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2006 Behind the Lens

A photographic exploration of a year that was.

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2006 Behind the Lens

  1. 1. 2 006 James + Laurentine Colquhoun BEHIND THE LENS
  2. 2. New years in St. Barth's aboard ‘Tatoosh’ Cruising Antigua, Barbuda, Anguilla and St. Martin
  3. 3. Although dwarfed by the cruise ships in St. Martin we still managed to make our impression at bliss and the sunset bar overlooking the approaching planes
  4. 4. Back to France then boarding in limone, Italy and popped in to see our friend Jacques Cousteau, Monaco
  5. 5. Back to ‘Tatoosh’ in Antigua and cruised through Puerto Rico, The Dominican Republic, Hati, Cuba and the Cayman Islands en route to Cozumel, Mexico.
  6. 6. From Cozumel to Playa del Carmen and Tulum then cave diving inland at dos ojos
  7. 7. Mexico was such a blast culture, climate and large thirst quenchers
  8. 8. Then to Barcelona and our new temporary home. Great times, Great city, Great Pigeons
  9. 9. Architecture, live music and brown hair
  10. 10. Great catching up with Wade Brennan and also seeing ‘No Use For A Name’ (Yep That’s ME!)
  11. 11. Some time off in Australia for Family, Friends and a Tony Robbins seminar
  12. 12. Nice to be on home turf again!
  13. 13. Visiting family in Sydney and Fiji With more surfing of course
  14. 14. Laurentine to New Orleans for the jazz festival, back aboard ‘Tatoosh’
  15. 15. James to France aboard ‘Thunder Gulch’ for the busy charter season First up Paris Hilton for the Cannes Film Festival
  16. 16. Monaco Grand Prix My ears are still ringing!
  17. 17. Next on board we had Pamela Anderson with visits from Kid Rock, Sting, Bono and The Edge plus shopping a plenty in St. Tropez Our high speed fishing boat For the day
  18. 18. Gotta love the paparazzi
  19. 19. Together Again Romancing in Cannes
  20. 20. Off Again… Laurentine to Join ‘Constellation’ in Sicily then sight seeing in Pompeii and climbing Mt. Vesuvius
  21. 21. Tripping along the Amalfi Coast and into Capri Laurentine’s 27 th Birthday Celebration in Antibes, France
  22. 22. Holiday break in Holland with Laurentine’s Father Dr. Ten Bosch, and then Monika in Amsterdam
  23. 23. Then I landed the dream job as Chief Officer aboard the 80m 20 Knot ‘Constellation’ with Laurentine as Lead Stewardess Straight into a crossing to the Middle East, First stop Malta
  24. 24. On the bridge with Captain Dave
  25. 25. Next Stop The Suez Canal It only took us 30 cartons of Marlboro Reds this time!
  26. 27. Next Stop Sharm - El - Sheikh the Red Sea
  27. 28. Wake boarding and Scuba Diving in Sharm - El - Sheikh
  28. 29. A quick stop for fuel in the Port of Salalah, Oman Check out the damage to the container ship, And our motley crew after the beard growing competition!
  29. 30. Final Stop Doha and last chance for a spot of sea Golf
  30. 31. Our set up in Qatar
  31. 32. Not your average road signs
  32. 33. 4 Wheel driving adventures in the Qatari Desert
  33. 34. Our crazy desert drivers plus a sunset over Saudi Arabia
  34. 35. Camping desert style… Apparently there are only two places in the world where the desert meets the sea… Qatar and Mauritania
  35. 36. Wakeboarding in Doha
  36. 37. And finally Ollie and Saba visiting from Dubai, the Asian games opening ceremony with the Man, His Highness Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al - Thani
  37. 38. An electrifying Christmas to all and the very best for 2007 James + Laurentine Colquhoun Remember that which is imaginable is possible we hope to see you soon