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FCSarch 09 Gothic

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    In the church of Fraga (Aragon-Spain) were tested vaulted new techniques to suggest the Jesus face.



    En la iglesia de Fraga (ARAGON-España) se ensayaron nuevas técnicas de abovedado para sugerir un rostro de Jesús.

    ROSTRO SUBLIMINAL: En la iglesia de Fraga (ARAGON-España) ensayaron sugerir un rostro de Jesús.
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FCSarch 09 Gothic

  1. 1. GOTHIC
  2. 2. Saint Denis, near Paris Narthex and Chevet, 1140-44, commissioned by Abbot Suger, first minster to Kings Louis VI and Louis VII
  3. 3. Saint Denis, plan
  4. 4. Saint Denis, interior
  5. 5. Diagram of Gothic construction showing the three essential features: ribbed vaults, pointed arches, and flying buttresses
  6. 6. diagram
  7. 7. Left: Saint-Sernin, Toulouse Right: Amiens Cathedral The heavy ribbed vault of the Romanesque building are made possible by thick walls, heavy cruciform piers, and few windows. Ribbed vaults are structurally more efficient than a barrel vault that evenly distributes the weight and thrust along the wall. A ribbed vault directs thrust to specific points in the masonry--where the ribs meet the wall at the clerestory level. These in turn are supported by the use of flying buttresses visible on the outside of the building.
  8. 8. NOTRE DAME DE PARIS ( from 1163)
  9. 9. Notre Dame
  10. 10. Notre Dame
  11. 11. Notre Dame, portal carvings
  12. 12. Notre Dame, window
  13. 13. Notre Dame, interior
  14. 14. Romanesque vs. Gothic sections
  15. 15. Notre Dame, Paris
  16. 16. Notre Dame, plan
  17. 17. CHARTRES (from 1194)
  18. 18. Chartres
  19. 19. Chartres, interior
  20. 20. Chartres, windows
  21. 21. NEW SLIDE: Amiens, façade
  22. 22. AMIENS CATHEDRAL, France (from 1220)
  23. 23. Amiens, computer image
  24. 24. Amiens, plan
  25. 25. Amiens, nave
  26. 26. Amiens, computer image
  27. 27. Amiens
  28. 28. SAINTE CHAPELLE, Paris, 1243-8 Built by King Louis IX to house the Crown of Thorns and fragment of the True Cross he had bought from the Byzantine Emperor. An example of the Rayonnant or Court Style of French Gothic architecture.
  29. 29. Sainte Chapelle, interior
  30. 30. Sainte Chapelle, interior
  31. 31. Sainte Chapelle, plan
  32. 32. KINGS COLLEGE CHAPEL Cambridge, England (1440s - 1515)
  33. 33. Kings College Chapel
  34. 34. Kings College Chapel, interior
  35. 35. Milan Cathedral (white marble, over a brick core. One of the largest cathedrals in the world 14,000 sq yards it was designed to accommodate 40,000 people. The forest of pinnacles, the tracery panels, and the rich embellishment with statuary identifies it as Late Gothic.)
  36. 36. MILAN CATHEDREAL ( Duomo) 1380-1900s? Italy's largest and most intricate example of Gothic architecture. (In the 1650's work was begun on the western facade but it was not completed until the 19th century. This facade is more classical in detail than Gothic.) Milan Cathedral, Italy 1380-
  37. 37. Milan Cathedral, flying buttresses
  38. 38. Milan Cathedral, interior
  39. 39. Doge’s Palace (AKA Palazzo Ducale) Venice, 1309-1424
  40. 40. Doge’s Palace, Canaletto painting
  41. 41. Doge’s Palace (Venice c. 1300-1400),
  42. 42. Doge, detail
  43. 43. Doge, detail
  44. 44. Byzantine Church
  45. 45. Doge, plan
  46. 46. Doge’s Palace, courtyard
  47. 47. Doge, courtyard