    Designate time/walk through for on-line forms/classes. Self service forms are a bit confusing to new ee’s
  • Can HRBP help manage the managers?
  • Peer advisor?
    In recruiting we call this a “peer resource”
    More critical than just a tour guide – employees who have close personal relationships in the workplace have much higher retention
    Buddy should volunteer, not be assigned. Eliminates negative employees from being buddies.
    Would be helpful to include a “check list” for buddies
    Set up ongoing / future timeline for buddy (3 month check in)
    Maybe the “buddy” can sign up with the new hire on a weekly basis (ie coffee) for the 1st month.
    Ensure buddy not always same person or buddying is considered part of their job.
    Being a “buddy” can be part of their development plan – motivation to want to be a buddy.
  • Often external hires with differing values rather than “home grown” executives.
    Need to do a better job showing the value and importance of NLA.
    Educate current execs on values so they can relay this to new hires
    Better introductions of execs to the entire community. Cross intros to other orgs for background/history/initiatives of depts and how they interact.
    Assign “Exec Buddies”