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Enterprising Women, Thriving Societies (eJournalUSA)

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Got featured in this publication (page 16) of the Bureau of International Information Programs of the U.S. Department of State. The interview took place while I was participating at the International Visitors Leadership Program from August 21 to September 10, 2011.

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Enterprising Women, Thriving Societies (eJournalUSA)

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  2. 2. About This Issue P U.S. DEPARTMENT OF STATE olicymakers My portfolio, a part VOLUME 16 / NUMBER 8 and business of the U.S. Department Published March 2012 experts have of State’s Global pitched entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship to women as a way to Program, consists realize their aspirations of several initiativesCoordinator Dawn L. McCall and make a good living. designed to helpExecutive Editor Nicholas S. NambaDirector of Written Content Michael Jay Friedman Several multinational women realize their corporations have entrepreneurialEditorial Director Mary T. Chunko programs to promote potential. TheManaging Editor Andrzej Zwaniecki women entrepreneurs, African Women’sDesigner Dori Walker including Goldman Entrepreneurship Sachs’ 10,000 Women, Program brings women Ernst & Young’s business owners fromThe Bureau of International Information Programsof the U.S. Department of State publishes eJournal Winning Women, sub-Saharan Africa toUSA. Each issue examines a major issue facing the Coca Cola’s 5 BY 20 the United States forUnited States and the international community, and and Walmart’s Global ©Getty Images training and valuableinforms international readers about U.S. society, values, Women’s Economic Empowerment Initiative. All of this business networking. In September 2011, the Asia Pacificthought, and institutions. activity begs the question: Is this merely good corporate Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum’s Women and the public relations, or is there actually a business case for Economy Summit laid a foundation for the continuingEach eJournal is published in English, followed byelectronic versions in French, Portuguese, Russian women’s entrepreneurship? agenda of empowering women in the 21 APECand Spanish. Selected editions also appear in Arabic, Study after study has shown that the economic economies. And the Pathways Access Initiative (PAI)Chinese and Persian. Each journal is catalogued by empowerment of women leads to poverty alleviation. As was built as a pilot program for training and connectingvolume and number. countries’ economic output grows, the range of options qualified women-owned businesses to U.S. corporations for women to contribute to the economy expands. seeking to diversify and expand their supply chains. TheThe opinions expressed in eJournal USA do notnecessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, citing goal for the PAI model is to “go global” in the near future.government. The U.S. Department of State assumes economists, said that “women’s increased participation in This issue of eJournal USA encourages womenno responsibility for the content and continued the global labor market in the developed world accounted to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions. It cites theaccessibility of Internet sites to which the journals link; for a greater share of global growth than China’s” over the experiences of businesswomen around the world andsuch responsibility resides solely with the publishers last decade. features successful women entrepreneurs who can serve asof those sites. Journal articles, photographs, and Around the world women entrepreneurs are role models. It also identifies barriers and best practices forillustrations may be reproduced and translated outsidethe United States unless they carry explicit copyright increasingly visible as they start and grow their ventures overcoming them. I hoperestrictions, in which case permission must be sought into successful small businesses or global enterprises. Yet you will find the contentsfrom the copyright holders noted in the journal. women’s business potential is far from being fully realized. inspiring and useful. n In both developed and developing countries, would-beEditor, eJournal USA women entrepreneurs need better access to training, Jackie Piatt SpeddingIIP/CD/WCU.S. Department of State capital and technical resources, as well as more exposure to2200 C Street, NW business opportunities in the greater global supply chain.Washington, DC 20522-0501 Jackie Piatt Spedding is theUSAE-mail: senior adviser for the Global Women’s Business Initiative in the Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs in the U.S. State Department.Cover images: ©AP Images eJournal USA 1
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In a your mother. ts in the local wad stow away grand touris with a you even founder of tourists. n before to foreig floors, scrub the 5 space s. ahead Jump Hungry for recognition and a better living, women in the 2 0 Proudly Made in Albania developing world vie for Donika Mici seizes an opportunity to fill empty business success. store shelves. 1 1 on How to Start a Business Tips 2 2 Sewing a Pattern of Business First, don’t allow fear and lack of confidence to Success in the West Bank hold you back. M. Scott Bartot Fatima al-Jada establishes a business in Qalqiliya 1 2 Close-up on Women’s A with a single sewing machine. Entrepreneurship Studies often contradict the traditional picture. 2 6 From Gym to Fitness Transformation in Colombia 1 3 Building Business Story by Story Gigliola Aycardi becomes an entrepreneur in Benin so she can set her own work — and Running a hair salon, Maryam Sikira experiences a work-out — schedule. flash of inspiration: If I serve drinks, why not food? 2 9 eaving Business of Energy W 1 5 omen Can Have Fun as W Reconstruction in Afghanistan Technology Entrepreneurs When Masooma Habibi was close Vinita Gupta, high-tech entrepreneur, to giving up, something told her: founder of Digital Link Don’t stop! Try harder! Corporation When they innovate, they 3 H 2 ow Did You Start Your feel elated. Business? Six successful U.S. women 1 6 Betting on entrepreneurs were inspired by life events, E-Commerce chance meetings or personal passions. She has been called the “mother of electronic 3 A 6 dditional Resources commerce” in the Philippines. The opinions expressed in this publication do not necessarily reflect the views or policies of the U.S government. eJournal USA 2 eJournal USA 3 ©Getty Images
  4. 4. Women Entrepreneurs Energize Economies By Laurel J. Delaney As a mother, fashion designer, entrepreneur and actress, South African Nkhensani Nkosi has mastered multitasking. eJournal USA 4 eJournal USA 5©Getty Images
  5. 5. ©AP ImagesTop: Careful with your needle: Afghan-American Rangina Hamidi, right, owns a clothing business in Kandahar, Afghanistan.Right: No shell game here: An entrepreneur arranges sea shell products in a mall in Pasay City near Manila, Philippines.W hen I became an entrepreneur, I did not have a pile of money, a safety net, a mentor, or even a foreseeable customer. Nor did I The risks involved in becoming an entrepreneur scared thehave experience running a business: In 1985, I left acomfortable export position at a small manufacturingcompany to start what later became, aglobal marketing consulting company. The risks involvedin becoming an entrepreneur scared the daylights out of daylights out of It is these risks that all women face when they take because I love to eat — doesn’t everybody? — and I knewaction to improve their lives or realize their dreams. intuitively that there had to be an overseas market. In my case, what I had was energy, passion, limited I prepared by reading about 25 books on the subject,experience, a desire to learn more and a “simple” (not examining online resources and then took the idea to help companies expand their My first sales call was to a local branch office of a majorbusinesses internationally. Once I focused on those Japanese trading company that had headquarters inpositive characteristics and the possibility of success, the Tokyo. I set up an appointment with the manager of therisks started to melt away in my mind. I began to work up food division, sold him on my line of cookies, and the restthe courage and prepare to start a business. is history. Up until that point, I had never made a sales My first step was to try exporting specialty food call to a Japanese person, never sold a food item in my life,products. I had already learned how to export specialty and truly had no idea of what I was doing. But the pointcleaning products while working for a manufacturer. This is that you oftentimes must learn about starting a businessknowledge was clearly transferable. I chose food exporting the hard way — by doing it. eJournal USA 6 ©Corbis Images eJournal USA 7
  6. 6. ©AP Images ©Getty Images Aren’t they beautiful? Secretary of State Clinton admires jewelry made and marketed by businesswomen in Zambia. Buy your milk and cookies here: Benita Lica, a member of Peru’s Collagua community, runs her grocery in the Colca Canyon. Since that initial sale, GlobeTrade has achieved My experience is not unique. I am just one of an ©AP Images success and developed a reputation worldwide as a leading expert on global small business. increasing number of women worldwide who overcome fears, inhibitions and external barriers to pursue their ideas Women launch businesses for the same reasons men do — and generate primary income through entrepreneurship. Women Entrepreneurs: Gaining Ground to build wealth, to capitalize on their ideas and to be Women launch businesses mostly for the same reasons men do — to build wealth, to capitalize on their ideas and to be their own bosses, according their own bosses. a 2010 Kauffman Foundation study. In the poorest countries studied by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM),Courtesy of U.S. State Department most women start businesses out an international university research consortium. Another of economic necessity. 83 million women were running established businesses that In 2010, more than 104 they had started more than three years earlier. million women between In recent years, the rate of business formation by the ages of 18 and 64 were women has significantly outpaced the rate of business actively engaged in starting and formation by men across all ethnic groups in the United running new business ventures, States, according to Maria Minniti and Wim Naudé of the A U.S. business expert mentors an Indonesian entrepreneur in Jakarta as part of the U.S. Global contributing significantly to World Institute for Development Economics Research. Entrepreneurship Program delegation in 2011. the economies in 59 countries Similar trends are found across the developing world. Iranian-American entrepreneur Anousheh Ansari flies high: She has co-founded two high-tech firms and made a voyage into space. eJournal USA 8 eJournal USA 9