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Description of VT technique

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Vr company profile

  1. 1. the bridge to a closer futurethe bridge to a closer futurethe bridge to a closer futurethe bridge to a closer future 拉近未來拉近未來拉近未來拉近未來的橋樑的橋樑的橋樑的橋樑
  2. 2. VR is a new state IT company striving to be a connection between “virtual” (V) and “reality” (R), for creating a new user experience, a better life. Our team has an extensive knowledge and experience in technology, design, business consultancy and marketing. VR 是一間新趨勢的信息技術企業, 致力於結合”虛擬”(V) 及”真實” (R), 製造獨特的用戶體驗, 令生 活更美好. 我們的團隊擁有豐富的科技, 設計, 業務顧問及營銷知識和經驗. our missionour missionour missionour mission 我們的使命
  3. 3. - Solid experience mobile apps, online platform, e-book, CMS and e-marketing projects’ development and management - Our inininin----househousehousehouse researchresearchresearchresearch andandandand developmentdevelopmentdevelopmentdevelopment teamteamteamteam allows us to fulfill new, unseen requests on functions and upgrade to existing systems, apps and websites - Consultancy on planning and evaluation of applying our technology to improve business module and achieve company’s new objective - 流動應用程式, 網上平台, 電子書, 內容管理系統及電子營銷項目發展及管理的深厚經驗 - 我們擁有自家的研究及開發團隊自家的研究及開發團隊自家的研究及開發團隊自家的研究及開發團隊, 令我們可實現一些創新及天馬行空的功能, 用以提升現有系統, 應用程式及網站的性能 - 我們作為規劃及評估顧問, 運用我們的技術, 以企業營銷角度改善行商模式及實現公司的新目標 Our strengthOur strengthOur strengthOur strength 我們帶給您的的優勢
  4. 4. More new upgrades, projects and services are coming…. 更多更新, 方案及服務已在開展中…. Online platform 網上平台 E-book 電子書Facial recognition 面容識別 Mobile apps 流動應用程式 our workour workour workour work 服務服務服務服務
  5. 5. Security & Authenticity 保安及防偽 Marketing & Promotions 市場推廣 Customer Relationship Management 終端客戶資料庫 Purchasing & Procurement 採購 Our products and technologyOur products and technologyOur products and technologyOur products and technology 自主研發的產品和技術自主研發的產品和技術自主研發的產品和技術自主研發的產品和技術
  6. 6. UniSec is our brand for products that comes with a unique security added or redefined to the current operations. We intend to create a new form of security measures to corporations, especially via printed media, for a subtle, proactive and more cost- effective solution. UniSec 品牌旗下的產品, 為您的商品上附上獨一無二的保安功能, 加強並重新定義現有的營運模式. 我們正致力為企業創造一個新型安全措施, 特別是應用於印刷品及技術, 提供一個隱藏,具主動性及更 具成本效益的方案.
  7. 7. A new promotion tool for in-house use such as shoppingshoppingshoppingshopping malls,malls,malls,malls, museums,museums,museums,museums, galleriesgalleriesgalleriesgalleries andandandand concertconcertconcertconcert hallshallshallshalls. With the mobile app installed, SmartBean makes use of bluetooth for providing indoor positioning, point-to-point information service, and in access of effective marketing campaigns for tenants by malls operators. 一個適合大型大型大型大型購物中心購物中心購物中心購物中心,,,, 博物館博物館博物館博物館,,,, 展覽及展覽及展覽及展覽及演唱演唱演唱演唱會場會場會場會場等場地使用的嶄新宣傳工具. 在流動裝置安裝了流動 應用程式, SmartBean 就可利用藍牙技術, 提供室內定位, 點對點訊息服務, 及為商場營運者及商戶 間導入極具效果的市場營銷活動. You are on 3/F 10M
  8. 8. A perfect tool for your product show! By scanningscanningscanningscanning overoveroverover realrealrealreal productsproductsproductsproducts, SmartScan make your exhibiting product in the display setting to interact with visitors just with a mobile app & scan! Application: exhibition, display area & more 這是一個嶄新的產品展示工具! 只需掃瞄設定種類的實體掃瞄設定種類的實體掃瞄設定種類的實體掃瞄設定種類的實體物件物件物件物件, SmartScan 即可讓您的展品、場地和 參觀者透過手機掃瞄和互動! 應用範圍: 展覽, 展示台等
  9. 9. TheTheTheThe newnewnewnew standardstandardstandardstandard afterafterafterafter QRQRQRQR codecodecodecode 二維碼後的嶄新標準二維碼後的嶄新標準二維碼後的嶄新標準二維碼後的嶄新標準 It looks nice, it is fast and accurate! SmartShadow turnsturnsturnsturns youryouryouryour imageimageimageimage intointointointo aaaa codecodecodecode, that is product-oriented, visual-oriented so that people will put their focus again on your image and story instead of the QR code. Application: exhibition, gallery, product catalog, brand visual and more 漂亮, 快捷, 準確! SmartShadow把您的影像變成編碼把您的影像變成編碼把您的影像變成編碼把您的影像變成編碼, 讓所有人把目光從二維碼移走, 重新注視在 您的產品, 形象及故事上. 應用範圍: 展覽, 產品目錄, 品牌形像及圖像等
  10. 10. - World-leading latest technology in facial recognition first applying to eyewear industry - First correctcorrectcorrectcorrect measurementmeasurementmeasurementmeasurement ofofofof facialfacialfacialfacial charactercharactercharactercharacter meaningfulmeaningfulmeaningfulmeaningful &&&& understandableunderstandableunderstandableunderstandable to consumers inininin justjustjustjust lesslesslessless thanthanthanthan 2222 minutesminutesminutesminutes - Data provides easy reference for consumers AND opticians on available, right choices of frames - With effective marketing campaign, both the brands and retails can collect, analyze and make use of these extra consumer data to improveimproveimproveimprove productionproductionproductionproduction andandandand purchasingpurchasingpurchasingpurchasing - 世界級頂尖面容辨識技術首次應用於眼鏡業 - 只需少於只需少於只需少於只需少於2222分鐘分鐘分鐘分鐘,,,, 消費者即可獲得有關自己面形的正消費者即可獲得有關自己面形的正消費者即可獲得有關自己面形的正消費者即可獲得有關自己面形的正 確資料確資料確資料確資料, 極具意義而且容易理解 - 相關資訊讓消費者和視光師更容易挑選合適眼鏡 - 配合市場推廣活動, 眼鏡品牌和零售商可以更有效 收集及分析客戶資料, 精準生產及採購精準生產及採購精準生產及採購精準生產及採購 The new eyewear standard 眼鏡用家的嶄新標準眼鏡用家的嶄新標準眼鏡用家的嶄新標準眼鏡用家的嶄新標準
  11. 11. We are delighted to any enquiries. Please reach us at 我們歡迎接受任何查詢. 請電郵到 Thank you!