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Account Based Business Workflow

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Account Based Business Workflow

  1. 1. ACCOUNT BASED MARKETING OPERATIONS Making sense of a new approach… Josh Hill November 2016
  2. 2. Is an Account approach a strategy or tactic? Strategy You only care about Enterprise Account penetration. Customer Development for Product-Market-Fit Tiered Segmentation of Accounts in your Go To Market Plan Everyone thinks in “Accounts” Tactic High volume SaaS firm with “Physical” touches Only one Relationship Team handles the top tier Enterprise Accounts You use the term “Target Accounts” © 2016 Josh Hill
  3. 3. SHIFTING PERCEPTIONS To achieve success
  4. 4. Typical funnel view – your view Prospects MQL SQL Opps Won © 2016 Josh Hill Recycle
  5. 5. Let’s look at your customer’s viewpoint of the funnel Learn Define Needs Assess Options Negotiation Sign Defer Action © 2016 Josh Hill
  6. 6. IT’S ABOUT THE WORKFLOW, STUPID Division of labor and how to set it up.
  7. 7. Did roles and goals for marketing and sales shift? Marketing Goals • Acquire account data • Build up Persona data within Accounts • Keep Accounts Aware • Engage Accounts • Provide Sales with full covered, engaged accounts based on agreed data points. • Provide better personalization based on data (you should have done this anyway). Sales Goals • Take MQL and MQAs seriously. • Consider your cold call/email approach carefully. • Account Based Sales is highly relational and solution based. Know your product, personas, and solution area. • Use cold calling to supplement Coverage. Please do not use it to spray and pray. (Marketing’s tried this, it’s not cool anymore).
  8. 8. Do you need a Tiger Team? Adjusting to an ABM lifestyle Demand Gen SDRs Account Execs Customer Success Typical workflow and division of labor ABM is different Relationship Leader ABM Marketer ABM SDR ABM Closer ABM Content Creator Technical Sales Customer Success • Overall messaging • Events • Qualification • Manual matching • Play deployment • Coordinate personas • Close • Lead people to Insight • New messaging • Persona messaging • Nurturing • Play copywriting • Trusted consultant and expert (could merge with Closer) • Onboarding • Ongoing key relationship • But ideally Closer still involved • Requests upsell content © 2016 Josh Hill
  9. 9. Both sides of the team have plays and goals Learn Define Needs Assess Options Negotiation Sign © 2016 Josh Hill MQL Goal of Play Email every X days; story content Play Cadence For play building ideas, consider and Engagio. SAL Day 0: Call Day 1: send email: Day 4: send email 2 Day 5: call, vm SQL Day 0: call; Day 3: send content X: Day 5: AE mgr email; etc.. Opp Day 0: group call invite; Day 3; call; Day 4: email case study, etc.. Won Day 0: welcome email & call; Day 1, Day 2, Day 5…. Owner Marketing/MAP Marketing or SDR AE/Sales AE/Sales AE/Customer Success Stage
  10. 10. Let’s look at your customer’s viewpoint of the funnel Learn Define Needs Assess Options Negotiation Sign Defer Action • Website • SEO • SEM • Syndication • MAP • Real Time Personalization • Data Enrichment • Lead management • Nurturing • Predictive/Scoring • CRM • Sales Workflow checklists • CPQ • Phone • CRM • CPQ • Finance • Lead 2 Account/ABM • Talk Tracks • Persona Matching • CRM • Sales Enablement © 2016 Josh Hill Systems
  11. 11. Where should different ”plays” live? Learn Define Needs Assess Options Negotiation Sign Defer Action • MAP Nurturing/Nurture Waterfall • Lead identification • [A Content/Spark] • Inbound thought leadership and how to do X • Nurturing/MAP > MQL • [A content/Spark] • Thought provoking leadership • SQL and Opp Plays • [Teaching, case studies, B Content] • Opp to Won • Won/Onboarding • [Teaching, confirmation of capability, C content] • Plays based on Stage and Persona • Gather the right buying team • ROI calculators • [Frame Breaking] © 2016 Josh Hill Content
  12. 12. Using the Play or Nurture Waterfall Goal: get in touch with a key Persona at the Account Goal: reach Mobilizers, engage in Collective Learning with Buying Group Goal: find the next Persona or agree to next steps Goal: confirm this person will help you.
  13. 13. Marketing operations implications Operations and Funnel Management Nurturing and Scripting the Story © 2016 Josh Hill • Scoring is about the Customer and Buying Team • Time spent is a better indicator of interest • Predictive tools should take behaviors and time into their model. • Identify Mobilizers and Blockers • Nurture to equip Mobilizers • Nurture to neutralize Blockers • PMMs need to write a Story • Framebreak in Nurturing to Reach MQL and SQL/Define Needs or Assess Options.
  14. 14. OPERATIONALIZATION What happens in your MAP (Marketo, Eloqua, etc. ?)
  15. 15. You are already doing the basics… © 2016 Josh Hill
  16. 16. …with the tools you may already have. © 2016 Josh Hill
  17. 17. Are your systems ABM-ready? Demographics Contact Info Territory Assignments Permission Recency Prepared DB © 2016 Josh Hill
  18. 18. Segment before bringing in tools Account Persona (Segmentation) Buyer Persona 1 (Segment) Buyer Persona 2 (Segment) Technology SaaS Startup Marketing Manager Marketing Director Manufacturing Multinational Marketing Operations BU Level Marketing Director #ABMMatrix AccountPersona Purchase Stage © 2016 Josh Hill
  19. 19. Now you have to do Lead to Account Matching Enrichment Process © 2016 Josh Hill
  20. 20. Managing “coverage” © 2016 Josh Hill VP Buyer 2 Supporter 2 Coverage is the percentage of Buyer Personas at an Account for which you have Known and Good contact information for. The number of Accounts which have higher than 50% coverage should be a key metric for marketing. Sales notices when they cannot find the “right” people, so stay aligned on this metric.
  21. 21. Enhancing context for Sales – help them see from the Lead’s perspective faster • Provide Lead to Account Matching that works • Identify the Lead by Persona • Enrich the Lead and Account to reduce research time for Salesperson. • Display lead behaviors, highlighting most relevant ones to establishing rapport and the problem area. • Making additional research easy with Social, Maps, People Displays • Providing Talk Tracks based on data provided. • Demonstrate marketing is filling in the “gaps” in Personas. • Build better Service Level Agreements on • Coverage Rates • Cold Calls vs. MQLs/MQAs • Outbound vs. MQA and Nurturing © 2016 Josh Hill
  22. 22. ABM Metrics and how to pull them Coverage Are they aware? Do they engage? • Smart Lists • Lead Perf+Smart List • Smart List Columns • SFDC Dashboards • Visits+Smart List • Web Analytics • Form Fill Outs • Program Success • RCA Reports © 2016 Josh Hill
  23. 23. Coverage: what’s your goal? Marketing’s goals are to increase • Percent of Personas within Accounts • Percent of Accounts with Coverage of over 50% • Percent of Accounts with Engaged + Covered of over 50% © 2016 Josh Hill Think about it – you already work to bring in more and more leads, why not focus the effort a little bit more to bring in more of the right leads at the right places? Taking Action ABM is about finding ways to bring in those Personas as those Account Types. Which campaigns can increase coverage and do more to engage people?
  24. 24. Awareness and Engagement © 2016 Josh Hill Marketing’s goal is to increase • Percentage of Personas in Accounts that are • Aware of you • Engaged with you • Percentage of Accounts that have Engaged in any way. Think about it – now that you have leads, keep them in engaged and aware – you do this already, but now you need to do this in a focused way based on Persona, industry, and more. Taking Action Which campaigns keep people engaged? Prioritize the most engaged Accounts to Sales.
  25. 25. DID YOU ENJOY? SHARE! @jdavidhill

Notas del editor

  • © 2016 Josh Hill
  • However you define the top logos, accounts, Tier 1 vs. Tier 2 larger firms you go after.
  • This is what we’ve been trained to see from OUR perspective.
  • Now funnel isn’t the ideal, I know about the crazy journey graphic, but the general idea, even for someone narrowing down 5 solutions to 1 would look like this. And customers don’t like to be Recycled, they defer action. Sales’s job to avoid deferment or status quo decisions.
  • Is this any different than before? Not really, but its viewpoint is a bit higher up
  • This is mostly if you are carving out a separate team.

    The enterprise or ABM account team is together, with ONE coach monitoring the end to end process. It can look different, but the alignment is complete here because it is one team.

    Since ABM arrived (again), I've advocated assigning an ABM manager to sit with the ABM SDR and AE team. They should act as a key coach on messaging and building out journeys or "plays". Sales often has great ideas, but needs the discipline to refine the steps and operationalize it. A very tight understanding is needed with sales managers. The most successful are likely marketers who were former salespeople. If you have loads of budget, hire a special direct response copywriter.  

    Again, this is about Strategy. There needs to be a total shift in mindset that ABM is a long term game for most B2B companies. This isn't about transactional prospecting SDR emails that everyone makes fun of, but still do. This is about solving real problems at companies and doing the dance to prove you are the right choice for each other. The strategy has to recognize that automated lead nurturing goes to a point - usually MQL or until Contact is made. Then ABM plays take over. There isn't just one play, there are dozens for each stage of the lifecycle, including Won/Customer. 
    What are some challenges with ABM that marketers are facing today?

    The need for sales-marketing alignment is not the same as it was 6 or 7 years ago. Marketers are struggling to understand the systems and strategies actually require a change to workflow and team organization. I would argue most firms that sell to "Target Accounts" need a special ABM team that's less about the lead funnel and more about the skills.

  • Use an existing set of plays that top sales people at your firm use; if you’ve developed an SDR or BDR track, break them up into specific plays aimed at buying stage and persona.
  • Tools on your end that can help the customer reach your B conclusion faster and keep Sales focused on Mobilizers. Now funnel isn’t the ideal, I know about the crazy journey graphic, but the general idea, even for someone narrowing down 5 solutions to 1 would look like this.
  • Think of content in these stages, not your stages. I know you’ve seen the content matrix among other frameworks.
  • You could structure this content to run pre MQL or during MQL. If you prefer the MAP to stop and let Plays take over, make this hand off well defined. You may want to even shift MQLs or SQLs to a once a month cadence that operates in the background. You can also adapt this to the Play Waterfall
  • Plan out your ABM strategy first. You can do at least 50% or more with what you have right now. Your tools should always match your strategy, not the other way around.
  • Data quality matters even more
    Email reputation is key

    Marketable – can you segment them? Have contact info?
    Permission - can you email them?
    Do you have the right people or do you need to find them?
    Lead Ownership and Territory Management must be pristine
    The Content – Segment Matrix Ivan Boyko

  • Another thing to note here – what % of that coverage is coming from Purchases, Sales Research (like LinkedIn), and Marketing Work (inbound, etc)