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Get to your goal

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Publicado el is an incredibly powerful new tool to help you reach your goal, meet your objectives and get your dream. Create your own route-map to success. Coach and mentor others. Help 'think-through' what need to be done to get on the right track.

Include each of the 12 essential elements to ensure it-will-happen for you.

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Get to your goal

  1. 1. © it-will-happen 2012YourRoute-mapto Success
  2. 2. © it-will-happen 2010What do you want?• Do you want to…– get to an important goal?– achieve something special?– make your dream come true?• We know how difficult it can be..– What to focus on?– How to avoid distractions?– How to maintain energy and moral?• it-will-happen can help you
  3. 3. © it-will-happen 2010Map the route to your goal• Scientific research shows that people whoset clear goals achieve more• Visualising your goals is great..– but there is more…• You can create a route map to your goaland then it-will-happen!• Follow this example ..• ..then create a route map for your owngoal at
  4. 4. © it-will-happen 2010What is your goal?• it-will-happen.comgives you a toolbox ofkey things you need toget to your Goal…• First, click on the ‘Goal’button and put your goalinto your route map
  5. 5. © it-will-happen 2010I know my Goal!
  6. 6. © it-will-happen 2010But I don’t know my Goal!• What if you are not sure about yourGoal?• Click the Explore buttonat any time to getguidance, ideas andgreat coaching questions
  7. 7. © it-will-happen 2010What do I care about?• One way of thinking aboutyour Goals is to thinkabout your Values…– What do you really careabout?– What motivates you?• Put your Valueson your mapto remindyourself
  8. 8. © it-will-happen 2010Making connections ..• A route map is more than justisolated boxes!• Your need to show how your ideaslink together• For example: what you care aboutleads naturally to your Goals…
  9. 9. © it-will-happen 2010How to make a connection..1. Click on any box you wantto connect to another2. A small arrow appears atthe top left of the box3. Drag and drop the arrowonto the box you want toconnect to
  10. 10. © it-will-happen 2010Who cares?• Its hard to achieve your goals on your own…• And sometimes your goals will effect other people• Put those other important people on your routemap as ‘Stakeholders’ in your success• Remember to connect your ideas
  11. 11. © it-will-happen 2010I don’t know where to start!• Think about your Strategy for success• If you have some ideas .. put them on your map• If not, then look for our other resources to help you build yourstrategy
  12. 12. © it-will-happen 2010What could help you?• Think creatively about what could help you.. Look for your ‘Enablers’:– A skill, talent, some experience or knowledge– Something you already have or somebody youknow
  13. 13. © it-will-happen 2010It’s not always easy …• Let’s be realistic…sometimes things aregoing to get in your way or slow you down• Put those on your map as obstacles to beavoided or overcome
  14. 14. © it-will-happen 2010Do you know Judo?• Barriers can make you feel down-heartedand sap you of energy…• But you can use them to your advantage!• Overcoming Barriers can make youstronger• There are many stories ofpeople who turned‘insurmountable’ Barriers totheir advantage• The Judo expert uses the strength of theopponent to triumph
  15. 15. © it-will-happen 2010Great oak trees from littleacorns..• You may have one, big, great Goal• But are there are some smaller Goalsalong the way?• Things you can achieve and be proud of?• Put them on your route map to success
  16. 16. © it-will-happen 2010You need to do stuff!• To meet your Goals you will need to takesome actions…what are they?• They take you directly towards your Goal,or maybe overcome a barrier
  17. 17. © it-will-happen 2010Be Specific• To get really committed to taking someAction be specific about time• ..and whilst we are at it, let’s include theOutput from your ActionWithin 2weeks!
  18. 18. © it-will-happen 2010What Resources do you needto complete your action?• Once you have an idea aboutan Action and its Outputs ..• .. you can start to think aboutwhat Resources you need toget it done
  19. 19. © it-will-happen 2010What could go wrong?• But let’s be realistic .. things can go wrong• So let’s spend some time thinking aboutthe Risks and how to avoid them
  20. 20. © it-will-happen 2010Avoiding the Risks• We can take some Action to help usavoid the Risks
  21. 21. © it-will-happen 2010Make an Impact!• Why does the Action matter?• What will be different after it is done?• What are the Impacts of your Actions?
  22. 22. © it-will-happen 2010What were you thinking?• Sometimes you are going to need toexplain your route map..• You need to include the Ideas thathelp make sense of your map
  23. 23. © it-will-happen 2010You’re not the only onewho cares!• Remember, your Stakeholders care aboutthings as well• You need to match their Values if youwant them to help you• Understanding your stakeholder Valueswill help you influenceand persuade them ..• .. and build commitmentto your vision of thefuture
  24. 24. © it-will-happen 2010“It’s the thought that counts”• It isn’t of course…Actions count!• If people are important to you then youneed to do some things toshow them its true• You can’t expect peopleto commit to your goalsunless you are showingyour commitmentto theirs
  25. 25. © it-will-happen 2010Think it through• To build a great route map to success youneed to think things through• What are the Ideasbehind youractions?• What Impacts doyou expect yourActions to have?
  26. 26. © it-will-happen 2010My route map to success
  27. 27. © it-will-happen 2010What is the route map toyour goal?• This example shows the route mapto our goal…• .. But what is your route map?• You can reach your goal ..• You can get to your dream ..• You can start on your journey todayby mapping out your route• Picture it and
  28. 28. © it-will-happen 2012it-will-happenTMYour Route-map to