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Philips research brand repositioning and communication

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philips changes their tag line ... and here is the explanation how they repositioning their brand

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Philips research brand repositioning and communication

  1. 1. Brand Repositioning and CommunicationPHILIPS RESEARCH Created By : Isti Hartini
  2. 2. About Philips Gerard Philip (1891–1922) 2011–now : Frans van Houten
  3. 3. Problem occurred!Philips products weremarketed under lots ofnames, using a range ofdifferent advertisingapproaches
  4. 4. How To Solve a Problem Identify and test Check The new routes for Effectiveness of The moving brand Chosen Routes forward RESEARCH Qualitative & Quantitative 1650 Consumers and 180 corporate + BEAT (26000 Respondents) 80% (Age 35-55) “Affluent” “Well Educated”
  5. 5. QUALITATIVE QUANTITATIVE • FGD (consumers and • Questionnaires and professionals) Surveys ( Consumers) • Detailed Information -> • Statistical Analysis of the Perceptions results “The brand assets linked to a brand’s name and symbols that add to a product or service” Customer-based brand equity can be defined as the differential effect that brand knowledge has on consumer response to marketing ofBrand.Equity. Assessment.Tools that brand
  6. 6. Brand Equity Evaluation model proposed by Aaker and Joachimsthaler (2000)
  7. 7. Finding on Philips Research Strength• Philips has Development of New and A Challenge of a clear and focusedExciting Products position of Philips’ Brand.•“Philips Products are Reliable”•“High Quality Products and Services” Weakness•consumers felt that Philips does notlead on innovation•professionals felt that Philips did nothave as clear a sense of direction assome of its rivals.•Customers are asking simplicity inlives and dealing technology
  8. 8. Brand Repositioning • Philips Research’s Result: • Customers are asking simplicity in lives and dealing technology 1 • Technology Revolutions: • Message : Tech as an easier, simpler, better 2 • Philips’ Visions: • Always Put Customer first. 3 • Philips’ New Position as “Sense and Simplicity” 4
  9. 9. Brand Repositioning • Bring Benefits Designed Dental hygenist around you to home and daily basis • Shut off after 2 Easy and Convenient minutes • Effective • Cleans better and safely Advanced • It uses the power of sound wavesProducts & Services
  10. 10. Communicating the Brand Positioning
  11. 11. Communicating the Brand Positioning
  12. 12. Communicating the Brand Positioning
  13. 13. Communicating the Brand Repositioning ViaClear Communication as the essences Broadcast, Print, Online To reach relevant target audience (integrated PR activities, New position As a Whole. TVC, Internet, poster, Launching Event) The Concept of Advertising Campaign “Simplicity”1. Use Different Language “Fresher, Cleaner, More Human”2. One Advertisement reinforces another (multiple insertions)3. Global scope Netherlands, Germany,4. Existing products blend in with new brand France, Italy, UK, USA positioning and China.5. Target: consumers, Philips employees, the media and the marketing community
  14. 14. Conclusion of Research Brand Image already Strong! However, “Sense and Simplicity” show the Consumer Focused on Phillips’ Side. Appropriate Repositioning Sense & Simplicity Rank 42 of Brand ValueWeak Brand Strong Brand One Phillips Rank 65 of Brand Value Inappropriate Repositioning
  15. 15.