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Mind map title sequnace ideas


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Mind map title sequnace ideas

  1. 1. characters we want a couple characters for our title sequence but not too many as it maybe hard to film Settings of our project will be be in school, depending one what characters we choose we will then decide what locations we will use, as they have to relate to the character. As we picked teen comedy/high school genre for our title sequence we then began to develop from that idea. We like the idea of the burn book from mean girls so we would like to incorporate that in our title sequence. Colors we will like to base our idea around are red, white and blue
  2. 2. Spy genre: we have the idea of a girl being on a mission to find someone in central London. Horror genre: based on a little girl who lives alone in a house in the middle of no where, as the title sequence goes on the plot begins to unravel Teen comedy: high school based story line, a situation happens but we mainly foucus on the social groups in school. Real life: a documentary on a real life girl and her daily struggles as she looks after herself and has no one to care for her.