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This piece is as a result of a heart felt seeds that, either I like it or not, it must grow since it
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The Three Trees.

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The Three Trees is a poetic words about the lifestyle of an adolescent in core and rural part of Africa... who finds his dream, and took a decision of living it no matter what...

The Three Trees is a poetic words about the lifestyle of an adolescent in core and rural part of Africa... who finds his dream, and took a decision of living it no matter what...


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The Three Trees.

  1. 1. POetRY…
  3. 3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This piece is as a result of a heart felt seeds that, either I like it or not, it must grow since it was daily nurtured and watered by the motherly lustre in me. To God the almighty, my faithful acknowledgement goes for bestowing me with this gift of effortlessly coming up with anything without even deep thinking. Dedicated to my mother, Mrs. AJALA, Qudrah Arinola whose love is my prime mover, and to my father and doppelgänger, for his sacrifices, trust and belief, I can’t thank you enough, I just besiege the almighty to make all your seeds a source of myriad happiness and success. Also, to my families and friends, and my life acronym “SRFRFMFA”… I hope you decipher this on time. Finally, to my longtime friend, lover and wife, Aisha, and my beautiful angel and mother, AJALA, Qudrah Arinola --- Quidy, thanks for your patience and understanding… AJALA, Sodiq Babalola
  4. 4. ALPHABETICAL LOVE Itdoesn’t cost anything At the beginning of an end or the end of a beginning Better life comes with a better half Can’t I just love and save my world Don’t want to live life on books and people’s look about it Enlighten lies in the reason to view a season without treason Failure starts when one don’t want to make mistake and learn from it Gift of life came from love, imagine one in a thousand million cells It doesn’t cost anything Housed in a womb, safe and gently guided with love Incredible is the worth of world when love is all Just pause and take a cool look at life when the dead lost pulse Kindly gesture your love to all because they live only once, and there is no second chance for every first impression Masterpiece is this for those who see beyond seas when they sit Never loves for materials, only you understand your wants, just make sure they aren’t for lust Only love takes you there when you are nowhere, it brings you from rear to rare It doesn’t cost anything Practice it when you’ve lost it, and it will come back, don’t just stay blank in your love bank Question when you feel not right about things, it opens new perspective
  5. 5. Remember the love of God on us; realize our love is for us, good for us, all for us, and even more for us Save your words when upset, reset and preset before you out-let them Tame the beast in you. Right play the game, manage your fame, safeguard your name, change yourself, mild the wild Uphold the truth about love, not sex like you were told, sex could ruin you, Love Won’t Voice the facts about life, never fold your arms in truth fight, refuse being bought, don’t be a slave Walk through life in happiness, even if glad tidings come late, have faith and patience, they are the highest, don’t cheat in business, the pain is always clueless It doesn’t cost anything Xoxo…Kisses and hugs, give only to those you truly love You know yourself better, God knows you best Zip up, Man up, Make up, Brace up, Wake up, Move up, Love up. Do the positive. It doesn’t cost anything
  6. 6. FRIENDS GiftsI have at my end Lots of these I can give and send To every souls that I have met That stand in all moments, those I call all friends As norm I forget my whole thoughts That for I have friends, I shouldn’t sloth When my flesh and soul fought Over who and whom should not be bought Friends I place high esteem Not because of what they give But my believe to every degree They bring bandage for heart wounds And remove bondage for freedom I know the end of friend is end Like the three letters that ends Some their ways they can’t mend
  7. 7. And from you they expect fend At some life stage or periods in life race One could seemingly need steroids This feeling of life as devoid Comes when a friend fills not the void Some challenges could form a loop As bad as having no food and living in woods As worst as having no cloth for one’s nude Outrunning one’s mood and make one low stoop Who is? That friend with a good heart Whose end always means a start? With a nice mind, that can stand and pay the price, and not even mind With the highest tolerance Who will help create all clearance? Clear your pain and sorrow Make you gain and glow
  8. 8. Close his eyes to your misdeeds and shortcomings And will open his hands and eyes When he sees you coming in tears Who wants you to not suffer All your problems, solutions he would proffer That friend who will at all times, offer a hand when you fall On that day, when you are task When you most need, give a nod to all you ask That friend who will always treat you out to the bay, Guide you in the right way, and won’t let you astray That friend that will never betray Who will never spill your bin, or place your talk on the tray As long as he sees the truth in your ignorance and your plea That friend that just need you to make a step And he will make steps than you ever could imagine, and say, be happy That friend that just need you to ask, and will provide Who will always give, expecting nothing from your side Only to appreciate and celebrate
  9. 9. That friend who will make you live in wealth, health and all good things of life till death Will not leave you, as long as you believe Whose trust never rust, whose sharp love never blunt Who will never deceive, whose presence is a relief Who exactly is? Is that friend whose actions, inactions are perfections Whose dimensions are without regressions and digressions? Whose intention correlates to that of his friends? HE is indeed the best of friends HE will indeed overlook your misdeeds, attend to your deeds and perfect all your deeds HE is indeed, the LIGHT.
  10. 10. BROKEN HEART Pleasedon’t see this as being rude I just want to be cool, you may call me fool For playing by the rules, but with a heart full of joy I prepare this piece for you All I saw was abstract, innate qualities for the outside The reflection of your inner self from the outside Being calm, cool and responsible was my way I couldn’t bring forth what I’m not up to All I did to win your heart at that glimpse was what I could That jiffy was nothing close to easy as many thought Being gentle, subtle and ambitious was my way I couldn’t fake or bake cake for whom unfit You were not the perfect woman for me I knew well before I came to you Making you the imperfect perfect was what I crave That was and will till my grave
  11. 11. Just one act that changes my heart to ice and melts it Was what I appreciate and held unto, and will continue holding until I see it no more That deed that dims you fit to be my wife Is what I believe could lit my life They said me lucky to get your heart-key But you suddenly changed the lock They talked, several mocked But all did not give me a mind block I thought both of us could stand in front of the mirror And make our total appearance four together May be we would live together four- ever But every memory drew hope away But where was your patience So you showed those ones in pretense Where was your tolerance? I was wrong I thought you had But what exactly did you want
  12. 12. Is it the family name or fame? This made you throw me in the abyss of shame What’s your gain for putting on me the blame? But why did you act like that You are good but your over statement was cruel The words were unadulterated crude Weighty and you left, made me agree with no reason Now when will you let out the reason? Why you acted that way Friends charged me with treason They thought I could have done the same I had learnt my lesson Your leaving was a blessing I thought you were the best I could get Unknown to me that better than the best I will soon meet
  13. 13. COME AGAIN Comeagain and I’ll let you stay Since you went away, I had been in pain Come again and I’ll let you stay Since you went away, I had been astray, never gain I take coke I smoke dope I got a black lip And a crack voice I reminisce Coming home late And you waiting, still awake I slept like a fool After consuming all your food You still rose to cook I got mad and beat you up You still wake up in the mid to care for me U geared me up to do good
  14. 14. Just as my dad does Come again and I’ll let you stay Since you went away, I had been in pain Come again and I’ll let you stay Since you went away, I had been astray, never gain A lot other sins I drank gin My eyes dim as it blinks I couldn’t even see or think about wining I slept in my vomit You cleaned me up and gave me mint I let you down on the street You stood by me when in need I stole from the old and cheat the young I beat them all and treat them bad World on my feet, I thought but I was wrong You sang me songs so I could learn But all my acts lessen the lessons
  15. 15. I eventually stood losing your blessings Come again and I’ll let you stay Since you went away, I had been in pain Come again and I’ll let you stay Since you went away, I had been astray, never gain Veins stood on my fore head Blood dried in my left leg My eyes, flood of blood Hearts full and eyes red I slept with all the ladies They stupid, said yes to all my mess I believed it all ends here You told me words but I didn’t adhere You gave me signs but they seem not clear But God’s wrath, I ain’t prepared Now I know it all starts here Come again, let’s start again Come again, come make me gain
  16. 16. Come again, come ease my pain Come again, come save my slain Come again, come show the main
  17. 17. AIM HIGH Landscapeescaped not its fate It dream as seen scene was made Lava accepted not the barricade no That’s why we call it volcano Your heart’s hard as stone Boil it soft as foam Your mind’s lost as hope Make it come back home You don’t know where you are You can’t say where it is You can’t say here it is Find a way, and leave with ease Through thick and thin, calm down And view all things, one by one Your soul may be demanded Show it you’re not stranded
  18. 18. Sitted with your legs crossed Cos your feet are so cold You seem fine but your arms folded Get out of the igloo You might be searching for today And have been searching since yesterday But eventually found today Watch and pray that tomorrow brings no sorrow Will your dreams come to past? That’s the question you want to ask Aim it high from your heart Pray, work and walk into limelight Angels live high up the sky Stretch your hands and rise up the sky Let the cloud stain your hands Shout out for joy and shout it out Your years of multiples is this Break all bondage like this
  19. 19. Face the multitudes like this Dare the devil like this Do not sleep, you’ve got to dream this clear Making it right is the scheme this year Make a team and be prepared Watch them, trophies and awards, they are near They say life is not worth living Ask who wants fast leaving Words of God, believe in Blessings, you will be receiving Taste this, and you won’t let it waste.
  20. 20. SLAVE Morningcame as sunny And the sun knocking Through my small opening It came, tiny shining An unusual breeze Accompanied by rain drizzle Took the sheet off me My born way, left me Glued to my bed Stayed blue with pains and aches Resuming back to slavery The place of hate Work and work, all for long Sweat around my head and leg Wash all the clothes and gloves Make the dishes and tidy the kitchen
  21. 21. No school, no matriculation More work, more maltreat More talk, walk, hawk and chores My time and life…wasting The slave of rage Age after age Wasting through the page Of life and image, without tutelage Masters never listens He wants me listening He hardly visits the kitchen All he knew was to eat chicken Always says why to my acts Always wants rough in my path Never wants me to die But wants my heart to Never wants me for good
  22. 22. Only for his good Cooking and serving his food Treating me like a fool Masters never ready to change The post they enjoy and stay I’m walking my life for you I couldn’t read in school I cease being a slave No matter what you pay No matter what they say A job that can’t give me room to develop myself is slavery A job that does not want me to study more is slavery I won’t leave my life to put money in another man’s pocket I won’t risk my future just to put another man’s picture in ovation magazine All because he pays me token All because he says he’ll give me a raise His bank account skyrocket and mine sail His family grows and mine struggling I can’t stand it
  23. 23. Not now, not anymore, I CEASE BEING A SLAVE
  24. 24. DOWNPOUR Thecunning weather stood staring at me Pretending so as to deceive me It took several styles and shapes to frame me But I won’t let it actions lure me I already had vivid insight Though I was timid inside I tried to form a lipid kind indite But my decision was stupid in sight I failed to pick the necessary item Umbrella, rain boot and all of them I stood to what the deceit is for I guessed it was for the rain before But I wasn’t sure So I was lured And the cunning came so pure So I left for the mall
  25. 25. My steps was not beyond three Very unusual for every April I had not even walked close to the bakery When the rain caught me fool, I was wet a full The weather ultimately sees my down fall I couldn’t turn and back the mall So cold and in it, children playing football I hope they get their mama call Alas, the weather was mourning And I didn’t know that morning That it will soon cry Since it stayed calm, like a new bride So the same weather could still smile And the sun will shine So life is all about cry and smile Hunger, pain to happiness in wine and dine So there is a start at the end
  26. 26. Beginning when all seems to end Giving a chance to make amend And a room for total blend So the little dark ant Beneath the rock in a black night Could one day see the light? So as the funnel takes much and gives less Light could show at the tunnel end
  27. 27. FAITH Sandupon sand Cross to the other side Could not jump or fly But must go without being shy Two steps on Became steps in Could not go back But from seem dark Front feet to knee Knee to tight Tight to waist And waist up chest Sinking and shivering Will get there From no where But now here
  28. 28. Must get there Still in the mud Trust in God Gourd in hand Love in mind Evidence of unseen realities Forgone frivolities Waved anomalies Seen of the unseen Substance of hope God will make you cope Your shine will grow You shall glow Imagined reality Think it, and it’s yours Envisage it, it’s done Say yes, and it is on
  29. 29. Fictional truth See it as big View it unreal It can be real If you have faith Blood in your veins Look beyond the veil If you want yours Not to be vain Then have faith Trust and complete confidence Evidence of virtual existence Receipt of suppose occurrence This makes you whole.
  30. 30. FEELINGS Blindeyes hears vision Deaf ears see thoughts Closed eyes see imagination Deaf ears hears whisper As natural as the angel Damsel that doesn’t makeup More beautiful when she just woke up And she’s all her, never fake up Cool as the gentle breeze Her hair drops like the drizzle And her face, shines like a twinkled star With nose sitted perfectly on a supple lips Something I don’t know drew me to her Nothing struck me to the pane so as to spy her Everything made me stood in pretense so as to see her One thing made me want to be with her
  31. 31. Words of love in her voice, I see Treasures in her latent love, I perceive Pleasures in her love, I want to receive The measure of her love brings me relief I hardly could live a seconds without her I barely could stand a chance of losing her She is like water, which feeds the seeds of my flower soul Like the sun, that lights and shines the world of mine She is like a shell to the me snail Guarding me so I will not stain Guiding me so that enemies won’t nail Propelling me like the ship sail Like the full moon, bringing complete light in total darkness, turning it to noon Challenges of life give several reasons for death, but she gives just one for life You are my way of life, my culture So, you away from me is a torture With this golden ink, I make an inscription
  32. 32. Of what my heart thinks in connection with yours That as my eyes blinks in reflex, my heart skips in reflex, and my soul swells in reflex For love indeed is reflex This feelings I know is deep Dipped and drown in the ocean of love All seen is dim, with an attachment in dreams As I light-beam at the sight of you I see your face when you are away, each time I close my eyes And my sleep went away When you are with me, I can’t close my eyes I would want to stare throughout the night, from light out to light on I see all in emptiness and little in the fullness of my elated spirit The more I seek, lesser is what I find, and this brings thrill Though, I see the picture of the past in age The reasons for this I can’t envisage I may go far and wide in my voyage With your smile on my mind, my wild side tame
  33. 33. Your mild spirit makes it easiest To carry you around in that special place, my heart Your kiss on my lips, in a glimpse Keeps my mouth ajar Your steps, up down through your hips Ease me from afar I might not know the properties of a proper tea Or what love is, but I sure know what love isn’t And I know what full in beautiful Religion, Character and Beauty in full
  34. 34. FORGIVE ME Yesterday, I took a taxi at a stop in GRA I saw this sunshine as I made my hay I like her face and curly hair Her skin is clean and simply fair I couldn’t help but pay her fare Voice of love from her supple lips Words of joy in her peaceful speech Her acts alone, I made a wish At her stop, she alighted, on a slight mode Then I realized she has just a leg and the other, a crutch I see her walk down the aisle in my heart Tears of love, dropped down my eyes I instigated the first date So as to make her my soul mate I even brought her wine With my family so we could dine I have two legs and I still whine God forgive me for I do whine
  35. 35. I had to buy some fruit juice This lad is slightly tall and fine His dad must be a macho man His afro cut, dark and shine His up were firm all to the ground For the juice, I paid more than a pound Swift in the way he does his things Lift, arrange and keep his things He was blind but sees in his mind The truth he found And he also feels it sound I can see with my two eyes I have these eyes and I still whine God forgive me for I do whine Afternoon will soon come For morning has just died Evening will still cry, and Even try not to die, but will eventually die They all cry, try but still die That’s her view about life
  36. 36. She’s the mother of tie and dye Her styles are fine from far and fast on sale track Her attires are always admired and desired She’s been the best for ages She’s risen different stages with multiple wages She’s already at her peak but she really can’t speak She opens her mouth but her voice’s a bleak Her smiles reveal her open teeth The smile could take a man miles high I have mouth and I can speak I have this and I still whine God forgive me for I do whine Taqua bay makes my day So I never would say nay To the cool evening breeze With my Viju almost freeze And blue toothed Fuji music Tipping feet and head nodding I could hear the lyrical flows Feeling the rhythm and rhymes as it glows
  37. 37. Could even move to the groove Yet hear the wind when it blows Moving here and there I have two ears and I can hear I have these hears and I still whine God forgive me for I do whine Give a hand no matter what Help the poor, and do your part Have a hand in people’s good Be a man that helps a fellow man Not only women, help human Giving a hand is where true love lies Helping people is the golden rule of life Stay alive, be Happy and never whine.
  38. 38. NAIJA Demdey fear the guy like say na God When him dey come, people go dey run I dey look maybe e carry fire for head But dem talk say he get craze for head Me just pack go that area I see am when I go buy aerial Mallam say the guy strong, e even show us where he dey live E say he stubborn like bone wey dog vex leave Dem say no be the guy fault Thief thief him papa motor when the motor get fault Dem say their house sef burn When him mama born their last- born Dem say d guy na graduate Say him star blow kom radiate Say na one of d best for him set E dey even dey win money for mathematics bet
  39. 39. But since e graduate, e never get job E no get money like most of him mate Those one no even go school reach am Dem dey curse am fool becos dem get money pass am He begin dey smuggle goods from Cotonou Maybe him clothes go from dirty to new Begin dey drive car wey dey touch ground when goods dey inside Cars wey dey get big yanch when you look from outside Na only God never kill am Dem say Customs almost kill am Dem say dem catch am, beat am But na him papa school mate help am Say the Custom Oga see him name Say e ask them who get the name So them call the name, when e answer The Oga say na him old friend name, naso the man free am becos of the name
  40. 40. Say d man say if dem catch am again Say him go make am feel double pain As per sharp guy wey get brain Na so the guy leave follow train From Lagos to Kano From Kano, e follow beans enter Port Harcourt From Port Harcourt, find e way enter Bayelsa Sharply go start bunkering for Bayelsa Na then I know say pirates self dey Naija Dem go wele Bunkers for water carry crude ja God really need this guy life Dem say pirate sef for don take him life E fear go join kidnappers dem Those ones no even send Dem dey kidnap those with money sacks Collect money as ransom, carry am do faaji go London Dem say if you ask am, e go say na their right
  41. 41. But me I no remember when I say na their left Dem say government do dem bad Say na dem dey suffer wetin we dey enjoy Say na their side the crude oil dey Say spillage don spoil all their things Say their farmland don turn crude land Say their fertile land no fertile again Say dem no fit farm again Say their stream don turn crude stream Say all their fishes do die finish Say them no fit fish again Say dem no even get basic amenities Say light, road and even water na calamities I feel for dem I no go lie Though, na bush me sef dey stay But small small amenities dey We no dey stand for tap taiy We get small light, dey hear wetin radio say
  42. 42. But we don forget road taiy taiy I see say the guy eyes red Dem say e be bull wey red Say e no dey drink or smoke Say na only red bull and coke he dey take Dem say him papa sef dey complain when e dey take gin Becos na him be the first pikin Say e dey ask to born na sin D man sef don tire She na like this we go dey live No food, no money, no job for youth And we dey say we get government I don dey vex from this moment As I dey drink drink E be like say make I talk talk But I no wan name names And I no wan swear swear
  43. 43. Dem say patience na d answer But na when we wan wait reach Some say revolution na d solution But no be all of us wan die Dem this people dey do like devil Baba God con help us Becos na only you fit help us Before kasala pass this level.
  44. 44. MOTHER Stumbledin the dark Humbled at the door Fumbled with my keys Rumbled and cold Eager to go in Keys still in It looks right But the key budges not In the morning A sunny one I woke, but my door, with no one But my seeds, I looked from my throne Began a stroll was my eyes Along a path as it cries Without rigmarole, it rolled Towards a toll, and then it watched
  45. 45. The green spirit of trees As it leaps The blue dream of the sky, still asleep And birds in it flew as the wind blew The countless ages of waves As it breaks in tides and ebbs The dim twilight As fountain sings to it, and then I knew As baby crawls Toddler walks Child runs She watched Before sleep, her lullaby When my deep sleep sinks Just awake, She still stood by My care, never smeared
  46. 46. My friend, not fiend My brain, not derailed My life, but not my wife When hungry My food Still angry She stood After her cane Still in pain She showed the main And made me gain In the labyrinth My guide To the hyacinth My guard While I was away She went her away
  47. 47. Dreamt her in May She stood without say Where my life lies Where my soul lies My heart and more All it implies Forever on my mind, is her motherly luster in me, she all in me, my mother My all.
  48. 48. PUSH Thepredator that made all our prayers prey is sin It at all times chock our prayer throat and makes us puke Life to you may be a rose bed, but remember it is thorns spread So, whatever happens, just PUSH Events may come, take all your words away and you don’t know what to say It may take water from your eye-well, and make you see one luster like many glisters You thought about it and feel like living this words for some words else, don’t yet Try this few lines and get a relieved sigh So, as things take shape, still PUSH Incidents could come and make your life a parable, riddle or quiz You seem lost in the wilderness and every question to you takes the nod answer As responsible as you are, you action are like a man wearing skirt Obstacles occur as you rode through path of life Deep in your heart, don’t tear yourself apart with thoughts, just PUSH Your beauty is far more than a nymph You are in need of a husband and not a man to offer you filth
  49. 49. But all that came around are those that club, drinks and greets with fists Your sensible friends tagged them “eat and run” You seem blue with all hope lost, you need not think hanging yourself with a rope Just try and cope but PUSH You got tired with the feeling of giving up a ghost Your right mind brought you back to the world that it is trick You want to close your eyes, open them and meet yourself in a hospital ward Ready to quit, leave your body here and your soul above Causing rift between your body, mind and spirit Don’t pay attention to their grudge, just PUSH Life is always slowing in down, like a bride travelling on a train Staying up all night, taking ale Dreaming monkeys in the London zoo, slipping down the slope Trying to fit in people’s definition of life is a big mistake Even if you dislike your enemies, let them know that Life is a question no one that can answer, and death is an answer no one can question So whatever the page of life offers to your age mate, don’t feel any bad, just PUSH Pray Until Something Happens
  50. 50. MARRIED Physicsor fleeces, I hear one, I don’t know which My mind’s not there, I stood warning myself, Now, sitting on the sofa In the middle of the night Restless, I am The night became day, And day too night, my eyes seeing dawn My soul singing down, I just got married, and in my merry time My wife still fresh, cos I got her fresh, But after few weeks I got sick of her, she looks not fresh, and she needs this refresh Bored, I am I wanted another Another her Another beauty Another lady I thought of going, going as far, As far as I can
  51. 51. To get another, Of course, I got another Now, the gimmicks Won’t I get tired of this? This new one, even in less weeks Than I got weak of my wife, who in sincerity makes my life alive? I’m sure I will, in lesser weeks than envision Then I’ll look back and forth Talk to my heels and march forth To search for another, in a place as far as My wife and the new won’t know To get another Another her Another beauty Another lady Now in months, get tired again of her, another her Then change again and another, and another Enough of the pretense of no network when my wife’s present and a lady calls While all these ladies are busy networking themselves and talking me nuisance Calling me menace to the world
  52. 52. I have to talk to friends, but they won’t understand Should it be alright if I tell my wife I pray but couldn’t bail me out Maybe I wasn’t praying with the right frame of mind Maybe God who could save me wants to save me through me So I sat myself down, not on the chair but ground Not at home but outside, an internal accord of peace I prayed first, then I called myself I spoke to myself I reasoned myself and I told myself within myself Now I’m free Instead of jumping from one lady to another, one beauty to another God taught me content He taught me patience My train’s not derail My brain never drain
  53. 53. I got no migraine God showed the way
  54. 54. THOUGHT IN THE DARK Upon a bed After a night of mingle In the middle of the jungle Despite the day hustle I eventually fell and stumbled The day if I had seen I would not have wish It comes, but it eventually came and passes The day I met beauty That lies in all eyes Not just the beholder That held my heart And made it bold The day I saw beauty Yet to be read In any book or poem
  55. 55. Book of praise Of raised love or beauty The day became night I want to elope With the aura of what I found But couldn’t cope I had to live by The night I saw myself The night I felt myself The night I thrilled myself The night I enjoyed myself All by myself The night I spoke Spoke of beauty Beauty of the day The day I wish not Not have been written
  56. 56. I said a word With a meaning She replied words With meanings and strings Natural, I thought We’re all alone Alone in the dusk Until dark filled it up Dark and shadowed we’re Something Happened! After a short time Time I couldn’t estimate Open were my eyes My heart filled with tears Without me cry My life I thought I cried for long Screamed in whisper
  57. 57. No one could answer I had just fornicated What and how Would I explain? On that day When we will meet I wish he forgo it I wish he never ask I wish he frees me But only him, knows best Thought in the dark
  58. 58. ONETHING Onething I know, you can’t live this world like you are all alone, but you will leave, all alone If you try to live like is just you, humans will make you feel like is not you, they will make you see that is not you, they will make you live like is not you They fight your spirit in the day and at night, they lit your light fright in emotions, they visit you physically, offend, disturb and make you a psychopath Something I do, I choose God as my all and live life like am none One thing I know Life I see is binomial, I’ll like to speak algebra, you can’t be a man and a woman, you can’t laugh and cry at a time, you do one When I was much younger, I thought I’ll grow stronger but as I grew older, I found myself weaker, I felt I knew more than everyone else, but when I see better I realized, everyone knew and I do not I took a vivid look with my eye lids down in my lucid state, I see God in my mind’s eye And I got a feeling that he without God is a living dead, or a dead living…
  59. 59. TRUTH Buildingblocks around the sun Hanging clocks to remind them of down Expecting no sound from glockenspiel About the coming and rising of dawn Ducks afloat the walking waters Smiling and intermittently dipping their heads in water Listening to the docile tunes, and symphonies Of the duckweeds and hyacinth The cock wishes he could hawk the duck Take him off his lovely home and mock him on his own He wishes he could duck-nap him in truck; lock him up in a rock far away And hide the truth from no one So what’s the essence of building blocks around the sun, fencing the truth? When the world knows that, though myopic, the truth always, slowly but surely finds its way to the peak, without a sneak
  60. 60. The cock wishes he does all to the duck, but sure knew that the aftermath will be complex But killing this complexity won’t make him rest, and he couldn’t guarantee the next He couldn’t even make a guess, for truth is always the apex You could lie about your house, saying it’s so clean that it got no single mouse Lie about your tie and shirt, blouse and skirt that you do not wear them to flirt You could deceive your family and friends That your bad ways you will mend, So they will tend to fend, and bend their rules for you, To see if you will blend with good ways You could receive the message of white And deliver black to your master, Pretending to not be the monster, So as to foster glad tidings, but little wonder why you fail to ponder that this tidings might hit you sorrow You could make your wife believe fallacy About your past, saying is better you hide the past
  61. 61. But the heat of the past could blast and cause blisters You could tell the world your service is selfless Only you know you are selfish You could promise to spend the people’s money on the people but eventually spend it on your honey Your honey know it’s wrong but will pretend it’s right, but please sit tight because the truth wind will sweep you all right You don’t bother when you tell the truth Because you will say the same thing even in years You’ll need not exercise any fear You’ll be bold to say it loud and clear, anywhere But when you tell lies You know what happens You can’t tell it anytime, anywhere and to anyone Lie is fake and temporary Truth is fair and honorary Don’t be fake, Be truthful
  62. 62. THE THREE TREES Thetree is so small See her! , her oversized slippers and torn singlet Her seeds wander at the mall Her branch is the lead valet She was filled with pall When she gave birth to triplet None knew the pot could fall It did, and the water became rivulet She answered when death called And went away like a stolen bracelet The three trees are tall Gifts of nature, finer than pearl millet In minds, they were installed Sitted, drinking in their goblets Their looks show the befall
  63. 63. Bringing pain like a cricket They are the mind’s overall Scary as an air gun pellet Stand us all in the hall Waiting for no- users in toilet Facing life like the wall Backing the glamorous ballet Expecting the sporadic ball Came hitting like a bullet Lust came through the outlet Quenching love to its back fall Love left through the inlet Longing lust to sky fall Building lies with a to let Throwing truth to downfall Hitting rises with a mallet And expecting success after all
  64. 64. Showing hope in the booklet The three trees Pray, Work and Play Pray Like you never worked Work Like you never prayed Play Like you neither worked nor prayed Pray, spread your words to the lord Pray, spray your songs to the creator of all Work, walk in your world Work, as you can, listen to no man’s word Play, sprawl your fun Play, lie on your sofa and say the lay aloud Don’t let the three trees get on your way to loving for God’s sake.
  65. 65. THE PROPHET (SAW) AliamdulilahiRobili Anlalamin I ended the prayer so say Amin And listen, what does it take to be mean? What does it take to be seen in scenes above all sins? Although, I’m a sinner, but I know with his light, I am a winner My sight may be slimmer but the brights and rights in his light will heal the iller I hold my pen and I try to travel into the realm, the abyss of exoticism, the deep chasm But as I think and I try to link with the outer world, my eyes blink and it dries my ink My soul sail and it capsizes, it flies and it crash-land My thoughts then sink…. Then, something just struck my mind, that Like water, he feeds the seeds of plants, Like cutter, he clips the weeds of plants, I utter Aliamdulilahi, thanks to Allah, and by Allah, Walahi I will never ever lie that he is the reason for creation and this is our season of celebration In the month of Robil’Awwal, he was born into this world, he was brought into this world, he came into this world and he was given the world raw and was given the world pure without adulteration And salvation is his mission to the nations of the world
  66. 66. Since he is the human awwal, he is like the sun that lights up the day at noon, and like the moon that brights up the dark at night, when the sun has gone too soon HE is the light of the world, HE is the light of the word, HE is the light of the void, HE is the light of the laws, HE is the life of all, HE is the light of the life of all without flaws Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam Am not sorry to say that he is life Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam Do not worry, he’s the way, he leads right Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam Do not hesitate to taste and take from the breathe of his faith and fate Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam The friend of Allah that never ends Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam The friend of Allah that needs no mend Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam I love, loved and will continue to love him Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam More and more, I clamour for his love Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam More and more, I pray for his love Sollallahu Allaihim Wasallam
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