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Jaffrey Zafar Jr - How to Become a Successful Retail Manager

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In this PPT, we have discussed about the important tips to become a successful retail manager which will provide help to manage all customer related services.

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Jaffrey Zafar Jr - How to Become a Successful Retail Manager

  2. 2. What is Retail Manager  Retail outlets often hire for various levels of management positions. Typically, each department has its own manager, and a store manager oversees a store's operations. Aspiring retail managers can secure positions with an associate's or bachelor's degree.
  3. 3. Responsibilities of Retail Manager  Retail managers are in charge of running either a single department within a retail business or the entirety of a store. They oversee and train lower level workers during their shifts and direct them as needed to ensure the store runs efficiently throughout the day. Retail managers typically have the authority to make changes to how the area under their jurisdiction functions in order to maximize sales.
  4. 4. Tips to Be a Good Retail Manager  Research Field and Job Duties  Secure Employment  Consider Formal Education  Advance to Store Manager  Apply for a Management Position
  5. 5. Research Field and Job Duties  To become a retail manager, you must typically work your way up through the store hierarchy until you reach a management position. Most stores have several levels of management positions, with the store manager holding the highest ranking. Talk to people you may know in such positions
  6. 6. Secure Employment  Many people begin in any retail environment to build retail experience, even if their goal is to manage a specific type of retail venue. Retail employees who perform well can move up in the store's hierarchy with continued employment. Typical duties at a retail store may include cash handling, putting out new merchandise, putting merchandise on sale, and helping customers.
  7. 7. Consider Formal Education  Retail mangers typically have an associate's or bachelor's degree. They may complete a program in management and retail management or have a general degree in the liberal arts. Typically, some retail management classes are helpful. Technical and community colleges have retail management degree programs, and some of them focus on such specific industries as tourism.
  8. 8.  Store managers oversee entire branches and direct operations. They are responsible for everything from establishing and meeting sales goals to hiring and firing employees. If they are employed by a chain, they are responsible for how their stores perform in the overall company. These positions may not come up all the time, so pay attention to other stores' needs. Advance to Store Manager
  9. 9. Apply for a Management Position  After building experience at a retail outlet, you'll be able to apply for a lower-level management position. This may be the management of a department or group within the store. Talk to your boss to understand your strengths and weaknesses and to be prepared for the interview.
  10. 10. Who I Am…  Jaffrey Zafar Jr is a Retail Sales Manager who provides the important tips of automotive sales management based in Oklahoma.