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TADSummit, tyntec Keynote: Building the foundation for programmable telecoms mashups

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tyntec Keynote: Building the foundation for programmable telecoms mashups
Marco Lafrentz, Director of CPaaS Business Line, tyntec

Programmable telecoms is a complementary element in many enterprise mashups that typically require accessing external platforms, data and web content. A roundup of pre-mashup essentials.
The current telecom ecosystems, especially the SMS ecosystem, need to evolve to facilitate and accelerate the new innovations coming from these mashups.
There’s an urgent need for a new participatory platform built for matching the two-sided market (enterprises and telcos). Alternative visions – to vote on. Welcome to CPaaS 2.0.

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TADSummit, tyntec Keynote: Building the foundation for programmable telecoms mashups

  1. 1. CPaaS-Powered Enterprise Mashups November 14, 2017
  2. 2. Contents 2 Brief introduction to tyntec Welcome to CPaaS-powered enterprise mashups What changed The consumption side: enterprise access via platforms, not pipes The rise of CPaaS (the current landscape) The evolving CPaaS landscape The target focus: Experimenters with no telco knowhow; Enterprises with no telco knowhow; Enterprises with telco knowhow What hasn’t changed The production side: the underlying telco infrastructure A path forward Simpler, democratized ecosystem Development-friendly service bundles: bot with telco access; telco with OTT access; texting with voice, etc. Wholesale-like technical and business conditions
  3. 3. tyntec Transforms Enterprise Communications into Connected Engagement & Collaboration Cloud Communications Platform| US Inter-Carrier Vendor| Tier-One A2P Messaging Provider Powering Connected Economy by making it easy for enterprises to integrate messaging, voice, phone number information into their communications and business processes
  4. 4. CPaaS text EmployeeCustomer call or text 4 Enterprise Got it. The code is 6TG39 Hi Nick, that‘s a private number. Need to verify your access. Just sent you a one time passcode. call or text authentication call/text Hi Jill. The traffic looks bad. Might be 30 mins late for our meeting. No problem. See you shortly. CRM Thanks, Nick. Jill‘s mobile number is 516-543-9874. What‘s my customer Jill Smith’s mobile number? 1 3 2 4 5 6 Welcome to CPaaS-Powered Enterprise Mashups Authentication + CRM + Communication + + +
  5. 5. CPaaS Growth Period Gartner’s Hype Cycle 5 What Changed CPaaS as a Tool for Enterprise Digital Transformation 29% of enterprises will focus their IT investments on enterprise communications. CPaaS market to reach USD8billion by 2019. Enterprises’ IT Investment IDC’s Worldwide Enterprise Communications Survey 2016 CPaaS is making it easier and faster to transform enterprise communications by offering a complete framework: Network Access | Interfaces | Common Programming Languages
  6. 6. 6 TechInnovation Business Solution Pure API Platforms Experimenters Carrier Infrastructure + API (Hybrid) Communication Solutions + API Enterprises w/ telephony experience Enterprises w/o telephony experience The Evolving CPaaS Landscape
  7. 7. Marketing Notifications Authentication Conversations Marketplace Collaboration Short codes + Long codes Tolerate / filter Minimum monetization via direct connections with SMS aggregators Network protection A2P generation via enterprise customer base Cloud API market Lengthy Case Approval Low Reliability High Friction USE CASE EVOLUTION TELECOMECONOMICS + Toll-free numbers + Proxy numbers Traffic is personal and not supposed to be filtered or blocked Traffic has to be approved in the framework of campaigns Stand-in numbers for large sets of existing numbers A subset of 10-digit numbers, originally designed for voice calls What Didn’t Change Access to Network Operator Infrastructure’ POV 7 singular purpose + multiple use cases + integrated services
  8. 8. What Needs to Change 8 Transparency Speed Scalability Simplicity Revenue Control Security Compliance CONSUMPTION PRODUCTIONEnterprise CPaaS Provider Mobile Operator ?
  9. 9. 9 Access enterprises & identify opportunity Analyze and adapt pricing strategy Transparency through central registry | Convenience through web administration | Simplicity through technical enablement | Governance through independency and undiscriminating oversight A Path Forward Open, Democratized, Transparent System
  10. 10. 10 A Path Forward Development-friendly Service Bundles Bot + Telephony Etc. Etc. Etc. TECHNOLOGICAL FLEXIBILITY Telephony + OTT SMS + Voice Service of Services CPaaS-Powered Enterprise Mashups
  11. 11. 11 Contact UK Offices: tyntec Ltd. 6 St Andrew Street EC4A 3AE London Germany Offices: tyntec GmbH Hofmannstrasse 25-27 81379 Munich tyntec GmbH Semerteichstrasse 54-56 44141 Dortmund Singapore Office: tyntec Pte Ltd 51 Goldhill Plaza #15-04 Singapore 308900 US Offices: tyntec Inc. 555 California Street Suite 4925 San Francisco tyntec Inc. 1722 Routh Street Suite 200 Dallas Dr. Marco Lafrentz Director – CPaaS Business Line 11