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Question 2 from evaluation

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Question 2 from evaluation

  1. 1. The two social groups our thriller representsPolice- the police are tracking and keeping a watchful eye over theexchange and trying to gather evidence and information so thatthey can take them down.Gangs- the two gangs are setting up an exchange of a person formoney and the are both heavily armed.
  2. 2. StereotypesOur thriller had all the main stereotypes of professionalgangs in, they were rough, organised and ruthless. Thepros that we used also made it seem more realistic andthe they had the stereotypical guns that mostprofessional gangs would have. The costumes that weused were quite typical of that type of organization, theleader or the boss wore a suit and it was obvious thathe was the top dog in the organization.
  3. 3. Evidence of the Stereotypical costumesAs shown in the picture the boss is wearing a suit and itis clear that he runs the show, he looks professional andits obvious he coordinates everything by his stature andclothing compared to the others.
  4. 4. Evidence of the Stereotypical costumesThis is a picture of the police detective investigating thiscase, he is wearing a shirt and tie so it shows he isdoing serious work as oppose to a tracksuit.
  5. 5. Evidence of the Stereotypical costumesThis is a picture of the main gang who are offeringmoney for the hostage. They are wearing camo trousersand a black shirt so that they would easily be able tohide and blend into the background if needs be. Theyhave a lot heavier machinery to the other gang and theylook professional.
  6. 6. Who else would it appeal too?Although this film represents the two social groups;gangs and the police, we feel that it would appeal to amuch wider range of people and that it would be verypopular with both male and females through the ages of16-45. It appeal to most due to the fact that it isnt goryyet it has some elements of violent content. It has a wellthought through plot and the content of the scenes hashad a lot of thought go into it.