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Wormholes and Hyperspace

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Here's a short presentation for a quick discussion about wormholes and hyperspace.

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Wormholes and Hyperspace

  1. 1. Wormholes and Hyperspace Jhan-Curt Steven G. Fernandez 2015
  2. 2. WORMHOLE —A wormhole is a hypothetical shortcut between two distant regions of space-time.
  3. 3. WORMHOLE Einstein-Rosen Bridge Schwarzschild Embedding Diagram
  4. 4. WORMHOLE • An observer passing through a wormhole could traverse it in less time that it would take to travel through normal space-time outside the wormhole. • Theoretically, wormholes can be used to travel to the future and the past.
  5. 5. WORMHOLE No observational evidence for wormholes currently exists, but mathematical solutions describing wormholes have long been known to be valid theoretical solutions to Einstein’s field equations of General Relativity.
  6. 6. WORMHOLE Are safe travels through wormholes even possible?
  7. 7. WORMHOLE TRAVEL Tidal gravitational forces at the throat of a Schwarzschild wormhole are of the same magnitude as at a horizon of a Schwarzschild black hole.
  8. 8. WORMHOLE TRAVEL A Schwarzschild wormhole is dynamic, not static—it can contract to zero throat circumference to maximum throat circumference in a very rapid rate. A Schwarzschild wormhole has an unstable past horizon which can hasten the opening and closing of its throat.
  9. 9. TRAVERSIBLE WORMHOLE 1.Symmetric and static 2.Must obey Einstein’s field equations 3.Must have a throat that connects two asymptotically flat regions of space time 4.Must not have a horizon 5.Must have bearable tidal forces 6.Must be traversable in a finite amount of time 7.Must be physically reasonable 8.Should be possibly assembled
  11. 11. HYPERSPACE “…we are the carp swimming in our tiny pond, blissfully unaware of invisible, unseen universes hovering just above us in hyperspace.”
  12. 12. HYPERSPACE “We spend our life in three spatial dimensions, confident that what we can see with our telescopes is all there is, ignorant of the possibility of 10 dimensional hyperspace.”
  13. 13. HYPERSPACE
  14. 14. HYPERSPACE
  15. 15. Recap Hopefully, you should now know… • what worm holes are • the possibility of a safe worm hole travel • properties of a traversable worm hole • the meaning of hyperspace • the conceived appearance of lifeforms from different dimensions