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Paya whitepaper and road map 2017

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Analysis of PAYA investment packages:

- Package $100 = 2000 PAYA
- Package $200 = 4000 PAYA
- Package $500 = 10000 PAYA
- Package $1,000 = 20000 PAYA
- Package $5,000 = 100,000 PAYA

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Paya whitepaper and road map 2017

  2. 2. Table of content 03Abstract 04What is Paya Asia dominates pre-encoding in all respects 05Technology platform 06Paya Blockchain Technology 07Payasian economy sharing 08Paysian a shared economy 11Guaranteed Funds 12Paya Ecosystem 15Paya Information Allocation Paya Distribute Paya How to get a Block Paya Paya Price Blocks Are Divided 17Guaranteed and Private Blance Price 18Real Issues 19Marketing Policy Paya Guranteed Funds with Paya solution 20Paya Advantages 21Roadmap 22Members 26Contact 25Acceptance Environment - Partner 09Sharers is the winners 13ID Share
  3. 3. 03Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. A B S T R A C T The arrival of Bitcoin with the background technology behind Blockchain has been changing the world for the past 10 years and Blockchain technology is considered as the second generation internet. Just like the Internet, when the early 90s of the last century appeared, and what the Internet has changed the world over the past 20 years is greater than anything the world has changed before. Blockchain technology platform will surely change the world again, like the internet has changed the world .... In the next 5 to 10 - year, the solutions of Wireless Internet Technology, Blockchain Applications - Fintech are the most potential areas for creating products. Extremely useful service for humans. Internet of Thing (IoT) people do not seem to have any distance in space, time, geography as well as differences in language, culture, ethnicity, but through a Smart Devices every Things can not become possible. Paya Blockchain platform for Payasian applications, connecting the people and sharing multiple applications integrated on a smart devices will be a solution for sharing the best application for human life. With Payasian anyone in a remote rural area or in big city centers, just have the Internet connection, exchange, buy and sell goods together in a simple and the most effective.
  4. 4. THE COIN OF ASIAN STANDARD PAYMENT GUARANTEED 1. What is Paya? 2. Asia dominates pre-encoding in all respects. FIRST PART THE COIN OF ASIAN STANDARD PAYMENT GUARANTEED PAYA IS THE COIN OF ASIAN STANDARD PAYMENT GUARANTEED According to statistics on Coinmarketcap and the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange, trading volumes and investors are largely from the Asian market. While the United Kingdom has the largest number of cryptocurrency trading exchange in the world, trading volume accounts for less than 1% of total global trade. The majority of Bitcoin transactions with cash occurred in Japanese Yen (JPY), specifically: 55.7% of BTC transactions with cash JPY, to 21.8% with the pair USD. Individual investors in Asian countries: China, Korea, Japan, India, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand... account for 70% of total global pre-encoded transactions. Asia is the largest growth potential for the current and future Cryptocurrecy market. Paya is built and developed with the goal of becoming a standard Asian currency for trading activities, buying and selling, currency exchange, support for fundraising activities, goverment… Paya was developed with the goal of becoming a standard Asian currency for trading activities - buying and selling - currency exchange, support for fundraising activities, non-governmental organizations ... Paya was released under a community bond model, Paya's price was more stable than crypto-currency , helping Paya become an intermediary in money transfer services, used for overseas remittance operations. international. Paya is used for payment on the Payasian application and can be converted into national currencies for online payment, using payment on the Payasian Dealer Locator chain in Asian countries. And Paya Blockchain is the foundation for deploying IoT, AI (AI), Fintech (Financial Technology) impact on human life
  5. 5. The application solution on the Blockchain platform for the IoT (Internet of Thing) bring for the community with the best services service in the future Payasian Faster, cheaper settlements could shave billions of dollars from transaction costs while improving transparency Financial services Using Blockchain fo charity fund, non-governmental organization, contituents via smartphone or Tablet. Fast, accurate, transparent, public Contribution Using Blockchain fair for start-up projects in the field on the world: Fintech (Financial Technology) is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services Start-up fund FINTECH 3. Technology platform POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS In the explosion of the 4.0 revolution, Blockchain is the key technology for converting digital technology and is a big step forward in building and developing future technology platform. Paya is developed on the Blockchain platform of Ethereum, with the purpose of bringing Blockchain into the field of payment, currency exchange, as well as applicating for community connections and sharing in the Asian market. With the guaranteed Blockchain platform: no tampering, irreparable tampering, data security, transparency, ... and especially high liquidity. IN VARIANT HIGHLIQUIDITY CLEARLY HIGH SECURITY CAN’T FAKING BLOCKCHAIN
  6. 6. A verified transaction can involve Cryptocurrency contracts, records, or other information Blockchain is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Using the technology, participants can confirm transactions without the need for a central certifying authority. Potential applications include fund transfer, settling trades, contribution and many other uses. How it works? Someone requests a transaction The transaction is complete. The request transaction is broadcast to a P2P network consisting of computers, known as nodes. The network of nodes validates the transaction and the user’s status using known algorithms. Once verified, the transaction is combined with other transactions to create a new block of data for the ledger The new block is then added to the existing blockchain, in a way that is permanent and unalterable What is Blockchain? Cryptocurrency Paya Blockchain Technology Cryptocurrency is medium of exchange, created and stored electronically in the blockchain, using encryption techniques to control the creation of monetary units and to verify the transfer of funds Has no intrinsic value in that it is not redeemable for another commodity, such as gold. Has no physical form and exists only in the network Its supply is not determined by a central bank and the network is completely decentralized Increased transparency Accurate tracking Permanent ledger Cost reduction Complex technology Regulatory inmplications Implementation challenges Competing platforms Benefits UnknownsPotential Applications
  7. 7. 4. Payasian economy sharing The Internet is a network of Internet devices, or Internet of Things (IoT), where each object, person is provided with a unique identifier, and all The ability to transmit, exchange information and data over a single network without the need for direct interaction between people and people with computers. IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technology, microelectronics and the Internet. Simply put, there is a set of connected devices, the Internet and the outside world to do something. The connection can be made over Wi-Fi, broadband telecommunications networks (3G, 4G, 5G), Bluetooth, ZigBee, infrared ... Devices can be smart phones, coffeemakers, washing machines headphones, bulbs, and more. By 2020, there will be about 50 billion objects connected to the Internet, even more so. IoT will be a gigantic network that connects everything, including people and will exist relationships between people, people and equipment, equipment and devices. An IoT network can hold up to 50 to 100 trillion connected objects and the network can track the movement of each object. A person living in an urban environment can be surrounded by 1,000 to 5,000 traceable objects + 4 billion people connected with each other + $ 4 trillion in sales + More than 25 million applications + More than 25 billion embedded systems and intelligent systems + 50 trillion gigabytes of data Thus Internet of Thing is the driver key to developing applications in the future society Internet of Thing until 2020: Digit World ThingsIntergration BitsIntergration Semantic Integrated Real Physical World Virtual Cyber World Society Knowlege Intergration
  8. 8. Payasian shared IoT's application to create companies like Uber, Grab in the shared economy has proven to be successful initially. However, at the present time, users who wan t to rent a car sharing service have to rely on a Uber intermediary or grab and pay the intermediary. By allowing peer payments, the blockchain opens a new door to direct interaction between parties, resulting in a shared economy that is truly decentralized. Accordingly, the Payasian application allows direct connection between the person who needs and the supplier of the product or service that they do not have any fees for the third party. It will open a wide range of products., new service directly from agents without investing in infrastructure, technology, market solutions ... only with a Payasian share. Payasian is based on the Blockchain Paya platform. Agents can use Paya as free vouchers for their customers to attract new customers as well as maintain VIP customer care services, gratitude to their customers. Payasian share on the Paya Blockchain platform for IoT cohesion brings the community of free sharing applications. Payasian builds a shared economy - which in the future allows people to connect - to share with each other completely independently without intermediary intermediaries. ◉ Payasian allows linking the world's leading e-commerce websites - for shopping ◉ Payasian connects website systems, flight ticket software, hotel, restaurant, tour, ... in the field of travel and leisure ◉ Payasian connects directly between customers and suppliers through a shared model ◉ Paysian connects international money transfer services, money transfer companies do not have to go through banks, banking operations for money transfers, high fee transfers, etc. Nowadays in the business activities, shopping, services, entertainment, .. companies often put the customer care programs such as promotions, discounts, product donations, accumulation points ... to collect Attract more customers as well as retain loyal customers using their products and services. With Payasian businesses, partners can tap Paya resources completely free to reward their customers. By paying for the Paya guarantee, you will receive a free Paya Block. And use Paya as gifts, promotions, bonuses, etc. for marketing campaigns, promotions to help increase sales as well as customer service most effective.Overview diagram of Payasian Sharing 08Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. Payasian a shared economy PAYA BLOCKCHAIN Trading Exchange Transfer Contribute Startup Loan Invest Car House Hotel Travel Food Restaurant Ticket Shopping ID SHARE Sharing Connecting
  9. 9. 09Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. SHARING ECONOMY SERVICE PROVIDER USER Sharing of Asset Recommendation Access to Market Access to Market Offer Service Free Request PLATFORM Renting Fee Renting Fee There are good reasons to share car trips with others - those who do not go alone, save money, resources for society AND "it's good for the environment." Itinerary to work, less traffic on the road. However, ride sharing programs have not yet become the norm. There is still the "stigma" of car sharing opportunities, which must first start with starting up your Idshare. By the same account, that's what IDshare built and developed - and headed for a completely unlimited sharing service, anytime, anywhere and in any community in the world. By the year 2020, the community uses Idshare shared programs not only in the field of ride, real estate for sale or rental, financial services, education, health ... but beyond it is a protocol communication connection of the civilized community. IDShare is a combination of IoT with Blockchain technology in The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0) 5. Sharers is the winners
  10. 10. SHARING ECONOMY 10Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. L O C T W
  11. 11. The Sharing Economy Solution: Challenges BEFORE: You buy = you own BUT: Financial constraints create more incentives for lending or sharing NOW: You buy = you own BUT only for limited amount of time Responds to consumer needs both quikly and easily…. BY ◉ Increasing consumer confidence ◉ Building a database of customers and suppliers ◉ Distinguishing your P2P business ◉ Reducing transaction costs. L O C T W
  12. 12. Solution Responds to consumer needs both quickly and easily... BEFOREYou buy = you own You buy = you own BUT only for a limited amount of time NOW Increasing consumer confidence Build a database of customers and suppliers Distinguishing your P2P business Reducing transaction costs The sharing economy: a paradigm shift BUT Financial constrants create more incentives for lending or sharing 1 2 Challenges 3BUY BUY BUY
  13. 13. 6. Guaranteed Funds Paya does not use the Mining Coin model, so it does not cost extra to exploit Coin. Do not use the ICO model, eliminating the risk for investors Paya. The world's first coded currency codewise uses the community bond issue model. The community uses valuable Cryptocurrency BTC, ETH, PAYA, etc. to contribute to the Guaranted funds. Block Paya will create the Paya for the sponsor. The sponsor will automatically reimburse the sponsor after 6-month. Paya was not sold by the developer, nor was the company determined that the full amount of Paya was available for sale would have to be paid for by the community itself. And as the demand for the community grows, more and more Paya quantities are released in the market. GUARANTEED FUNDS GUARANTEED FUNDS GUARANTEED FUNDS GUARANTEED ISSUE 21 BILLION PAYA COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTE ( BTC, ETH, PAYA,...) REFUND AFTER 6 MONTHS (BTC, ETH, PAYA,...) RECEIVE PAYA BONUS (Base on Paya block price after guaranteed)
  14. 14. 7. Paya Ecosystem StartupDonation Private Activities Charity Non-goverment Activities Investment Company SME CB Education Training Start Up For Student THE COIN OF ASIAN STANDARD PAYMENT GUARANTEED Paya ETH BTC Suncoin Trading Paya Transport Passenger Car/Bike Driver Asian Wallet E-shopping Pay@ PAYA Wallet SUN Wallet COB Wallet BTC Wallet ETH Wallet Food Asia Food Deliver Restaurant Shopee ClickofBank Bank Real Esate Insurance Shopping Restaurant Health Travel Entertaiment OF e E-COMMERCIAL Blockchain Technology THE C Blo Paya USD GBP EUR SGD Local Currencies CNYJPY Currencies Exchange RM ETH wallet PAYA walletSUN WalletCOB Wallet Extra PUBLIC ID APPLICATION ID MY WALLET MY BANK Blockchain Knowledged sharing Credit card Bank Account HospitalReal Estate Local Banks Donation ID for Investor ID for goverment site ID for Startup Your SYNC ID COB Chat BTC wallet Leading of Connecting the world L O C T W
  15. 15. There are huge applications that we are using on the Internet. For security, There must be have an account for application. Therefore, We need to remember all of accounts that we have. Really to complex and upset when you forget them in these accounts while you need to access application immediaterly Social Netword IDs: Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Telegram … E-Commercial Website Accounts: Amazon, eBay, Alibaba Banking and eBanking accounts: Bank Account, Paypal, Credit Card, eWallet, … Communication Application Account: Viber, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line, Wechat,… IDShare – Leading of connecting the world How can we protect all of accounts? 13Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. ETH wallet PAYA walletSUN WalletCOB Wallet Extra PUBLIC ID APPLICATION ID MY WALLET MY BANK Blockchain Knowledged sharing Credit card Bank Account HospitalReal Estate Local Banks Donation ID for Investor ID for goverment site ID for Startup Your SYNC ID COB Chat BTC wallet Leading of Connecting the world L O C T W
  16. 16. How can we remember all of accounts such as: ID, Username, and Password? Huge information must be remember and too many your data be stored on providers servers. What happens if one of servers attack by hacker, your data will be clear or stole? In case, your account is ecommercial account and you are store owner, you will be lost customers information. Moreover, you will be lost money if your account is banking and ebanking accounts were stolen With Blockchain technology, Data will be encrypted and masked when it transports on internet. No hacker can catch and modify data from beginning point to the end point. It's very easy to check transaction information in the comnunity IDShare is the best solution based on Blockchain technology to solve many problem that we mentioned above. For a user on IDShare, with only one ID that helps you link to more services of providers on the internet. It be maked sure nobody can attack and access your ID on IDShare such as Edit, Detele.
  17. 17. IDShare is a Blockchain application How to use IDShare? App IDShare: Leading of Connecting the world ID Public On IDShare, You need to register an account. Then, you need to set security to protect your information by saving the Private Key into your USB or on your computer. IDShare supplies you more security methods and allows backup everytime to protect your account IDShare was allocated to multiple levels for data information base on your sharing purpose. Per each level, it will be detect your sharing purpose for public sharing or access to providers systems. All of levels will be targeted due to your needed When you have an ID on IDShare, you can link to all social networks accounts and just one key to authenticate: Facebook, gmail, Twitter, ... ecommercial website, payment gateway. IDShare will be protected your synchornization and transport connecting IDShare applied multiple encryption type. Your original address will be indentified just only one in IDShare system. You can generate it to QR Code, BarCode, Face regconization identify, and Fingerprint touch key,… Global Citizens: Standard encytion on Idshare use in the transactions from begin to end point is only one in system: ecommercial transaction, payment, travel, moving, immigration, hospital document, ... Using IDShare- Personal Wallet on Application will be replaced all types of payment wallets, personal information, National ID, Credit Card information,... ◉ Sync social networks accounts: Facebook, Google, LinkedIn.. ◉ Sync messenger application accounts: Viber, Telegram, Wechat,… ◉ Sync eCommercial accounts: Amazon,eBay, Alibaba,… ◉ Link to Banking Account, Credit Card, …. ◉ Link and store eWallet: MOMO, Paypal,… ◉ Sync all accounts of accessories applications: Grab, Uber, Alipay, Delivery,…. ◉ … And more ◉ Once you have ID on IDShare, you do not register new account on the social network, e-commercial website, forum, ect... You just use the ID on IDShare to access and IDShare makes sure all information is protected by IDShare ◉ In General Resource on the IDShare system, there are huge resources shared by succeed person who wants to share case study for young to explore and gain to goal. ◉ Health Organisation, Non- goverment, University,… can store and reach information on IDShare when needed such as: hospital, personal immigration, National ID, student profile, staff manager. However, IDShare will be protected your data by setting permission accessing ◉ Another applications: Real estate leasing, car sharing, travel, hotel, gifts, charity donations, stock offerings, ... 14Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. Private Account Synchronization
  18. 18. General Information: Full name: Abbreviated: Release: The total number of Token Paya: The Coin of Asian Standard Payment Guaranteed PAYA PAYA Ethereum's ERC20 platform 21 billion DISTRIBUTE PAYA Each block consists of 10,000,000 PAYA. Difficulty of increasing each block by price: from $0.15 to $1,000 The total number of Paya deployments for global premiere sales is up to 750,000,000 PAYA Total 2.1 billion Paya is stored at a publicly available intermediary address. And do not use before June 2020. TOTAL 21 BILLION PAYA ISSUE GUARANTEED FUNDS OF COMUNITY 85% 10% FUNDS FOR DEVELOP ECOSYSTEM ISSUE PRESALE 5% P A Y A I N F O R M AT I O N SECOND PART Details on how to distribute and issue PAYA Time Preferential price Mode Beginning in July 09th 2018 $ 0.03 - $ 0.05 Directly through partners - agents in countries ALLOCATION PAYA 1. Presale: 2. Funds for Develop Ecosystem: Total 17.85 billion Paya (85%) 3. Funds for Community:
  19. 19. Issue Guaranteed Each block consists of 10,000,000 PAYA. Difficulty of increasing each block by price: from $0.15 to $1,000 0.15 USD 0.16 USD - 999 USD 1000 USD Total Time of issue Paya Block 17.85 billion Paya From August 29th 2018 is issue guaranteed block HOW TO GET A BLOCK PAYA? Finished release until total 17.85 billion Paya was issued PAYA PRICE BLOCKS ARE DIVIDED 1 Block Paya 17,850,000,000,000 / 10,000,000 = 10,000,000 PAYA = 1,785 Block 0.15 USD 1 USD increased $ 0.01 / block 85 BLOCKS 1 USD 10 USD increased $ 0.1 / block 100 BLOCKS 10 USD 1,000 USD 1,000 BLOCKS 6,000,000,000 PAYA (commission payout recommended) 10,000,000,000 PAYA 6,000,000,000 PAYA 185 blocks = 1.850 billion PAYA
  20. 20. 17Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. When Paya is at $ 10 or $ 1,850,000,000 plus 1,050,000,000 = $ 2.9 billion * $ 10 total market capitalization equals $ 29 billion. This milestone can be reached in one year. Block Paya always ensure stable price stability: Block Paya price and Paya price on the Trading : Thus, in a certain period of time, Paya price fluctuations are always fluctuating, not large, less affected by the market fluctuations Crypto-currency. Paya's price is largely influenced by the community and the funds it pays to market Paya. ◉ If Paya on the International Trading is less than 30% of Paya's issued value, Paya will limit the market to 30% of the investment value in 6 -month. ◉ If Paya on the International Trading is priced at more than 30% of the value of Paya's security, Paya will be released to the market and Paya's price on Block Paya will continue to increase. GUARANTEED AND PRIVATE BALANCE PRICE Block Paya control the fast and stable price increase for Paya. Each Paya block consists of 10 million Paya, priced from $ 0.15 to $ 1,000 total of 1,785 Block Theoretically, if PAYA's 21 billion dollars were issued to the market, capitalization is $ 21,000 billion - This case will not happen within the first 20-year of issuance.
  21. 21. ◉ The sponsor uses 0.15 BTC (at the rate of 1 BTC = $10,000) to contribute to the Guaranteed Funds ◉ Block Paya will release: $0.15 * $10,000 = $1500 / $0.15 = 10,000 Paya ◉ The sponsor will receive 10,000 paya sent to ETH wallet (Ex: myEtherwallet, imToken, ...). ◉ After 6-month, the Fund will refund 0.15 BTC to the BTC wallet of the registered insurer. ◉ The sponsor uses 1 Eth (at ETH price = $ 800) contributes to the Guaranteed Funds ◉ Block Paya will release: 1 ETH x $ 800 = $ 800 / $0.20 = 4,000 paya ◉ The sponsor will receive 4,000 paya sent to ETH wallet (Ex: myEtherwallet, imToken, ...) ◉ After 6-month, the Fund will refund 1 ETH of the registered insurer's ETH. The first block is $ 0.15 Block participation: $ 0.20 18Copyright © 2018 by - All Rights Reserved. (First Example) (Second Example) USER CONTRIBUTES BY ETHUSER CONTRIBUTES BY BTC The following example uses PAYA, ... as security, the guarantor will receive PAYA, .... Only if the community (the guarantor) uses accepted system currencies such as BTC, ETH, PAYA, ... (in the future may add other valuable currencies) In the Guaranteed Funds, the new block Paya block releases a corresponding amount of Paya dedicated to the patron. REAL ISSUES
  22. 22. MARKETING POLICY PAYA GUARANTEED FUNDS WITH PAYA SOLUTION Commission recommended: Bonus commission weak balance: Leadership Bonus: 30% F1, 20% F2 30% 15% bonus for 6 weak branch achievement Paya pays bonus to members who join and introduce the Paya project to the community. The reward policy is as follows: All commissions paid by Paya. Bonus commission are calculated on the total Paya of the referral system, in the folder received when the warrant is issued. STABILITY Create stability for Paya price for payment SAFETY For all investors without risky because Paya don’t use mining or ICO flatform BALANCE the value and number of Paya issued INDEPENDENCE Paya is issued by the community, not depend on the price or other cryptocurrency
  23. 23. PAYA ADVANTAGES 04 05 03 02 01Contributed by the community itself. Get free Paya for the patron. Paya price decided by the community. Big community - big buying power - huge volume of Paya to market - price growth .... Paya is not affected by the direct price of Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency. The guaranteed price from Guaranteed Funds creates a balance of purchasing power and the volatility of prices is not too great. Use Paya as a standard currency for payment community - trade exchange. Support for start-up in Asia Paya does not use mining - it does not waste mining coin resources Do not issue ICO - reduce risk for investors Each Paya is issued by the community itself ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉ ◉
  24. 24. ROADMAP: IMPLEMENTATION PROCESS PHASE 5: Planning for schemas 2023 – 2028: Develop application for IDShare to apply for real live – and financial sharing platform Continue to completing for next 5 years planning and list on International Stock. Development PHASE 3: Develop Blockchain of IDshare, Payment Gateway and Ecosystem PHASE 4: In 2020: Start setting up PAYA ATM in Asia countries Depoy IDShare and connect with ecosystem application – social network Development Ecosystems PHASE 1: Prepare and develop the platform ◉ ◉ ◉ ▶ ▶ From 2020 To 2022: Full launch all applications of ecosystem for PAYA communication – Completed planing of 5 years ◉ PHASE 2: July 2018 Presale Paya Launching PAYA project and issuing PAYA guarantee ◉ From Sep 2017 - May 2018 PAYA technology platform development - Payasian Application ◉ October 2019 Payasian application and Payment Gateway Deploy Payasian application ecosystem across Asia Develop an opened - ecosystem of Agent Share and Cash withdrawal points (TopUP) ◉ May 2020 Launched IDShare blockchain and IDShare application version ◉ May to August, 2018 Building a strategy to develop and improve applications for the project. ◉ Sep 2018 - Sep 2019 Release of Paya guarantee. Launching of Payasian Application ◉ End of Presale Launch of Trading online exchange PAYA - BTC - ETH ◉
  25. 25. Doctor James CEO of PAYASIAN Doctor James the CEO and Founder of PAYASIA . Dr James also a researcher working on crypto-currencies, smart contract. He and his colleagues have worked on Blockchain's application as: Financial services: Faster, cheaper settlements could shave billions of dollars from transaction costs while improving transparency. Contribution: Using PAYA blockchain fo charity fund, non-governmental organization, contituents via smartphone. Tablet or computer. Resulting in immediately verifiable results. Start-up fund: Using Blockchain fair for start-up projects in the field on the world :Fintech( Financial Technology) is the new technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. FinTech is a new industry that uses technology to improve activities in finance. Dr James believes in the force of the Ethereum and Blockchain technology and much of his work revolves around this community. Hero Vu Director of Development Hero Vu is responsible for overall technology and architecture strategy for co-founder and Payasian Group. Hero Vu is a Bitcoin evangelist and researcher on Blockchain, with over 15 years of experience in the Fintech field. He is also a consultant for financial firms in Singapore. Hero Vu is the director of Payasian Solution Pte. Ltd., one of the startups in paid application technology in Singapore, where he manages application development with external teams. He has implemented and created new pathways for potential growth, development of business strategies, and maintenance of existing infrastructure and security related to technology. Hero Vu was awarded a Master of Computer Science in 2006. Prior to that, he designed large-scale database projects and systems for international banks based in countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore. His work in this period focused Credit to one of India's leading mortgage lenders, where he can assess current and future Blockchain application is a mind boggling thought for the 4.0 industry. James Kert James is a 26-year finance veteran, during which time he has managed substantial portfolios for leading global banks making in excess of $500m in trading profits. He retired from banking in 2017 to focus on Payasian. He is also presently the youngest serving Chairman of a UK listed company. John Jaco John is our lead blockchain architect and smart contract developer. He started his career as a quantitative developer and FinTech consultant to major financial institutions in Europe and Asia. He has been professionally involved in the crypto space since 2016 and built several Ethereum apps. M E M B E R S A N D PA R T N E R S THIRD PART
  26. 26. Kellya Kenya Vice Director of Development As a young girl, 31 years old, Kelly Kenya has more than 10 years in developing market. Graduated in International Relations department - it's suitable with her passion for study and passion for career, she has accompanied with many corporations and development projects to share and apply technology. And she is also a follower of Blockchain - Cryptocurrency technology, over the past 5 years with many achievements in research, development of financial products, Fintech, Exchange, Trading, ... Determining the vision and long-term strategy as well as Payasian's ambitions in the next 5 -10 years, she decided to accompany the project with the desire to bring the overall success to the entire Asian community. As an important contributor in Payasian's project development department, she works and shares to all with all her passionate, enthusiasm. That is always reflected in her results in any market and it is evidenced by her results in last year with Payasian in 16 international markets. Kevin Tan CIO Kevin Tan working in 2004 studying to research methodologies and learn encryption protocols for secure data transfer via Internet. Next 2010, He took part in another project on Face Recognition using Three Dimensional technique, including Space Rotation and Fuzzy Logic. He have been developing algorithm for face recognition by collecting images caught on cameras and the program would read and measure facial structures. Now, he is Project Manager at Payment Solution in Houston, Texas, USA. He always gain new and high technology and apply for new Payment projects. As a chief architect for Payasian and IDshare technology systems. He is working with Development Team to build up Blockchain application solutions with many open and creative ecosystems. We will admire the values from IDshare technology by the end of 2019. Lyhn Phan Investor Relations Director She graduated from University of San Francisco. And worked for many years for multinational corporations like. - Asset Management - Brand management - Customer management - Representative director In addition to work experience, expertise in finance, management, brand. She has a very good relationship with financial corporations and banks from Hong Kong, USA, Singapore The Group's own as well as herself wants in 3 to 5 years. And certainly the values she is quietly building people will see when the Paya Preservation Investment Funds is launched in September 2019. Currently her work is a secret that has not been disclosed and publicized before event September 2019 in Dubai. Sam Luong Designer Director His position is rarely seen, but his role is extremely important to the project. He and his team directly create all products, images, interfaces of the project. Sam Luong with 15 years in the brand image design - graphic, brand identity, ... for many technology corporations in the world. He used to work directly in the design teams of Google, Microsoft with lots of cooperation requests from big corporations to welcome him to work. But he decided to work and contribute to Payasian. All the products he and his team created for Payasian - IDshare up to this point are great - creative. We will see an interface color - Payasian's new graphics are completely different in 2019-2020.
  27. 27. Kazi Rakibul Hossain Parvez Alam Ashraf Ahmed Head Of Software Ashraf is a seasoned technologist with experience in domains ranging from image processing, big data, machine learning and mobile app development. Before joining Payasian he was a Lead Engineer in CLSA and Chief Technology Officer in DNS. Julie Chan Office Admin Jolie is an expert in artificial intelligence and in-depth study startup. She is responsible for technology and application guidelines. Some of the issues that Payasian has worked with are related to the detection of flow toxicity among participants in the remittance market and the trading of goods and services of clients in the market place. App Paya for online transactions. Iftekher Ahmed Abdus Salam Shahadat Hossain Hasan Shariar
  28. 28. ACCEPTANCE ENVIRONMENT AND USE PAYA PAYMENT PARTNERS IDShare Wallet ImToken Wallet: Simple use on Android and iOS Ehereum Wallet Most commonly used: MyetherWallet used on the web - desktop Ecopay Payment Application Payasian Application
  29. 29. SOCIAL NETWORK CONNECTION: CONTACT Telegram: Facebook: Twitter: Youtube: Google+: Skype: Linkedin: Payasian Registered Company Name: Add: Email: Contact number: Website Smart Contract: QR code connection: Android download iOS download PAYASIAN SOLUTION PTE LTD 1RafflesPlace,#40-02,OneRafflesPlace,OfficeTower1, Singapore048616 +65 6240.6935 0xcf78302DE0DC000693d79Ae44De1A28942989ad7