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Hi urban athletes,                    people that do sports related
this ezine is becoming more           projects and hav...
persons ro realize this project.        Volleyball impressions, Greg
This is no excuse but aiming            Westfall for ...

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  2. 2. Hi urban athletes, people that do sports related this ezine is becoming more projects and have no or at and more like a monthly least just a small platform to lifestyle guide for urban be presented by the media ­ athletes and the more i think that's were i want to see about it, the more i love it. In eRYTHROPOETIZINUM become numbers this means that in a supporter. A small one, but this issue there are 3 (!) new at least one. One World! columns inside that are sports related but presented in a way With a guy called AUCWD i that you won't find in ordinary made an interview for this sports magazines. issue about his weakness for These are: Wardrobe, the Top vintage sneakers and realized 100... and the Virtual Locker how much i love to do Room. interviews. There are already Specialy the first one has been four (!) interviews in the the reason for some pipeline so expect much more discussions within my circle of friends. A fashion column inside an ezine dedicated to EDI content for upcoming issues about people of the world of cycling, running or any other sports seems at first sight urban sports related term. strange but on the other hand, if i want to offer a stylish ezine, It's now close to 2 AM in the why not include beautiful or morning and after i have sporty apparel designs inside finished these lines, i will it!? I would love to hear about recheck the ezine twice before what you think about this. putting it online. For all the errors that i overlook, please At the end my aim with this is consider that at the moment simple: there are so many there are only one and a half 4
  3. 3. persons ro realize this project. Volleyball impressions, Greg This is no excuse but aiming Westfall for the beautiful to finish each issue to go aspect of art in the CrossFit7 online on 1st of the month photostory and everyone who puts us realy under pressure, allowed me to represent him so there certainly is the one or or her within the "This is how another error. Wii do it" story. You all are a great! Let me thank you in all I want to take the opportunity languages that i know or at to thank all of you whom i least think that i am able to contacted and asked for speak: Thanks, Danke, publishing permission. Without Obrigado, Merci, Gracias, you, this ezine would exist but Domo Arigato Gozaimasu. wouldn't be as cool as it is now. Special Thanks to Martin Carlos Pinto Steinthaler for the great Beach ITORIAL COVER BY gregoryc Grégory Copitet 5
  4. 4. 004| EDITORIAL 006| CONTENT 008| IMPRINT 011| FAQ 012| LETTERS FROM THE FRONT 014| AREA69 030| TEAM OF THE MONTH // Lady Knights 032| MY RIDE // blackpuddinonnabike 034| GPSIE.COM TRACK OF THE MONTH 036| BLOG­O­METER // Miguel Tadeu Reis e Silva 038| BONECRUSHING // Andrew Summers & Pat 040| CrossFit7 // Greg Westfall 056| This is how Wii do it 082| Beach Volleyball Austria 09 // Martin Steinthaler 116| R.E.M. URBAN SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHY 148| THE TOP 100 // ... rumours in sports 154| COOK IN' // Halloween Plate 167| WARDROBE 192| Sneaker Love // interview with aucwd 204| OSLT ­ MUSIC TO EXERCISE TO 210| VIRTUAL LOCKER ROOM 214| CELLULOITES TOP20 216| FINISHER // Jon & Brigid 220| THE END 6
  5. 5. 30 32 36 40 82 216 7
  6. 6. eryphropoetizinum is a free monthly scheduled ezine dedicated to the en­ dorphinum community and anyone else in­ terested in sweating by doing urban sports. // responsible in charge carlos pinto // authors carlos pinto oda guenther // flash support sonar pageflip agdoublejou // address nope e­mediament c/o endorphinum Gärtnerstrassse 22 Haus 1 20253 Hamburg TECHNICALY SUPPORTED AND HOSTED AT 0049­40­226 11399 Finanzamt HH­Eimsbüttel UST­ID 54/381/15422 WWW.KNALLHART.DE // ATTENTION! All photos inside the EPO / BETA­SWAY ezine are copyrighted by the individual SCRIBUS artist and offered to us for an one­time us­ MADE WITH age but not exclusively. If you inted to use one of the images inside this issue you must contact and ask for a written permis­ WWW.SCRIBUS.NET sion by the proper photograph. All content within this ezine is published under certain copyright laws. most of them under cc, gpl, lgpl or official case you think that we break any of these laws, please inform us asap to put the proper material offline or blacked out. 8
  7. 7. ????????????? ????????????? ????????????? // HOW WOULD YOU PRONUNCIATE THE MAGZINEs NAME ? Simply just call it "epo" or "epo mag". Or FAQ not sell the magazines and our intention is not to have it printed out. But as some of you asked for a printed edition, so we call it whatever you want, as long you do started to use as a print on de­ not slap it ! mand service. With every issue that someone buys // I BOUGHT YOUR EZINE ON THE WEB from we earn 1 $US. Just like AND NOW I WANT MY MONEY BACK. we do if you buy something from the Hello McFly ­ this ezine is totally for free, ENDORPHINUM webstore: one dollar. if you realy bought it then you have just Not more or less. It's more like donation been f*$%ed up by someone. for the work we do at endorphinum. // CAN I SEND THIS PDF TO ALL OF MY // BUT WHY IS JUST ONE COPY OF AN FRIENDS !? ISSUE SO DARN EXPENSIVE AT Sure, go ahead as long as you do not LULU.COM ? sell it or print it to sell it without the writ­ Because each example is printed just in ten permissions of ALL photographers time. There are no bulk, meaning hun­ and ALL authors for their content. dreds or thousands, of issues printed. We do not make the prices, they do. // WHY DO MOST PAGES ARE SO SIMPLE DESIGNED IN WHITE? // WHAT IS YOUR AIM WITH THE EZINE? Simply just for the case that you want to The main intention is to promote the on­ print this issue on paper. The money line sports plattform ENDORPHINUM. In­ safed, allows you to grap it and go for stead of publishing a regular newsletter, cosy reading while drinking a Latte Machi­ we had the idea of publishing this ezine. atto at a local hip coffee shop. // CAN I CONTRIBUTE CONTENT FOR // WHAT SOFTWARE DO YOU USE FOR THE EPO MAG ? PUBLISHING THIS MAGAZINE ? Sure you can ­ as long as it is sports re­ It is called "Scribus" and an open source lated you can be sure that we are inter­ solution for desktop publishing. For fur­ ested in printing it. ther informations visit // WILL YOU PAY ME FOR THE CONTENT // IS THERE A PRINTED VERSION OF THAT I SEND YOU ? THIS ISSUE ? Nah, unfortunatly no! Depending on the Probably yes. As each issue, starting content that you develop or contribute, from Sept. 2009, is also offered through what we can offer is a full size ad­page, you can be sure that the one of an upcoming issue that you can sell to or other enthusiast out there bought an companies or projects you know or example. simply to use for self promotion of your work. // SO YOU SELL THE MAGAZINE AND EARN MONEY WITH IT !? It depends on your point ov view. We do 11
  8. 8. LETTERS FROM THE FRO Hey man, awesome job with the and then order yourself a soft or magazine. The design work is hardcover version ­ whatever you fantastic, really stunning! want. This way you will have a pro­ peace, fessional bound magazine in your aaron hands but check their price calculator Hi Aaron, thanks a lot for the positive first as one simple issue might value critics and i hope that you will conti­ around 50 or 60 bucks per unit! Un­ nue to check on the first of the month fortunately is very expensi­ if the new issue is online. At least this ve :( way i will know that we have at least one reader ;) Hi EPO, The October issue looks really nice... thanks. :­) Once I load up a little more ink into the printer, I'll have to run myself off a hard copy. Well done. Robert J Batina Oh my god Robert, you are crazy! Mo­ re then 100 pages in colour? This is ENDORPHINU going to cost you a fortune my friend! I might have a better idea, that is ex­ pensive too, but might look better! Upload the PDF to this website: 12
  10. 10. And GARMIN again! The Forerunner series is breaking records one by one and with the 405CX sports Watch they once again invented a breaking new li­ mits gadget. Track your heart rate, distance, calorie consumption, pace. Unne­ cessary to mention that all of this works perfectly together with the GARMIN software. And as GARMIN is into the web2.0 social networking stuff you can transfer your information with other 405CX owners so that you can compete vir­ tually agains them. The watch also comes with the optional foot pod in case you are burning some fat on the treadmill so that the GPS can't track your distance and lo­ cation. Unfortunately there is no sync system yet that brings the data into the ENDORPHINUM platt­ form ­ but time will tell. WWW.GARMIN.COM 14
  11. 11. In times where people even steal ghost bikes in an urban area, you shouldn't economize by buying a cheap lock to protect all the pennies, cents, Yen and Yins and Yans you invested into your custom bike. Tough locks until today weight tons and wer bulky wanting to be carried around where ever you go. Until now! Kryptonite just introduced the "Evolution Mini". They are so sure about this product that it includes a $2000 value Anti­Theft Protection so that if you bike ever stolen when locked down with the Evolution Mini, Kryptonite will cover the base purchase price of your registered item when you send them a piece of the brocken lock. As long these these buzzzztords who stole your bike will leave that evidence there. The shaft of the lock is made of half inch hardended high­grade carbon alloy steel with a sturdy steel crossbar. A reinforced cuff right over that crossbar and cyclinder adds a plus in security and the body of the lock itself is designed to resists both cutting and leverage attacks. WWW.KRYPTONITELOCK.COM 15
  12. 12. An another TREK bike that we present! Last month we had the more sporty one but this one ain`t just sporty but also awesome looking retro! Apart of the beautiful design you once again get a bike with the belt chain system coming with a model entitled "District" coming in a beach cruiser style with orange accents. Just to get the advantages of the belt chain system back into your mind: no oiling, lubing, greasing etc. apart of the brakes. Great invention from our point of view. WWW.TREKBIKES.COM 16
  13. 13. 17
  14. 14. Ok now that you bought the Trek bike mentioned before, how are you going to transport it while travelling around? SciCon is your friend! The AEROTECH EVOLUTION is made out of ABS, a plastic type that absorbs the energy of a fall. Drop it and it may get dented, but it remains intact. The great thing about this case is that the bike wheels are fixed with quick clamping devices and a nylon bag inside holds the saddle, shoes and accessoires. Unnecessary to mention that the frame and other parts can be fixed by belts to protect them from sliding. And by talking of sliding: the case rolls on reinforced 40mm smooth­rolling thermo rubber wheels with bearings. WWW. SCICON.IT/AEROTECH.HTM 18
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  17. 17. A lot of sports consultings rest on the result that swimming is the best to not stress your bones or your spine. For those that do not know how to swim or do not like to get wet, arrived the ALTER­G Anti­Gravity Treadmill. It makes you feel as if you are jogging or wal­ king in zero gravity so your bones won't be stressed or in case of an injury you might be able to continue your exercises. So the model that is starting to be sold from November 2009 on and called M300 might make you feel like jogging on the moon but unfortunately you won't be able to jump as high as Armstrong did back in the 60's. Oh and if you want to buy one of these for your own to put it in your cosy flat, you might have to pay the same price as like a space toilet might cost: U$ 24,500. WWW.ALTER­G.COM 21
  18. 18. One of the latest tion packs coming he High Sierra p range is the WAVE5 A 1.5 Liter water voir helping you t your eyes on the while taking a sip of Comes with an eas cessible cap for re insulated tube cov even a zippered po keep keys, some or even your cell ph And all of this in design. Thanks Sie WWW.HIGHSIERRASPO 22
  19. 19. hydra­ g fromt product 50. r reser­ to keep e track f water. sily ac­ efill, an ver and ocket to money hone. a bold erra! Thanks to Withings you can now buy the ORT.COM world's first WiFi­ enabled bathroom scale under tha neme of "Wifi Body Scale". No, this does not mean that you can check your mails while standing on it, nor will it twitter your weight directly to your Twitter account as soon as you step on it. When pouncing upon it, the scale automatically records your body weight, lean/fat mass and calculates your BMI to send it to a scure webpage or even right to your iPhone. Last thing lookes awesome and helps you to keep an eye on your development. Hey Withings: think about that Twitter thing we mentioned before, come on guys! WWW.WITHINGS.COM 23
  20. 20. WOW! You just cycled 200 Km, or ran 40 Km or Swum 1 Km and now THIS! The latest massage chair from Hammacher Schlemmer is an astonishing piece of superb technology that will change the way you ever thought about massage chairs. It's the T300 of all robotic chairs you own as this one massages your whole body and by "whole body" we mean (nearly) THE WHOLE BODY. It features 22 integrated inflating air cells in the armrest alone, for therapeutic message from your upper arms down to your finger tips while your hips are treated by air cells on both sides of the seat. There are also optical sensors built in, which scan your body for Shiatsu points so the pressure meaning the massage will fit the best result depending on your body structure. We could continue to describe what else this wondermachine is taking care about apart of your fingertips, but it wouldn't fit in this space. Whatever you remember from your last Asia wellness trip ­ this chair does exactly the same apart of speaking Thai. WWW.HAMMACHER.COM 24
  21. 21. 25
  22. 22. oregon scientific usb clock Great traveller clock for those that compete in an event at foreign city. Not only that this clock display the time from 25 different cities around the world but also offers 4 USB ports offering a nice power station for your iPod, your digital camera, your other mp3 player and that other mp3 player. Or smartphone. Unfortunately it's not powered by a standard AC cable, but through a computer. What means you also have to carry your PC with you. *sigh* 26
  23. 23. So you keep yourself on a straight diet for the day of a competition but we all know how hard it is. Every time you pass by the fridge you remember that choclat bar you bought and is waiting there as special reward after the event and you start to sweat because you don't want to break the promise you made to your body. Well the FridgeGuard is there to take care about your seduction. A built­in sensor takes care about any move made within a certain range yelling at the person with a verbal warning. This way you will always keep in mind why he is waiting there. Your only hope is that the couple of AAA batteries do not least that much! fridge guard 27
  24. 24. What a great concept the "StressWatch" is ! This concept is that a black bar on that watch shows your stress level, whereas the blue and green ones show your mellow while pink, red or orange indicate that you are just a few steps away from a full tilt! Fortunately you can not see these on the picture below, what is a good sign. As this is a concept you certainly will not wear such one that fast at your next Marathon, Triathlon or cycling race. On the other hand, it would be very interesting to see how the average athletes in terms of stress feels alike right before a race! stresswatch concept 28
  25. 25. Scientist found out that thumb exerci­ sing is very imortant for Triathletes and Cyclists.... NOT! But those who would like to build that thumb muscle can do so with the THUMB ARMWRESTLING GAME. The one that squishes his button fast enough will be announced as winner and get a black and blue thumb. WWW.FIREBOX.COM 29
  26. 26. Southwestern Adv "Lady Knights" They play on the campus in K 30 the surrounding Dall
  27. 27. ventist University " Volleyball Team Keene, Texas United States or 31 las / Fort Worth area.
  28. 28. My bike is a Fixie Inc Peacemaker ­ I bought the frameset and then went from there with some Goldtec­hubbed wheels. The handlebars have gone from Bullhorns to Moustache (all Nitto) after the 'horns broke when I was doing around 25mph. Running a mid­range 72" (44x16) because I ride in Edinburgh, so need something I can get up the hills on, but also won't rip my legs off at the knees on the descent on the other side. For me the bike looks great, nice and simple and clean (usually) being white. The position is somewhere between a road bike and mountain bike, which gives me great control in traffic. It just feels 'right'. When I haven't ridden it for a while, for whatever reason, it gives me a buzz to get back on and remember why I built it the way I did. For me cycling is all about just enjoying yourself no matter where you're riding, or why. This bike lets me do that on the daily commute to and from work ­ something I've found only a bike is capable of. BLACKPUDDINONNABIKE 32
  29. 29. 33
  30. 30. brought to you by GPSIES.COM 34
  31. 31. NAME Round Moscow COUNTRY Russia LOCATION Moscow GPSIES.COM ID lmcyhnuvtxacvwsm LENGTH 208.74 Km TERRAIN TYPE Road / Asphalt UPLOADED BY andrey_colt SUITABLE FOR Cycling Cross Skating Hiking QR CODE 35
  32. 32. Our blog of the month is done by Miguel Tadeu Reis e Silva - a portuguese athlete taking any oportunity to do sports as long as his medical studies allow him to. What kind of mine passed by a sports do you do ? few minutes Orienteering and later. I had to do Athletics. Surf, Ski the rest of the and rollerblading in course after him, free-time. while being hit by all sort of What kind of vegetation. sports gadgets or equipment do you use? Map, What is your personal sports Compass and shoes with spikes. goal that you would like to reach someday? My actual What was the craziest or best goal is to give my best everyday moment that happend to you in order to reach excellence. in an event you were Excellence to me means being registered with? My headlamp one of the bests in the world. ran out of battery during a It's a tough achievement but I'll night training session with map try my chances (we have to in a dark night. I could see keep high standards!). nothing! Fortunately a friend of 36
  33. 33. What was the last friends or people you would competition you visited and like to say "hi" to or greet? how did you finish it ? It was To friends and family: You're all the Regional Orienteering great! Wouldn't be here without Comp. in the south of Portugal. you all... I won it after an unfortunate To the rest of the world: Why 2nd day. just run? Orienteering is more fun!! What is going to be your next competition? Middle of Octo- ber a 3 day competition in the north of Portugal. 1 Long Distance, 1 Sprint in the city and 1 Middle Distance. Do you have any sponsors? Drop some brandnames ! & Any shout-outs to 37
  34. 34. A N S IO LED!HO U YO NLY T TTETHLYTCHEDUNSCOLW MN UODOHNA'T W ON TO , NG RE THIS M AS A WARNI NOT TAKE CA BEEN EXISTS S IF YOU DO SIMPLY JUST A BIKE. H A PPE N H E L M E T O R O N D W H I L E O N W EA R A ED B Y A S EC IRRITAT Pat was on his way home from work with a set of bike wheels on his back. The wheels shifted so when he tried to adjust them he swerved into a parked car. This completely tore the tendon connecting his bicep to his forearm! Since then, Pat has had surgery and is recovering well. shimaceo Andrew Summers 38
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  51. 51. Let's be honest ­ most of us 3 days on and 1 day off or visiting a gym do it for with 5 days on and two off. simply burn some fat or As mentioned the difference pump some iron. But we is that you don`t just focus simply focus on just one part on one part of your body ­ of exercising. That's exactly the training's special is that where CrossFit sneaks in and you don`t become fills the gap between a specialized. personal trainer and an ordinary gym. Photographer Greg Westfall captured this mix and the CrossFit is the principal beauty of body workout strength and conditioning combained with the program for many police roughness of this gym academies, military special offering much more operations units and tactical credibility then some other operations team. You get cosy "fitness stations" out there and check out their there. WOD ­ the "workout of the Visit Greg's website to get day" posted by one of the some more impressions from CrossFit members whereas the gym in Texas, US. the base of the trainig is either set up as posted with IMAGESBYWESTFALL 55
  52. 52. There are 3.5 Billion (more or less) personal trainers out there and since NINTENDO launched the Wii in November 2006 they all have a good reason to change the way they used to work with their clients. Do they realy? Nah, they don't - i am just kidding. Let me examine the Wii market and drop some visions of this physical motivator on the next pages and try to find a reason why i should buy me a Wii and NOT burn my fats the way i usualy do. TEXT // Carlos Pinto PHOTOS // flickrID 56 56
  53. 53. 57
  54. 54. In it's first year NINTENDO certainly what NINTENDO had invested over US$ 200 Million to in mind: gaming in terms of promote the selling of their fun, laisure and relaxtion. seventh generation gaming While SONY and Microsoft were console trying to compete concentrating on developing against SONY with their engines that allowed game developers to bring a new level of realism into games, NINTENDO's intention until today is to make their console some kind of meeting point for families and friends. Their attempt to get at there is based on two parts that made this possible. First of all the name that could be a pet's name or a nickname you gave someone. It's like having a new family member in the house REINIS or someone alive, but not like a technical hardware laying around that wants you to dominate it. Asked why, NINTENDO's simple Playstation 2 (PS2) and the answer is that "Wii sounds like xBOX by Microsoft. That's quite 'we', which emphasizes that the a lot of cash as budget if you console is for everyone. Wii can keep in mind that we are easily be remembered by talking about gaming. But that's people around the world, no 58
  55. 55. matter what language they was clear that playing a game speak. No confusion. No need on a console will become much to abbreviate. Just Wii." more active then known until The second thing and certainly that day. the main reason why there are Game controllers nowadays are HECTORE more then 50 million units sold until tody is the gaming controller called "Wii Remote". This remote in combination with certain games wants you to technicaly so ergonomic that a stand up. From the day that professional gamer is able to NINTENDO's Satoru Iwata fight the last opponent in game revealed the prototype of the simply by controlling his controler in September 2005 it character with one hand only 59
  56. 56. while the other hand holds a thing: the Wii is for everyone. cup of hot coffe... blindfolded! It does not matter if you are 10 But the Wii Remote gives you or 100 ­ anyone can and the ability to andyone should stand up and play it. And the imitate your ads hit the bulls avatar just like eye. you realy would A new target be inside the group made up game. by those that Impossible to thought that they hold a coffee The Wii controller ­ your sports life were to old or for mug and in the palms of your hands. what ever reason unnecessar to unable to play mention that you can not play with a gaming console now had blindfolded as long you don`t a good and cheap reason to try want to buy a set of new it out. And they did and they do furniture. and due to the upcoming So "active moving" did the games they will do. trick. It`s the success of the Wii as the player becomes much As a sports ezine that we try to more active then he has ever be we are going to check the thought of. actual possibilites that the Wii offers to you as a more or less In terms of demographic the active athlete. So let's first take range of new customers a view on the sports equipment increases with this ability but you can or have to alter your has also to be informed about Wii with to play certain games. the system. That's where the 200 million bucks mentioned at // THE CONTROLLERS the start went it. First of all there is the primary Invested in just one year controller called Wii Remote NINTENDO developed a series with motion sensing capability of television advertisements offering a lot of ways to informing the world about one maniulate items on screen via 60
  57. 57. gesture recognition and direction your are balancing pointing through the use of an your weight. Meanwhile there accelerometer and optical are several versions on the sensor market ranging technology that from the simple most of us one up to the know from the Premium iPhone. The Fitness Board controller can Hit some homeruns with the Louis­ coming in with be expanded ville Wii Baseball Ba.t an integrated through the use LCD display of attachments showing your and with every actual weight Wii you buy the even wen the first controller Wii is turned attachment you off. get for free is the Nunchuk And then the wich offers biggest functions known controller in by standard terms of sports gamepad that you can controllers. get is the Active Life Mat The Wii mat allows you to jump around and make your neighbours The second that you might below you go bezerk. sports related know from hardware add­ games like on for the Wii Dance Dance was the Wii Revolution. The Balance Board. mat is available A board in an indoor knowing where and an outdoor you are meaning much standing on it or Not confirmed yet, but it just looks more robust into wich like that paperboy jobs are coming material to the Wii. 61
  58. 58. 62
  59. 59. ENFAD 63
  60. 60. STUTEFISH 64
  61. 61. version. to change a lot of people's life. That's about the hardware. It's People that years before never just like someone that wants to ever would have thought about start to do some sport and first doing any kind of movement of all buys himself some with their body apart of the trainers. We all know how to things you do once in a month run, but the main point is that because you got married and most of us do not know how to feel responsible to your family, run correctly. the church bla bla bla ... well, So now that you bought your these people now started to Wii and have moved half of the move twice or more per week. furniture in your flat from one room the other you are simply As an athlete we try to take left alone. Well not realy. To be care of our body as much as precisly there is a small support possible and quickly learn that as the console before starting a the experience that we made game informs you that you by finishing a marathon, cycling realy should start slowly if not 100 kilometers or swim through even first of all ask a doctor to a river is sometihing that we check if your physical condition should share. We realize how is prepared to do that thing good sports is to our life and called SPORT. that it can positivly change our This is all fine if you do not take enviroment. the whole thing too serious but So in short: it's good that the uprising development of the THESE other people now sit, market shows that there are lay, jump, crawl or knee in front thousands of persons that DO of their televisions and burn take the Wii sports program some fat. very serious. But how do they burn it, you And here's the point where any might ask. Well, with the professional or semi­ hardware we just mentioned professional athlete has to drop that interacts with the proper some positive tunes about the game. Let's take a deeper look console and the way it started at how or what the ordinary Wii 65
  62. 62. CROBGUN 66
  63. 63. 67
  64. 64. athlete moves to so here are.... We don't want to rate the game too seriously as it realy de­ // THE GAMES pends on your age and what The following are games aiming you are aiming at while playing. at the sporty Wii users meaning So we choose the easy way and that the games should at least simply just evaluate two things. make you move if not even at On the one side how much the the sweat a lot. If they do, de­ game is going to make you pends on as hard you train and sweat. On the other side how as serious you take the game. annoying the game might be if SIMON­1123581321 68
  65. 65. there are people living below // Basejumping your flat. The Sweatfactor abreviation is [SF] and the "Annoying Neighbours factor's is [ANF]. // All Star Cheer Squad You always dreamed of This is the first we mention out meeting a real of a few coming from the cheerleader, "Active Life: Extreme why not Challenge" and unfortunately become one!? the adrenalin sport in this This game version is one of the most non­ wants you to sporty games; meaning very use your boring. But as you have to Nunchuck... nah, not that one delete certain symbols that you pervert!The Wii's one in appear on the screen within a combination with the controler short amount of time you can AND the balance board. Yeah, be sure that this one is going to you have to hit buttons and do keep your pulse very high moves corresponding to the Levels are too short, if you signs on the television and prefere these kind of games these are THAT much that you chosse something like Dance will have no time to watch the Dance Revolution as the levels beautiful gals and boys doing meaning songs are bigger and their awesome moves. you have to do the same moves [SF]: high but not by moving within a shorter amounr of but by killing your patience. time. [ANF]: well, the game is THAT [SF]: short but immense. hard to beat that you certainly [ANF]: unbelievable high. will yell some times. Don`t play it if you like the ones that live beneath your flat. 69
  66. 66. LICKMYSTICKS 70
  67. 67. 71
  68. 68. // Beach Fun Summer Volleyball, Bocce, Football, Challenge 2009 Soccer, Disc Golf or Cricket. Now this Jesus Christ.... Beach Cricket? concept is Is that the next big ESPN X­ great! Take a Games candidate!? Well if you beautiful don't take it too serious then island and choose this one but as most offer six games are playable by the typical beach controller only you won't realy sports. The start sweating a lot. Specially game is well not if you play a round of 15 designed and one of the first minuts of crickt *sigh*. moving away from the typical [SF]: just mentioned. childish targeted game [ANF]: they will love the graphics. For elder people this Margaritas option much more, means that you won't have nice trust me! colorful LSD like effects but hey: it's a great island at all // Big League Sports: where you can play beachball, Summer minigolf, throw a frisbee, play Very similiar boules, play with a kite or go to the Beach for some water ski. Beach Sports [SF]: absolutely none. on apart that [ANF]: prepare some cricket has margaritas, turn on the heater been and invite them. They will start substituted by to do anything for you! baseball. The graphics are a // Big Beach Sports bit more to take serious and the By far not as cool games are much more fun. as the one There is for example a special mentioned before. soccer version where you have You can play one to hit targets on the ocean by of six beach hitting them with a ball. But games that are you don`t kick the ball with 72
  69. 69. RONNYKERR 73
  70. 70. your feet. You use the controller and jump at the right time on to aim and press a button to the Active Life mat and try to shoot. Soccer without having to do some crazy moves at the kick at anything = boring. right time corresponding the [SF]: none. signs appearing on the screen. [ANF]: none. [SF]: very high. [ANF]: If you have someone // BMX Flatland living under your flat they will start to desperatly hate you. If you hate them too then simply just play the game over and over and over again. // Inlineskating Simply Dance Dance Revolution Just like in Dance Dance copy but with Revolution but much much much more time slower. You have to jump on where you do signs on the map corresponding not need to be to symbols shown within the as precisely as in other games. game. Doing a slit is the most Simply put your feet depeding dangerous move in here but on the signs shown and the nothing that can not been done skater does some crazy moves. by my grandma. As this all happens in [SF]: very short. slowmotion you cold get [ANF]: great if you hate them, yourself something to drink out ok if you don`t care. of the kitchen without the system taking a note of. Might // Double Dutch be a killer for small children. Jump [SF]: none. and [ANF]: not realy. Small jump bumping sounds like usual and when you hump.... ok, next jump game. 74
  71. 71. L_K_M 75
  72. 72. // Kite Surfing Apart of holding the Wii controler in combination with a 2nd Controller (Nun chack) you have to stand on the Active Life NOWORKS 76
  73. 73. Map trying to hold the balance [SF]: not realy. on the kiteboard. This is one of [ANF]: ok. the few games where you have all your joints in movement. // Skateboarding Though the levels are small, as You have to nail you have to realy concentrate tricks by jumping this might be a hard nut to beat on the Active for a longer time but with fun. Live mat [SF]: not realy, specially if your corresponding on roommate or partner spills signs shown some water into your face for within the game. The game reality. itself is fun but as you have [ANF]: not realy. If you want hours if not years to do the them to hate you, listen very tricks it's not realy that hard. loud to the Beachboys while So ont realy anything you can playing. get your pulse at a higher level. [SF]: minimal. // Rock Climbing [ANF]: nearly none as long as you don't put the Wii Balance Board on a real skateboard and try to move on that kind of doubledecker. Our hint: Helmet! // Street Luge You are laying on a skateboarding riding with up to 140 KmH downhill by sitting on Now this is just like the good the Active Life Mat. Depending old Twister game where you on the width of your pelvic you have to put your arms might be able to do a quick depending on the sign shown move from right to left without within the game. Definetly the having to exercise too much. best game to strengthen your [SF]: small. arms. Simple as it is, best one [ANF]: nearly none as long as of crawling babies! you don`t fart. 77
  74. 74. // Wakeboarding anymore by walking up 10 Another game where you have steps. simply just to choose between a The Wii Fit series get's into your direction to avoid some barriers flat with the NINTENDO Balance or jump up to do some tricks. It Board. So that is the competitor is that easy, that you can enjoy agains the "Butterfly T2000", the graphics passing by. the "Pushup X2" or any other [SF]: close to none. mechanic muscle building [ANF]: is ok if you don't try to system you meet in a gym. jump and simply just move Sounds strange but might work from left to right. out! Within the gaming system there Please be aware of that we have are 40 (!) exercises to just checked out the most strengthen your body or distributed games brought in upgrading your fitness ­ and conjunction with the Wii itself. nope! We are not talking about There are meanwhile very high a gaming avatar, we are talking professional Climbing, about YOU! Weather you have Skateboard or Surf games on to stretch, jump, do some push the market then those ups, play with some virtual mentioned in here. It's just to weights ­ all moves that by give a small overview of what doing them correctly will offer there is. you some astonishing results. On top of all these games there Check the last sentence, there's is the one the king of all games an important part in it! "...doing is the Wii Fit series. The crown it correctly..." by all means that wasn`t eared by the game you even know when to breath graphics nor by the game in and out. The software itself principles. It's the "one" ain't that much of help in this because with it all the sweaty case and that's why some new mayhem on the Wii started and products like "My Fitness the one that aim's into making Coach: get in shape" or "Jillian a real athlete out of you. Ok, Michaels' Fitness Ultimatum not realy but at least aiming 2009" appeared on the market. that you won`t breath that hard 78
  75. 75. With Strength, Training, age while the Wii Fit Balance Aerobics and Yoga you have Board calculates your weight. four main categories containing On the one hand you get your over 40 different games. There BMI on the other the just are goals you have to reach to jentioned Wii Fit Age telling you open more games so that's that you are in a dire need of where the Wii as gaming some fitness if your Wii Fit Age console get's back into the is a lot more then your actual storyline. But please: while you age *sigh* are standing on a board Simply ignore this with the imitating your coach or doctore, above mentioned tip of walking you realy should not put too up some stairs instead of taking much weight into e.g. the "Wii the escalator or elevator ­ you Fit Age" what is a sum soon will realize how "old" you calculated by your height and are. 79
  76. 76. The good thing about this is Fit series available. 15 new that you can save your off­ balance games, 6 strength board fitness actions like exercises and some new Yoga swimming, walking, cycling etc lessons have been added. And and combine these with the with age this second edition is results you have reached within aiming at those beneath us the games. wanting to take it a step further as you are now able to set up To have as much as possible exercising goals and even a real results some games need training schedule. you to carry the Wii Nunchuck in your pants or hold them in At the present nearly every your hand kind of sport while playing activity can or some jogging has been games on the brought to the Wii. Nice idea Wii and the but why not hardware is put some GPS adopting as hardware and much as an mp3 player possible to the in it and you needs of the can get out game. There and jog around are controllers the park while imitating the Nunchuck tennis racks, is saving your golf clubs, progress and footballs and track !? Ah ok ­ it would look even baseball bats. The range too silly jogging around with the of products is getting wider controller of a console in your month by month to bring as hand. much as reality into the game as possible. Unfortunately these Until the end of 2009 there will hardware gadgets are not as be the second edition of the Wii realy as they could be to fullfill 80
  77. 77. the range of users. A 9 year old child will not be able to hold a tennis racket for hours just like an adult does. Hours ? Yep, hours! That's another hurdle that the console market will have to fight against. Years ago game produces started to inform their consumers that you should take a break after playing for 30 minutes. Now, just imagaine you are playing a real set of tennis on your Wii against a virtual opponent and after 1 hour when you were just about to win the match the console shuts off and informs you that you should better take a break. It doesn't but the ethic responsability is there so why not simply just inform the gamer about going for a walk outside instead of walking on a virtual parcour !? We will see where this will all lead to but before we condemn the virtual life we should be happy that some more people on this planet have started to do some kind of sports ­ though at the moment it's only a virtual one. 81
  78. 78. What most people bring in connection with Austria are Mozart, the Alps and snow a lot of snow and much more snow. Thanks to the help of Martin Steinthaler there are two things that we want to prove on the next pages. First that it can be very hot in Austria. And second that a hot Austria in combination with the Beach Volleyball A1 Grand Slam / Swatch Tour can keep up with any Brazilian event at the Copacabana. [TEXT] Carlos Pinto [PHOTOS] Martin Steinthaler TINE_STONE 82 WWW.TINEFOTO.COM
  79. 79. P O RT RAI T BY H ERW I G KA WALL A R 83
  80. 80. 84
  81. 81. 85
  82. 82. 86
  83. 83. 87
  84. 84. 88
  85. 85. 89
  86. 86. 90
  87. 87. 91
  88. 88. 92
  89. 89. 93
  90. 90. 94
  91. 91. 95
  92. 92. 96
  93. 93. 97
  94. 94. 98
  95. 95. 99
  96. 96. 100
  97. 97. 101
  98. 98. 102
  99. 99. 103
  100. 100. 104
  101. 101. 105
  102. 102. 106
  103. 103. 107
  104. 104. 108
  105. 105. 109
  106. 106. 110
  107. 107. 111
  108. 108. 112
  109. 109. 113
  110. 110. Beach Volleyballers are sun By the way just in case that chasers and it is great to see you asked yourself what that sometimes the sun professinal ski athletes do at seems to follow them and the summer time the answer offer just like in Klagenfurt a could also be found at the tremendous summer Beach Volleyball Finals in weekend with high action, Klagenfurt! sexy bodies and many victories and defeats on a Mainsponsor A1, an austrian high tension. mobile phone provider, invited nearly every actual At the end the whole series professional ski athlete you was won by Todd Rogers and can get off the Alps: from Phil Dalhausser, who showed Michael Walchhofer, Mario to the 125.000 fans why Scheiber, Matthias Lanzinger, they own the olympic through Franz Klammer or champions title since the Martin Koch you were able to Olympic games in Peking. meet the "snow lovin' man" 114
  111. 111. in Klagenfurt. Participating in a special charity like event, they met up in teams gathe­ ring some points on the cour­ t. Unfortunately neither we nor anyone took the opportunity to asked them how hot it has to be until a skier or ski­jumper starts to sweat. Rumours are going around that the correct answer is minus 10 degrees Celsius. Once again thanks a lot to Martin Steinthaler for the great photos and do not forget to visit his homepage and his flickr site. There are many more great photos from that event and other projects he realizes by himslef or by supporting the B06 agency Austria. 115
  112. 112. The following pictures are all copyrighted proper individual photographer and they exclusive represented in here. All rights a by the person who took the image. It is strictly forbidden to resell or reproduc photos without a written permission of the photographer. Do not hesitate to support tact them or at least visit the user's flickr that can be found like as followed: The flickr id can be found next to the rectangl one of the corners of the page. 116
  113. 113. d by the are not are kept ce these e proper or con­ website id le icon at 117
  114. 114. WE WOULD LIKE TO THANK THE PHOTOGR FABULOUS WORK. DO NOT HESITATE TO WEBSITE FOR MORE FANTASTIC IMAGES. SIMPLY CLICK ON THE THUMBNAIL TO GET alexkasin caribb cat_emery fawio perfectoinsecto photographybysoap rodneystoner1 searchligh 146
  115. 115. RAPHERS FOR THEIR VISIT THEIR FLICKR T THERE. iandolphin ivarth iechine ht557 timo3k west­park zollo 147
  116. 116. 100 THE TOP RUMOURS IN SPORTS This month's top 100 is dedicated to all those rumours going on in the world of sports. So many things that we hear and do not know if they are true or not. Guess what ­ neither we will tell you. But we thought it would be a great idea to start this column with the stuff that fullfills the dark side of the world of sports. It's a rumour that... 100// ... former american foot­ Ben Johnson knows how to in­ ball player OJ Simpson yet is ject himself while running the able to throw a football that 100m sprint without anyone hard, that it cuts the air like a takeing notice. 95// ... Serena knife throu any object made Williams is a man. 94// ... out of meat (eg. pork, turkey, figure skater Tonya Harding in chicken, crocodiles or your 2004 participated in the World wife). 99// ... Mike Tyson Timber Championships in loves to nibble on his girlfrien­ Kanada and broke the record d's earlap. 98// ... Formula 1 in log cutting with a simple teamchef Flavrio Briattore has blade. 93// ... the Tour De signed a petition to rebuild the France 2024 will be realized in wall of Berlin but now in Singa­ North Korea. 92// ... there are pur. 97// ...former professional no gay soccer players in the tennis player Boris Becker pre­ german Bundesliga. 91// ... fers to use his forehead ins­ rowers prefer to drive their tead of his forhand. 96// ... cars backwards ­ without 148
  117. 117. looking into the rear mirror. on earth. The six million dollar 90// ... the paralympics are man is! 78// ... in 2019 free of any illegal substances. snorkel will be substituted by 89// ... professional italian diving as olympic discipline. soccer player Luca Toni who 77// ... road race cyclists will plays in Bayern Munich, break for animals. 76// ... all southern Germany, knows luge racers preheat their sleds how to spell ACHTUNG in german. 88// ... rowers like to be " It's a rumour that Diego shouted at. 87// ... Maradonna is getting fitter Sylvester Stallone is because of Dr. Shiwago's going to start a Cocain Diet. " professional boxing career before 2024 (maybe earlier). 86// ... a to make them faster on the cricket game is absolutely ice. 75// ... road cycling interesting and bares so much competitions worldwide will excitement. 85// ... the italian change its rules in 2012 by national soccer team choose that opposing traffic will be Peschawar between allowed. 74// ... professional Afghanistan and Pakistan as tennis player Rafael Nadal is "trainingcamp". 84// ... golf going to change into table players don't got balls. 83// ... tennis. 73// ... to snorkel is a Viagra is the new hot sport. 72// ... Serena Williams substance to take at the Tour is a man. 71// ... the foils in De France next year. 82// ... fencing at the olympic games former female runner Flo Jo will be extended with NYPD (RIP) used to get her nailed tasers. 70// ... Kurt Cobain once in a week. 81// ... had a wildcard for shooting at famous 80's german Swimmer the Olympics in 1996. 69// ... Michael Groß wasn't thaaat Croquet is a sport and not the big. 80// ... rugy games aren't name of an undercover police that hard. 79// ... Usaine Bolt office who's best friend is is not the fastest running man called Sonny. 68// ... mixed 149
  118. 118. tennis tournaments from 2014 become an olympic disciplin in on will include gay teams on 2010. 59// ... former tennis all sides. 67// ... to interact pro John McEnroe has much more with the athletes, invented Yoga. 58// ... at next winter olympics the baseball in the near future will audience at a ski jumping increase their innings to 18 as event will be positioned on the it is easier to remember by the runway and are asked to catch 18 holes in the sports of... the jumper. 66// ... aeh.... mmh... aeh, well synchronized swimming has forgotten! 57// ... more then anything exciting in it. 65// ... 15% of american football Salt Lake City won the race in players believed they were more likely to " It's a rumour that compared to be hurt on tennis players, tabletennis artificial turf players have the smaller balls." than on natural grass. 56// ... thanks to the legal matters for the Olympics english olympic comitee within in 2002. 64// ...Ben Johnson's the next 12 years binge technique for running is called drinking will become olympic. "escapathlon". 63// ... Diego 55// ... Core Schumacher, Maradonna is getting fitter wife of Formula One racer because of Dr. Shiwago's Ralf Schumacher, Brother of Cocain Diet. 62// ... more then Michael Schumacher, is a 99% of people living on this "professional". 54// ... planet can stay awake while trampolin is an olympic sport. watching figure skating on 53// ... Michael Jackson was television. 61// ... to make planning a comeback for the pole vault a more enjoyable next olympic games as a sports at the olympic games, contestant in rhytmic for athletes from 2028 on will Pakistan. 52// ... Stanozolol is have to vault across a wall a new free russian non made out of bricks. 60// ... alcholic limonade. 51// ... Texas Hold'em Poker will Bowling will ever become an 150
  119. 119. olympic disciplin some day. Serena Williams is a man. 50// ... there is a new rule for 39// ... while not in use, the Curling saying that from 2010 Olympic torch is kept safely on only toothbrushes are and secure at the Oval Office allowed for clearing the way. in Washington. 38// ... mixing 49// ... it wasn't US president beer with epo and some Teddy Roosevelt who forced amphetamines doesn't shrink the american football league your penis. 37// ... Forrest to use more protective armory Gump is going to run next in games. 48// ... Serena Wil­ years New York city Marathon. liams is a man. 47// ... former 36// ... triple jump will be Formula One racer Michael exchanged into tenticle where Schumacher is going to have athletes have to jump ten a comeback. 46// ... you times using hands and feet at sweat while playing waterpolo. the same time. 35// ... thanks 45// ... compared to tennis to former tennis pro John players, tabletennis players McEnroe, Yoga will become have the smaller balls. 44// ... olympic. 34// ... all future american basketball player swimming competitions offer Shaquille o'Neal is a greap mixed showers. 33// ... former Rap artist. 43// ... there are no Tour De France cyclist Jan gay soccer players in Ullrich is afraight of flying. England's Premier League. 32// ... professional (Come on mates, have your coming " It's a rumour that american out! Jesus ­ this is 2009 and the church basketball player Shaquille won't kill you for o'Neal is a great Rap artist." being homosexual! 42// ... the church won't kill you if you are an argentinian soccer player english soccer professional lo­ Diego Buonanotte ever rode a ving man. 41// ... from 2012 rollercoaster, as he is only on there will be crosswalks at 157cm big and Mickey Mouse the Formular One. 40// ... won't allow him to. 31// ... 151
  120. 120. cyclists like to be whipped with Matthäus is able to build a belts as everyone knows that correct sentence in any they prefer chains! 30// ... the freaking language on this International Olympic Comitee planet. 24// ... most is thinking about introducing snowboarders smoke pot olympic games for the fall and while others don`t smoke at autumn seasons with qualifications every weekdays from 12:00 to 15:00 CET. 29// ... there is a new disciplin at the olympic games called mixed weight lifting where the weights on each side differ with at least 50 Kilograms. 28// ... to make ice hockey a more family Click on the image above to visit the like non­violent sport wikipedia entry entitled "List of sporting and bring more fun scandals". A lot of those rumours in this months Top100 are based on these into it, from 2019 on historical events. Others.... stay rumours! all ice hockey players will have to play barefoot. 27// ... former professional german all. 23// ... the illuminati are soccer player Lothar Matthäus the inventors of the NFL, the is able to build a correct NHL and horse riding. 22// ... sentence in german. 26// ... runner Usaine Bolt runs so former professional german fast because compared to the soccer player Lothar rest of the world in Jamaica Matthäus is able to build a everything is a bit quicker. correct sentence in english. 21// ... bodybuilders use 25// ... former professional ger­ tanning oil instead of butter, man soccer player Lothar instead of toothpaste, instead 152
  121. 121. of shampoo. 20// ... Beckham adores to see her professional golfer Tiger husband doing all those crazy Woods puts his balls in any tricks with his balls on his feet. hole crossing his way. 19// ... 08// ... Serena Williams is Serena Williams is a man. going to be the first one to win 18// ... jogging is just like all male tennis cups within a running, simply shorter. 17// year. 07// ... there are ... tennis player Maria absolutely no steroids used at Sharapova is a virgin. 16// ... the Major League of Baseball Lance Armstrong never ever in the United States of by any chance took any drugs America. 06// ... the olympics or illegal substances. 15// ... held in 2001 were the greatest at the Formula One for to rember as held in... eh... security reasons from 2012 well in... in... well... f$§k it! on, police will held speed 05// ... bobsleigh in near checks in the VIP area. 14// future will be mixed with ... swimsuit developer Speedo hurdle running. 04// ... the is working on a way to soccer worldcup won't be held exchange real human skin in South Africa next year. 03// with the fabric made out of ... the biathlon rules for the their swimsuits. 13// ... upcoming olympic games are german high jumpers exercise going to be changed, that while the bar is connected to instead of shooting five fixed 2000 volts. 12// ... cuban targets, you have to shoot five american runner Rosie Ruiz in of your opponents. 02// ... 1980 had a monthly ticket for swimmers shave their hairs ­ the Boston subway. 11// ... one another. ..... and last imprisoned terrorists in but not least the Guantanamo have been number 01 of all tortured by having to watch rumours ... Serena the olympic finals in Curling. Williams is the younger 10// ... some female brother of Venus Williams. argentinian soccer fans call Diego Maradonna the "Fist of God". 09// ... Victoria 153
  122. 122. Finally i am back again from my trip around the world. Though i gathered a lot of new inspirations, thanks to Halloween this months casual cooking re­ cipe was easy to find.... . "Halloween Plate" 154
  123. 123. 155
  124. 124. 156
  125. 125. // INCREDIENTS [recipe for 2 persons] 1 Pumpkin (approx. 500g) 2 Carrots 6 young potatoes 1 fresh young garlic 3 Spring Onions 1 Aubergine 1 Capsicum, yellow 1 Chili Harissa (North African hot red paste) 157
  126. 126. Cut the pumpkins head off. Chop the pump two pieces but skin on it. 158
  127. 127. pkin into Cave both half and throw t leave the the seeds away. 159
  128. 128. Try to not throw too much flesh away. Cut both halfs stripes and dist on a baking tra by kitchenfoil. 160
  129. 129. Cut the capsicum into small into small stripes by the same size of tribute them the pumpkin's one. ay coverd 161
  130. 130. Cut the potatoes into small Also cut the a pieces. small pieces. 162
  131. 131. Cut just a tip of the Chili into aubergine into fregments and try to not touch your eyes neither po­ ke your nose aftewards. 163
  132. 132. 164
  133. 133. Put all onto the tray and cut the whole garlic into pieces by leaving the skin on it. Cast some oil over it and mix everything. If you want to, add some rosemary to it. Put it in the oven for about 40 minutes at 200 degrees celsius and check that the pumpking does not get too soft. While in the oven, prepare the dip by adding some Harissa to a cup of yogurt and mix it well. Serve with some white bread and red wine. 165
  134. 134. While ordinary Fashion magazines present their content in a yearly routine we can not stick to standard summer, fall, autumn or winter collections. As worldwide internet ezine we can not fall back on periods of the year. In other words: if you are day in, day out standing in front of your closet not kno­ wing what to wear for a special occasion or weather situation, then we won`t be much of help with the next pages. Skip them. On the other hand: if you want to enlighten your life with new clothes, we are glad to present apparel that we love and want to share with you. 167
  135. 135. SHIRT // Castaway Clothing "CCC" MODEL // John PHOTO // Adam London URL // 168
  136. 136. SHIRT // Illus Apparel "Free Speech" MODEL // Kean PHOTO // Kean Matthams URL // 169
  137. 137. 170
  138. 138. SHIRT // Choke on Color "Nite Rider" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Justin Morales URL //­rider 171
  139. 139. 172
  140. 140. SHAWL // Dalena Vintage MODEL // Leslie PHOTO // Judy Torbett URL // 173
  141. 141. CHEMISE // 410 BC "Simple Bufallo Plaid" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Adam Elmakias URL // 174
  142. 142. SHIRT // 410 BC "Eternal Bell Jar" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Adam Elmakias URL // 175
  143. 143. CHEMISE // 410 BC "Black Hole" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Adam Elmakias URL // 176
  144. 144. CHEMISE // 410 BC "Atomic Wrangler" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Adam Elmakias URL // 177
  145. 145. CHEMISE // 410 BC "Eros" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Adam Elmakias URL // 178
  146. 146. CHEMISE // 410 BC "Skeleton Key" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Adam Elmakias URL // 179
  147. 147. COAT // Vaisto "Will­O'­Wisp" MODEL // Hanni PHOTO // Vaisto URL // www.vaisto­ 180
  148. 148. SHIRT // Junkfunk "Retro beer label" MODEL // David Alvaros PHOTO // Huw Williams URL // 181
  149. 149. COAT // New Leaf Clothing "Live the Dream" MODEL // Erik PHOTO // Deny Khoung URL // 182
  150. 150. 183
  151. 151. SHIRT // sbarsiniestro "Chaplin" MODEL // Edith PHOTO // Simon Velazquez URL // 184
  152. 152. SUIT // Remix Clothing Taipei "Nov ­ Limited Edition" MODEL // Musician // Allen Wes PHOTO // Michael Hsu URL // 185
  153. 153. SHIRT // Mixed Species "Go Lemmings" MODEL // Hairy McSpecies PHOTO // The Mixed Species Guys URL // 186
  154. 154. SHIRT // Chop Shop "10 year plan" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // ­­ URL // 187
  155. 155. SHIRT // Salon Mystique "Grey wool skirt w/ pockets" MODEL // Kristen PHOTO // Aaron Gambel URL // 188
  156. 156. SHIRT // Conkware "LadiesMONAVneck" MODEL // ­­ PHOTO // Travis URL // 189
  157. 157. The worst thing about a democra-ca- pitalistic state is that it offers us the freedom of choosing. But it's exactly this attribute that might kill your day if you stand in front of your shoe rack in the morning and do not know wich ones fits best for your outfit. If this makes you sweat, shiver and cry, better do not read on as we did an interview with aucwd who every day has the opportunity to choose one pair out of 400 vintage sneekers and does this with keeping his pulse within his lowest training zone. TEXT // Carlos Pinto PHOTOS // aucwd 192
  158. 158. 193
  159. 159. Good morning aucwd, Oh, i totally forgotten to what shoes are you ask about how many actually wearing? shoes you call your own! At the moment I'm wearing a I think it's a collection about pair of vintage Adidas 400 pairs. Granada, great pair, very hard to find. And of course: That's a lot! When did you NO retro! realize that this has become, let's say more What was the reason to ta­ then just a hobby? ke these ones for today? Every morning when I see It was my daily form. And by my dwelling ... Then I think the way: Today I'm wearing that this couldn't be a hobby. clothes into the same color It's a disease ... (red and white). ... that can be cured? Is it hard for you to find No, I don't think so. But I the matching clothing to think life can be very boring your shoes? if you're not a little bit crazy, No, normally I buy the shoes isn't it ?!? to my clothing : ). I really love it ... Is it true that every shoe has it's own name? 194
  160. 160. Yes, that's right. For example a shoe that you bought I've got all pairs of the city has become that certain sneaker collection by Adidas name? named Adidas Ulm, Yes, I did that. Finally I've Stockholm, Amsterdam, Kiel got nearly all vintage sport etc. I really paid a lot of catalogues of the 60`s until money for them. today. There you can find the reasons why a shoe became Did you checked on a map that certain name. Great pics where all these cities are? by the way ... Well, I collect vintage trainers since more than 10 Oh i can imagine that years and my first pair was these retro Ad's are one of the city sneaker awesome! How do you collection ­ the very popular find and get your shoes? Adidas Rom. Of course, I I'll find them all over the checked on a map where world because of some of the cities are. Or do relationships with other you exactly know where collectors. Normally I'll trade "Malmö" is? and buy them from other collectors. No, i could only guess. Do you start to research why By taking about collectors 195
  161. 161. how many collectors do Do you keep them exactly you know and how many like they are when you collectors would you say buy them or have you for exist worldwide? example ever exchanged I really don't know how a shoelace? many collectors exist No, of course I've to clean worldwide, but I think there's some of them if it's a lot of people with the same necessary, because you can't disease like me. At the expect that more then 30 moment I know more than years old trainers look like 20 collectors with their new shoes.... names but there are only about 10 with really good ... specially like the one's stuff. And I bought a lot of you have found from the shoes from these too. Today 50's... it's very difficult to find good ...yes, I found it in an old vintage stuff. Most of these sports store, it was there to collectors are not ready to decorate the window. I sell or trade their items. asked the owner and made BUT: I'm not such a collector. him a very good offer. Today I'm always ready to sell I think the offer was too some of my items to make good. But nevertheless I'm other people happy too. very happy. 196
  162. 162. What is your most shoes you already asked me valuable shoe, not in about. I think it's impossible terms of money but for to find this pair again into you personally!? this condition. Maybe in a It's an old but absolutely sports museum. unworn pair of vintage Puma Rekord soccer shoes of the You also own more then year 1945 into its original 40 vintage wrestling box with all tags. Great pair, boots. I never worn any, priceless. but be honest, you certainly have tried the Is there a shoe that you one or other out, haven't desperately want to own you !? but can not get? Yes of course. I've got 8 No, I've got them all. Ok, different pairs of Adidas nearly all ; ) ... Combat Speed wrestling shoes into my own size (US So if you have them, is 9). But I wear them only in there any let's call it God­ my dwelling because I don't of­Shoes that stands want them to get dirty : ) above all sneakers available? What did it felt like It's the pair of Puma soccer wearing them? 197
  163. 163. What a feeling. It's colored and today very rare. unbelievable ... The Adidas Combat Speed shoes are just one pair of Did you grab a friend, them. He really worn them smashed a chair on his in the year 1988. A few chest, threw him on your years ago Adidas bed and jumped on him!? manufactured the retro No, I'm a very peace­loving version of this model and it person. Normally ... was sold very fast. ...well, and we are not Realy? But did you know talking about the Karelin? american wrestling we Of course I don't know him know thanks to Hulk but I knew that he was a Hogan but the disciplin very successfully sportsman we know from the wearing great shoes : ) olympic games. So did any one of your shoes But were you ever able to been at the Olympic speak to him and told him games? that you own one of his Yes, Alexander Karelin has shoe pairs !? worn a lot of different Unfortunately not. wrestling shoes ... very 198
  164. 164. So if these wrestling on telly, do you realy boots dont' give you watch the fight or are you superman abilities, what's more trying to figure out so special about them in what boots they are comparison with boots for wearing !? basketball players!? Of course I would try to Their weight isn't high as this figure out what great shoes one of a basketball shoe. they're wearing. I'm not Their color is nicer as they interested in the fight, only for example have multi­ in the shoes : ) colored laces. And I think a wrestling shoe can be worn Putting all the shoes that by men AND women. It's you own one next to the unisex and that is great. other you could have a timelime of shoe You also own a couple of development. What in vintage boxing boots. Did your thoughts has you ever watched a fight changed within the last live? decades? No, I'm an enthusiastic fan of I think the spirit of the old all ballsports. sport shoe is gone. The retro models looks like the old But if you ever watch one versions, but you feel the 199
  165. 165. spirit only into the original I have seen that some version. people asked through your flickr account if you Due to contracts certain sell the one or other shoe. athletes get individual Do you sell any? shoes, like soccer or Yes, sometimes I've got basketball shoes in glossy more than three or five pairs golden. What do you think of one model. Then I'm very about this trend? happy to sell them because Some of these shoes are my dwelling isn't very big. very nice too but not very So please email me if you're rare. This means everyone is interested in one or more wearing them. They're really pairs! not unique like the original ones. Are there any websites you would like to mention Any predictions about or support for sneaker how the futuristic sneaker fans? might look like? Please wait a minute ... Hhm I think the future sneaker ... No, because I think my will look like a multi­colored site on is the bird. Very colored, I think one and only one to get that's all that matters. REALLY rare stuff having just 200
  166. 166. by October 2009 23.000 view. That's a lot! Thanks for your interest! We thank you for your time! 201
  167. 167. Every month we present you a series of songs whereas we think that they fit right before, after or while in workout session. These songs are put together in the OSLT compilation that is free to download at Whether you run, you cycle or you are allowed to download do any other urban sport the and copy the music as often songs presented on the next as you want as long as you do pages are put together as we not sell or resell the song. think that they might fit for eit­ her a fast paced workout sessi­ Support these netlabels by vi­ on or a relaxing warmup or siting their site and buying after workout phase. their songs or whole albums after you have downloaded it. All songs are produced and dis­ tributed by so called netlabels For further informations visit that published the songs under the EPO ezine site at a creative commons like licen­ ENDORPHINUM and check se. In short this means that the OSLT link. 204
  168. 168. 205
  169. 169. The songs presented in this issue can be found in the proper OSLT compilati on that you can download for free at heck the other realeases of that EP. Two tunes sound like russian and though you might not understand a word, the female voice in combina­ tion with the trip hop tunes make you feel very comfortable. Taken out of the Good Night EP the song "Korridor" by Vidasm is a great opener to start a smooth war­ mup section. Great trip hop tunes mixed with nasty sounds that from time to time make you feel like get­ ting out of the beat. But all just a way to play some nasty tricks just li­ Wow! An incredible beautiful ke your mind is playing tricks on song that is way much much you. Specially if you are into for­ much too short! "Haustkvold" eign languages, you should also c by Inger on the Rocks starts 206
  170. 170. n with a great pinao tune followed realy should download this free i­ by some very nice triphop to download album entitled beats. This song is just perfect "Classic Material Vol. 3: UI for the first two miles of a daily Radio" by CM aka Creative. jogging round. We just wish the More then 15 great melodic song would be a bit longer. HipHop tunes where we chose "The cycle" as the one to put on our compilation. Heavy melodic tune with some piano tunes and a good singing part done by Mista Mista. Very beautiful! A great new EP coming from Novation Records directly from Brazil. Unfortunately they do not have a website to gather some information about the south american producers. The After four songs finally the first song we choose is called "Take one giving you some bumping me" and is a great drum and beats! "Closing" by bass tune with a female voice Datatraxx is a great electro singing the title. Keep up the tune that will make any cyclist good work guys! smile while riding against the time. And another BOMB! If you are into HipHop you realy realy "The river Express" by 207
  171. 171. Nienvox is definetly a good it. The song starts very mellow pusher for any urban athlete and gets faster after a while. who seeks for some Good one for cyclists or other psychological assistance. The athletes at mid to high pace. song hides some small piano tunes that you just realize if you concentrate on listening to it. But as you are exercising, you certainly want something else. And that's were the main component of the sound gets into the game: some drum rollin' beat acting like you have a army of urban athletes behind Another triphop like tune is you. Great tune finished by "What was lost" by dfader. some nature sounds where you Starting with some rainy type hear birds whisttleing and find sound followed by beautiful yourself searching them. wind games in combination with some wahwah tunes this one is great for some stretching or after workout session. Good one to motivate while the rain hits your windows and you realy would love to go for a run or ride but don't want to leave your flat. We already had some dub tunes in other OSLT compilations but none of them had the splendid idea to join some arabic sounds into it ­ until now. "Aidni" by L_cio does this though it would be great to have much more oriental influenced stuff inside The finishing of this months 208
  172. 172. OSLT compilation is AWESOME! "The perfect plan" by Headphone Scientist is a great HipHop beat with a beautiful vocal. The tune is perfectly positive but the voice reminds you that there is a second side of the medal. The whole album entitled "More dead birds" comes with 9 tunes but this one realy makes it into the OSLT hall of fame. You can click on the covers to get to the proper page of that tune or album. Please support these artists and labels by buying their productions. All songs mentioned in this month's OSLT compilation can be downloaded in one ZIP file from our website at 209
  173. 173. Thi spo the into RUNNING SWIMMING FreeRunning Mirror's Edge Kelly Slater's (alternative) Wii, PC, DS, PS2, PSP PC, xBOX, PS3 PC, xBOX, PS2, GBA CYCLING Pro Cycling Manager 09 Mat Hoffmann's Pro Mountnainbike Adrenaline 210 PC, PSP PC, PS, PS2, GC, GBA PC, PS2
  174. 174. is is our list of sports games depending on sports genre. As orts like "running" or "swimming" have no individual games on e market yet, we try to put a game in these columns that might fit o the proper sport. G INLINE SKYDIVE ) Aggressive Inline B.A.S.E. Jumping Just Cause PS2, xBOX, GBA PC PC, xBOX, PS3 BMX Simulator BMX XXX RadchallengE 07 211 C116, C64, AMIGA, PC xBox, PS2, GC oNLINE
  175. 175. SURFING Kelly Slater Pro Surfer Surf's Up Transworld Surf MAC, PC, xBOX, PSx PC, xBOX, PS2, PS3, PSP PS2, xBOX SKATEBOARDING SNOWBOA TH Proving Ground Skate 2 Shaun White Snowb. Wii, xBOX, PS3, NDS, PSP PS3, xBOX PC, PS3, xBOX BOXING/FIGHTING Fight Night Round 4 UFC Undisputed Pride FC 212 PS3 PS3, xBOX PS2
  176. 176. TENNIS WAKEBOARDING Virtua Tennis 3 Top Spin 2 Wakeboarding Unleashed PC, xBOX, PS3, PSP PC, xBOX, PS3, GBA PC, MAC, xBOX, PS2 ARDING SSX On Tour Amped 3 PS2, xBOX, PSP xBOX K1 World GP PS2 213