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Documentary Proposal

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Proposal for short documentary about students of SCCB.

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Documentary Proposal

  1. 1. Documentary proposal Jagoda Kuls
  2. 2. Topic I am going to do a documentary about students of South and City Birmingham College and the things they like and dislike about it.
  3. 3. I am making this documentary, because I want to find out more about students’ opinions, future plans and aspirations. I could also use this documentary later on as an example of my work when I apply to university.
  4. 4. Target audience My target audience are students, staff and everybody who is interested in studying at SCCB.
  5. 5. Conventions I will use interviews, pictures, voiceover, text and different sounds (music).
  6. 6. Other media texts  Blogs  College/university videos  Documentary texts Examples: • • • rw-M
  7. 7. Content I will interview a few students in different locations: canteen, smoking area, common room, classrooms. I will also talk about the college at the beginning of my documentary, so people who watch it know some basic information about the SCCB.
  8. 8. Resources I need I need to do some research about college, so I will search for information in the Internet, books and library.
  9. 9. Timescale My project must be finished by June 15th. Pre-production:  18th-22nd May Production:  1st-8th June Post-production:  8th-12th June