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You Are Not Alone: You are Part of the WordPress Community

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Presentation at the #18NTC Nonprofit Technology Conference in New Orleans, 2018. By Jason King and Tara Collins. How can your non-profit be a part of the wider WordPress community?

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You Are Not Alone: You are Part of the WordPress Community

  1. 1. You’re Part of the WordPress Community Tara Collins and Jason King WordPress Day | NOLA | 10th April 2018 YOU ARE NOT ALONE #ntcwpday
  2. 2. A forum for nonprofit WordPress developers and content managers of all skill levels. wordpress NTEN'S WORDPRESS COMMUNITY #ntcwpday
  3. 3. Polyglots needed to help translate WordPress into new TARA COLLINS JASON KING @TaraCollinsNY @jasoncsking
  4. 4. He couldn't be here today, but Mark is our fellow co-organizer of NTEN's WordPress Community. We miss the behatted chap. MARK ROOT- WILEY
  5. 5. Help puzzled WordPress users solve their problems in the official support forums ANSWER A QUESTION  #ntcwpday
  6. 6. Join us at lunch each day of the NTC /birds-of-a-feather BIRDS OF A FEATHER #ntcwpday
  7. 7. Local conferences that focus on everything WordPress. GO TO A WORDCAMP #ntcwpday
  8. 8. There is a group for non-profit WordPress users. WP ON FACEBOOK #ntcwpday
  9. 9. There may be a WordPress meetup happening in your town. ATTEND A MEETUP #ntcwpday
  10. 10. Join NTEN's WordPress Community  for a chatty session tomorrow At 1.30pm in Room 270 CONNECT AT NTC #ntcwpday
  11. 11. Charity hackathon that uses WordPress to uplift communities in Zurich, Cape Town, Harare and Managua. DO_ACTION #ntcwpday
  12. 12. Let authors know what you think of their work. Give praise where it's due and report bugs. RATE A PLUGIN #ntcwpday
  13. 13. Polyglots needed to help translate WordPress into new languages. MAKE A LOCAL WORDPRESS FOR LOCAL PEOPLE #ntcwpday
  14. 14. How do you connnect to the wider WordPress community, and what resources do you use? And share further thoughts on our forum. TELL... #ntcwpday
  15. 15. YOU ARE NOT ALONE #ntcwpday