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Real Estate CRMs Versus General Purpose CRMS

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Real Estate CRMs Versus General Purpose CRMS

  1. 1. Real Estate C I s Versus General Purpose Real estate Activity Plans A good real estate CRM includes Listing and Closing Activity Plans, in addition to drip marketing campaigns, tailored to the real estate business. No Activity Plans designed for Realtors Listing and Closing plans are amazingly helpful for staying organized. And drip campaigns are great for converting your leads into listings. If your CRM doesn't have real estate Activity Plans, you're missing out! £1 Real estate email and letter " “ templates and a real estate ’ e-Newsletter No marketing materials ' designed for Realtors and letter templates and a professionally eepywtttmg Skttts: It net’ you 11 written and designed monthly real estate be left Wtth genette templates e-Newsletter created to position you as a to. use that have nethmg to do expert in your field. Wlth real estate- A good real estate CRM comes with email Hopefully Y011 haVe g00d " . ~ H No transaction management ~ Transaction management t 3 features f01-Realtors With a generic CRM, there's no Manage Itsttngsv Showings» fields to input data related to a third—parties related to a transaction, real estate transaction And run a Se1'V1ee teP01't: manage btlymg _ there's no transaction preferences, and much, much more with a management mOdn1e_ That's a 500d teat estate CRM- serious hit from a "staying organized"perspective. Sign up for a FREE 5 Week trial of IXACT Contact real estate CRM at www. ixactcontact. com!