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Human Centred Design, Codesign and Government

Presentation at NSW gov camp unconference

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Human Centred Design, Codesign and Government

  1. 1. Human centred design, co-design & government
  2. 2. Introducing JaxIndependent User Experience Architect- 12 years online experience- design geek- & perpetual uni nerdBLOGS: Tweeting as @jacwex
  3. 3. Talk to me aboutUser Experience DesignService DesignCo-designDesign ThinkingInnovation (incl. social)CollaborationSocial technology Tweeting as @jacwex
  4. 4. The world todayWe are facing significant environmental, economic and social challenges acrossthe globe including an ageing population, the depletion of fossil fuels, etc.According to Tim Brown, author, founder of IDEO and Design Thinking advocate; “What we need are new choices – new products that balance the needs of individuals and of society as a whole; new ideas that tackle the global challenges of health, poverty, and education; new strategies that results in differences that matter and a sense of purpose that engages everyone affected by them.” (Brown 2004, p. 3)
  5. 5. Societal ChangeAccording to Peter Drucker (1994, cited in Green 2007, p.6); “Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society rearranges itself; its worldview (paradigm), its basic values, its social and political structures, its arts, its key institutions. Fifty years later there is a new world.”
  6. 6. Design-led InnovationThere is growing sentiment, particularly within government policy, that innovationwill play an important role in manifesting societies that are financially andenvironmentally sustainable.In Britain the Design Council was set up with the aim of “helping Britainuse design to build a stronger economy and improve everyday life” (
  7. 7. The nature of innovationSenge (1990) notes that innovation stems from the “creative tension” betweencurrent realities and future possibilities.For innovation to occur, future possibilities which compliment the values of its’participants need to be both defined and articulated.
  8. 8. Defining social innovation“Social innovation refers to new ideas that work in meeting social goals.....[i.e.]innovative activities and services that are motivated by the goal of meeting asocial need and that are predominantly developed and diffused throughorganizations whose primary purposes are social.”(Young Foundation, 2007, p. 8 cited in Pol & Ville, 2009, p.880)
  9. 9. Navigating the fuzzy front end Sanders and Steppers (2007)
  10. 10. UCD
  11. 11. UCD$–$What$is$it?$ UCD$ User%Centred%Design%is$a" design"philosophy"and"a" process"in"which"the"needs," wants"and"limita4ons"of" end"users"of"a"product"are" given"extensive"a9en4on"at" each"stage"of"the"design" process."
  13. 13. Co-design• At the core of co-design is the notion that designers need to involve future ‘users’ i.e. people who are going to use the designed product or service in it’s design.• In 2007, Sanders and Stappers noted that there were “1,700,000 hits on 2 July 2007” for the term ‘codesign’ through the search engine and 11,800 on Google Scholar (Sanders & Stappers 2007, p.7).• Interestingly on the 4th of June 2011 there were approximately 460,000,000 results in and 34,800 in Google Scholar for this same term. Clearly co-design is an area of increasing interest within both academic and professional/popular sectors.
  14. 14. CO- DESIGNStems from the USERS of a system By getting users toparticipatory need to be participate in thedesign tradition involved in it’s design of afrom the 70’s DESIGN system, we can better understand their needs, dreams and
  15. 15. Design Participation“There is certainly a need for new approaches to design if we are toarrest the escalating problems of the man-made world and citizenparticipation in decision making could possibly provide a necessaryreorientation” (Cross, 1972, p.11).
  16. 16. Co-design Videos• (What is it?)• v=SBCr6jBCbvg&feature=player_embedded (Kent County Council)
  17. 17. NHS + design thinking “Experience Based Design” Operationalising design thinking within the NHS h t t p : / / w w w. i n s t i t u t e . n h s . u k / quality_and_value/introduction/ experience_based_design.html
  18. 18. NHS Nuts and Bolts+ Creation of a framework+ Culture of empowerment+ Giving staff tools to create betterservices
  19. 19. Discussion• Is this work happening here in Australia?• Is government interested in this?• Risks and challenges?• How can we establish participatory feedback mechanisms?• Any thoughts?
  20. 20. Lets talk further• Jax [at] Jaxinteractive [dot] com• tweeting @jacwex•

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Presentation at NSW gov camp unconference


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