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PropTech in 2017

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An update on where the PropTech sector is in 2017 with information on Funding, Companies to follow and key areas for business success.

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PropTech in 2017

  1. 1. PropTech Underpinning lettings and its potential @JAMESDEARSLEY
  5. 5. Courtesy of Dan Hughes, Director of Data Products, RICS @propertydanh
  6. 6. There are now more mobile phone connections on this earth than there are people“Once the younger generation becomes the leaders of the industry we are going to see a push towards mobile-only, not just mobile-first.”Patrick Lashinsky, CEO Realmassive
  7. 7. Multitaskers Connected Tech Savvy Instant Gratification Work Life Balance Collaborative TransparentConvenience
  8. 8. Control Offering ‘Control’ and ‘Transparency’ will be key to success in the lettings market.
  9. 9. Traditional business models will not be the same in the next 10 years •Online •Offline •Portals
  10. 10. Collaboration Collaboration and partnerships will be key to success in 2017. Working with the correct partners will define your business
  11. 11. @JAMESDEARSLEY Technology is changing our sector; work and evolve with it rather than working against it
  12. 12. THANK YOU Do sign up to my Sunday PropTech Review at
  13. 13. #Z833 Your opinions on house price change in the next 12 months
  14. 14. #Z833 What’s the LTV of the UK Housing Market?