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Kodak Case

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Kodak Case

  1. 1. a brief history • Pioneering in film rolls (Golden Goose) • Had to diversify their business when digital cameras appeared • Competitors offered technology with better costs • How to react? Acquisition and launching alternative service solution for Kodak (was not they core business)
  2. 2. Close to failure • With new products (TV interface, photo kiosk...) could not differentiate themself form others - Whitmore era. She could not efficiently execute marketing strategic • New CEO, Fisher, brought new approach with new services. Culture issues was a challenge to Fisher that was a tech guy. Fuji kept selling film rolls and gain market share • Carp, another CEO decide to focus on digital camera, image manipulation and printing • Bankruptcy at the corner Worldwide Film Market Share, 1990 - 2002E (unit market share, in percent)
  3. 3. VIDEO O QuickTime™ e um mpeg4 descompressor são necessários para ver esta imagem.