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Evaluation of college magazine

evaluation of college magazine

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Evaluation of college magazine

  1. 1. Evaluation
  2. 2. 1.How does your magazine represent particular social groups? • One way in which my magazine represents the target audience is the main image. The target audience for the magazine is college students, and the main image is a college student so it represents the audience. Also the model in the main image is wearing something that a typical student would wear. Also the model in the image is a teenager which is the age range in which most students are. Another thing done to represent the audience/social group is through the cover lines where used. I chose things to do with what students like, so that was music and films.
  3. 3. 2. How did you attract/address your audience? • To Attract my audience I have tried to make the front cover look clean and not cluttered, this is so that it looks modern and look like something that a young person would want to buy. The main image is a picture of a student which will attract students because they will see the student and know it’s a magazine for them. • The price of the magazine is only a pound, this will appeal and attract the audience because the target audience can not afford expensive magazines as they are students. So the chance to buy a cheap magazine will appeal to them. • Another way I have tried to attract the audience is the way I have used buzz words for the competition. I have used the word BIG to make it seem like there is a big competition that people wont want to miss out on.
  4. 4. 3. What aspects of your work are you pleased with and why? • I am pleased with the layout of the magazine, I think that its really clean and looks modern which is what would attract the younger audience. • Although the model in the main image is not looking at the image I am also pleased with the picture that I took and edited. I like the picture because it looks natural, it doesn't look to posed, it looks like a student in his natural environment. • Also Like the fact the image is in black a white, I think that not only does it make the image look better, I also think it make it look like the front cover of an album. This is good because the target audience are into music and through making it look like a album cover I am attracting them to the magazine.
  5. 5. 4. What aspects of your work could be improved on and why? • I think that the cover line could be improved greatly, they are a bit basic and don’t have enough buzz and puff words in them to make them stand out. • Also I think that I could of put a few more genre conventions in it to attract the target audience more. At the minute there's not much in it the appeals and says who the target audience, so the cover lines and title could have been improved.