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Tips to get hired at interviews

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The most important thing is to remember that the essence of the interview is for them to hire you and what they are on the lookout for is to get the best person possible for the job.


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Tips to get hired at interviews

  1. 1. Tips To Get Hired At Interviews
  2. 2. Getting ready and sailing through an interview process can be a nervous and tasking experience for a lot of people and for good reasons. You have probably written a good curriculum Vitae and cover letter which can turn the heads of people that will interview you and the only thing left is for you to rely on your personal strengths to appeal to the interviewers. The most important thing is to remember that the essence of the interview is for them to hire you and what they are on the lookout for is to get the best
  3. 3. person possible for the job. The hope of the interviewers is that they’ve probably identified the best person for the job and all you need to do is to confirm their belief that no one fits the role better than you. Listen And Pay Attention During the course of the interview, you can have a pen and notebook handy to jot down important things which can later serve as reminders even if the things being said have previously been mentioned in the job advertisements. It not only helps you to recall the things that you knew before the interview but also serves as future reference. Listening and paying attention at job interviews is important most especially since it is quite easy for information to feel like it is entering one ear and coming out of the other except you’re very good at keeping records. The course of the interview is also the best time and place to keep track of questions asked and the ones you intend to ask until you have a
  4. 4. chance to answer them. Ask Questions While a lot of people see asking questions at oral interviews as being out of place, it is actually important that you ask relevant and thoughtful questions relating to the job and interview. Your questions can include what the interviewer enjoys most about working in the company, the vision and mission of the company and if your present role fits into it. Other questions can include the things you need to know about working in the company and any other thing you need to know that will making you confident about starting out newly in the company. Represent Yourself The Best Way Possible An interviewer that seems casual is usually someone you should work for. You’ve dressed up the best way possible with a suit and tie and have your Curriculum vitae neatly typed out and arranged in your
  5. 5. briefcase or bag. You spend minutes or even an hour waiting for the interviewers to get prepared only to see them saunter in wearing casual clothing and cracking jokes with one another. Avoid joining in with their jokes and do your best to be as professional as possible. Be confident, firm and serious and have it at the back of your mind that your interviewers have a job already. Show them why you’re the best candidate for the job and deal with any unpredictable situations that may arise. Furthermore, don’t be rattled by the interviewer or the interview itself. Take your time to think through the answers to give to any questions you’re asked. Calmly Negotiate Your Offer If and when you successfully received a job offer, it is important for you to be able to negotiate the offer to your favour. When negotiating, be sure to include anything that will make you perform at a maximum. These things may include flexible working schedule, expected output, and other important terms of
  6. 6. agreement. Be as appreciative and respectful of the offer as you can possibly be. You should however never be shy of asking for what you believe you deserve.