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Partnership and Transformation, The Promise of Multi-stakeholder Collaboration in Context

  1. Book launch Madrid February 1, 2023
  2. Background • Draws on experiences of working with diverse multi-stakeholder initiatives since mid-1990s • Seeks to combine academic and practitioner perspectives • Explores how far partnership might offer possibilities for promoting transformation • Attention to personal and relational aspects of partnership
  3. Understanding partnership • Different understandings of partnership influence how it is put into practice • Can be understood as instrumental (means to an end) and intrinsic (end in itself) • Since 1980s emphasis has been on mechanistic understanding of partnership We need to ‘recover’ relational aspects of partnership and integrate them in collaborative initiatives Structures Values Processes
  4. Unpacking context External context (Macro level) Organization (Meso level) Individual (Micro level) Contextual drivers are overlaid by: • Pragmatic drivers Compliance, alignment, results focus, commitment of resources… • Reflective drivers Nexus approaches, attention to process, experimentation, learning, reflection and exchange…
  5. Partnership and transformation • Transformation is about fundamental change in systems, structures, values, processes, behaviours, etc. • Partnership can promote transformation when it adds value at individual, organisational and societal levels and combines both pragmatic and reflective elements • Exploration of components of different partnership arrangements could be used for review and assessment • Tactical partnership Partners focus on a specific time-bound task • Targeted partnership Partners work together to pool ‘right’ resources to meet a particular need/task • Transversal partnership Partners seek to maximise outcomes through diverse horizontal interactions • Transformational partnership Partners work to achieve systemic change with careful attention to relational connections
  6. Transformative participation • Understanding stakeholders in relation to participation and power (in different contexts) • Transformation and place-based linkages that connect with policy/macro levels • Partnership brokering and its role in enhancing contextual links, reinforcing inclusion and allowing space for ‘productive conflict’
  7. Other themes Co-trends Platforms Networks Collaborative ecosystems New institutions Consortia Hubs Dialogues Social innovation Clusters Communities of Practice Partnership - where next? Other forms of collaboration, core elements and transformational potential Partnership, sustainability and citizenship How they connect to core elements of ‘global citizenship’ Becoming citizens of the world demands that [we] step away from the comfort of assured truths, from the nestling feeling of being surrounded by people who share one’s convictions and passions. Martha Nussbaum
  8. stakeholder-Collaboration/Stott/p/book/9781032058337