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Jake Croman | Are Millennials Creating A More Equal Society?

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Jake Croman discusses the question 'Are Millennials Creating A More Equal Society?' For more from Jake Croman, check out his website

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Jake Croman | Are Millennials Creating A More Equal Society?

  1. 1. AreMillennialsCreatinga MoreEqualSociety? Jake Croman
  2. 2. MILLENNIALS Millennials are the largest cohort in history and, perhaps, the most controversial. Economic setbacks, income inequality, and social upheaval have created dynamics that have characterized the generation as entitled and disruptive. But Millennials are disruptive in good ways. They feel passionately about the world they live in and don’t think they should compromise their beliefs to fit the status quo. Millennials are more likely to be accepting of other than previous generations. As a result, they are reshaping the social and economic sectors to be more inclusive which is being reflected in politics.
  3. 3. ShiftingWork Environments Millennials will make up 75%of the workforce by 2025 and believe that inclusion is the major framework for better work collaborations that value open participation, diverse perspectives, and unique behaviors that offer authenticity, engagement, and empowerment. As more and more Millennials become business leaders they will demand a shift in traditional diversity and inclusion models.
  4. 4. Social Relations A recent report on racial attitudes in the United States demonstrates how Millennials offer more inclusion. The Pew Research Center finds that the overwhelming majority of Millennials supported interracial marriage in their own families. Nearly 9 in 10 say they would be accepting if one of their family members married an African American (88%), Asian American (93%), Hispanic American (91%), or a white American (92%).
  5. 5. Millennial Diversity Millennials are the most diverse cohort in American society. Brookings University reports that 55.8% of Millennials are white and roughly 30% are new minorities; Hispanics, Asians, and multiracial ethnic groups. On a political level, 14 states hold “majority minority” child demographics. As both the Millennial and post-Millennial generation ages, they will fight for policies that reflect their belief systems of diversity and inclusion.
  6. 6. The Bridgeto Equality As Millennials become middle- aged, they will bridge the gap between older, whiter generations. As a diverse group becomes more represented in American politics, they will assimilate, advocate for equality, and accept key changes that will make a successful to a more equitable economy. Millennials are smart, purposeful, and creative. But perhaps the biggest gift they will offer the United States is their dedication and fight for a more inclusive society.
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