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Continental drift pp

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Continental drift pp

  1. 1. The Theory of Continental Drift
  2. 2. Continental Drift Theory• Proposed by Alfred Wegener in 1912• 250 million years ago, all of the continents were combined into one super-continent called “Pangaea”• The continents gradually drifted apart to where they are today
  3. 3. Evidence to Support the Theory
  4. 4. “Puzzle Pieces”• Continents look like they could be part of a giant jigsaw puzzle
  5. 5. Distribution of Fossils• Plant and animal fossils found on the coastlines of different continents
  6. 6. Sequence of Rocks• Same rock patterns found in South America, India, Africa, Antarctica and Australia
  7. 7. Ancient Climates• Tropical plant remains (coal deposits) found in Antarctica• Glaciation in Africa, South America, India, and Australia during the same time
  8. 8. Problems With The Theory• No mechanism for movement of continents• Wind and currents could possibly move fossils• Theory was not accepted by scientists