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FS6 Episode 5: The Global Teacher

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Prepared by: Ms. JAMAICA OLAZO
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My Concrete Experience
My Observations
My Affirmed Concepts
My Reflections
My Future Applications

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FS6 Episode 5: The Global Teacher

  1. 1. THE GLOBAL TEACHER Name of FS Student _________________________________________________________________________ Course ________________________________________________ Year & Section ______________________ Resource Teacher 1________________________________ Signature _____________ Date ____________ Resource Teacher 2_______________________________ Signature _____________ Date ____________ Resource Teacher 3_______________________________ Signature _____________ Date ____________ Cooperating School ___________________________________________________________ Introduction Teaching is a respectable profession the world over. The status of teachers has been comparable in all parts of the globe, hence each year, there is a celebration of the WOLRD TEACHERS’ DAY! This alone would tell us, the recognition and honor given to the best profession of all: TEACHING. A teacher is an extraordinary person in whose hands lies the future of the world, hence any teacher regardless of the country of origin should be a GLOBAL TEACHER or a TEACHER of the WORLD. Thus, you too, should have qualities, skills, knowledge, views, with wider breadth and deeper sense because you, too, will be a global teacher. This Experiential Learning Episode focuses on the global teacher. My Target  Identified competencies of the global Filipino teacher.  Knowledge of other countries teacher’s competencies and requirements as professionals. My Performance (How I Will Be Rated?) Field Study 6, Episode 5 - The Global Teacher Focused on: Competencies of the global Filipino teacher; knowledge of other countries’ teachers’ competencies and requirements as professionals. Tasks Exemplary 4 Superior 3 Satisfactory 2 Unsatisfactory 1 Observation/ Documentation All tasks were Done with outstanding quality; work exceeds expectation 4 All or nearly all Tasks were done with high quality 3 Nearly all tasks were done with acceptable quality 2 Fewer than half of tasks were done; or most objective met but with poor quality 1
  2. 2. My Analysis Analysis questions were answered completely. In depth answers. - Thoroughly grounded on theories. - Exemplary grammar and spelling. 4 Analysis questions were answered completely. Grammar and spelling are superior. 3 Analysis question were not answered completely. Grammar and spelling acceptable. 2 Analysis question were not answered. Grammar and spelling unsatisfactory. 1 My Reflection Reflection Statements are Thoughtful and Clear, supported By experiences From the episode 4 Reflection statements are clear, but not clearly supported by experiences from the episode. 3 Reflection statements are supported by experiences from the episode. 2 No reflection statements are provided. 1 My Future Application Application is very clear and highly consistent with reflection and affirmed concepts; very doable and feasible. 4 Application is clear And consistent with reflection and affirmed concepts very doable and feasible. 3 Application is clear but not very consistent with reflection and affirmed concepts; not doable. 2 Application is not clear, not all consistent with reflection and affirmed concepts; not doable. 1 Submission Before deadline 4 On the deadline 3 A day after the deadline 2 Two days or more after the deadline 1 Sub Totals Over-all Score Rating: (Based on Transmutation) ________________________________ ___________________ Signature of FS Teacher above Printed Name Date Transmutation of Score to grade/rating Score Grade Score Grade 20 - 10 - 99 12-13 - 2.50 - 81 8 - 19 - 1.25 - 96 11 - 2.75 - 78 17 - 1.5 - 93 10 - 3.00 - 75 16 - 1.75 - 90 8 - 9 - 3.5 - 72 and 15 - 2.00 - 87 7-below - 5.00 - below 14 - 2.25 - 84
  3. 3. NCBTS – TSNA DOMAINS DESCRIPTION (HIGH or LOW) Domain 1 – Social Regard for Learning High Domain 2 – Learning Environment High Domain 3 – Diversity of Learners High Domain 4 – Curriculum High Domain 5 – Planning Assessing and Reporting High Domain 6 – Community Linkages High Domain 7 – Personal Growth & Professional Development High Name of Country Personal Qualities of Teachers Professional Qualities of Teachers Requirements to become Professional Teachers United States of America Compassionate, Positive, Dependable, Communicative, Flexible, Patient and Fun-loving. Professional Efficiency, Knowledgeable, Creative, Motivational State Certified, Working VISA, and a Bachelor’s Degree Diploma Thailand Affectionate, Sense of Humor, Respect and Equality, Integrity, Have Collegial Ethics, Enthusiasti, Bachelor’s Degree Diploma or Higher, TESL Certification, Non-Immigrant Business “B” Visa, and a Good Picture and a Good Attitude
  4. 4. STRANDS DESCRIPTION (Expert, Experienced, Developing, Beginning) 1. Teacher’s actions demonstrate value for learning. expert 2. Demonstrates that learning is of different kinds. experienced 3. Creates an environment that promotes learning. expert 4. Makes the classroom environment safe and conducive for learning. expert 5. Communicates higher learning expectations to each learner. experienced 6. Establishes and maintains consistent standards. expert 7. Creates healthy psychological climate for learners. expert 8. Determines, understands and accepts the learners’ diverse knowledge and experiences. expert 9. Demonstrates mastery of the subject. expert 10. Communicates clear learning goals for the lessons. expert 11. Makes good use of allotted instructional time. experienced 12. Recognizes general learning processes and unique processes of individual learners. expert 13. Promotes purposive study. experienced 14. Demonstrates skills in the use of ICT. expert 15. Develops and utilizes creative and appropriate instructional plan. expert 16. Develops and uses a variety of appropriate assessment strategies to monitor and evaluate learning. expert 17. Monitors regularly and provides feedback on learners. experienced 18. Communicates promptly and clearly to learners, parents and superiors about progress of learners. expert 19. Teacher establishes learning environment that responds to the aspirations of the community. expert 20. Takes pride in the nobility of the profession. expert 21. Builds professional links with colleagues to enrich teaching practice. experienced 22. Reflects on the extent of the attainment of professional developmental goals. expert