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5 Updates Landlords Shouldn't Make

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Jason Cohen Pittsburgh advises would-be investors away from certain unprofitable renovations.

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5 Updates Landlords Shouldn't Make

  1. 1. 5 U P D A T E S L A N D L O R D S S H O U L D N ' T M A K E J A S O N C O H E N P I T T S B U R G H
  2. 2. UPDATING A HOME SHOULDN'T BE COSTLY. Marble countertops, shiny tiled floors, and a brand-new patio: while they might be pretty, upgrades like these won’t help your bottom line. If you plan to invest and maintain a profitable rental property, you’ll need to strike a balance between updating the space and minding your budget.  By creating an appealing setting, you can make more of a profit by increasing the rent - however, if you stray from updates to full-scale renovation, you might end up dealing with a property that costs more than it earns. Here are a few renovations that investors shouldn’t make on a rental property. 
  3. 3. S W I M M I N G P O O L A pool may seem like an ideal addition to the backyard, but it won't necessarily increase the value of the home. The feature can also take away space in the backyard for pets or children to play in on the property and make it seem unattractive to families who lack the time or resources to maintain it.
  4. 4. R O O M A D D I T I O N S According to, room additions don't always pay off due to the high cost of the construction. Projects with a lower price tag - such as appliance updates and repainting - tend to have a better return on investment for landlords.
  5. 5. D I Y P R O J E C T S From painting the walls to installing new sinks, DIY projects are cost-effective at a price; while they may seem cheap at the outset, they often look they were performed by someone who had a lack of experience, and ultimately turn away would-be tenants. It's necessary to leave the work to professionals to ensure that your money is an investment that pays off and attracts more tenants in the coming years.
  6. 6. H I G H - M A I N T E N A N C E L A N D S C A P E S According to Time Magazine, creating a beautiful garden benefits the aesthetics of a home - but it doesn't justify increasing the rent that you charge. It can also require a significant amount of money for landscaping services to upkeep the property or the tenants may not want to spend their weekends pulling weeds and watering different areas of the yard. Stick to landscaping that is easy to maintain to ensure that you don't waste your money if you're renting out the house.
  7. 7. U P G R A D I N G E V E R Y T H I N G Many landlords make the mistake of upgrading everything and assuming that the home needs to have all new features or materials to attract good tenants. Overspending on upgrades can make the house appear too chic and regal for the local area, making it necessary to keep the upgrades to a minimum. Stick to adding new fixtures on the cabinets or new hardwood floors in the living room to make upgrades that are minimal, yet aesthetically effective. 
  8. 8. For more of Jason Cohen Pittsburgh’s insights on real estate, please visit: T H A N K Y O U