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Character profile

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This is my character profile for media studies

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Character profile

  1. 1. Character Profile By Jasmin Goody
  2. 2. Bethan Armstrong • • • Character profile: Lisa is a 20 year old journalist, who is doing a report on some disappearing people. Normally very timid and quite although can be stubborn, she also a caring person. She is a very proud person especially when it comes to her work. Costume: Very dull, just plain black clothing with a long black jacket covering most of the body. Also wearing sensible shoes such as boots or wellingtons due to muddy conditions Why I chose her: Bethan shares a variety of characteristics that Lisa has. Bethan also inspires to be a journalist therefore is the perfect to play Lisa.
  3. 3. Jasmin Goody • • • Character profile: A mass murderer/psychopath, who supposedly died after escaping a mental asylum and hid in the wood, looks for revenge on everyone. Has been stalking/watching the Lisa since she arrived in there domain and waits until the perfect opportunity to slowly and painfully kill her. Never truly seen until the end where even then it’s only them in a blood stained mask Costume: As the murderer/villain the costume will consist of black clothing so it is easy to hide in shadow. No make-up will be needed as a mask will be worn to hide the face. Why I chose myself: I originally didn’t want to star in my movie trailer, however, due to a lack of actors I had to take on the role.