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The Data Revolution - Serena Capital

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Understanding the Data Revolution through the analysis of 130 EU data startups

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The Data Revolution - Serena Capital

  1. 1. Jean-Baptiste Dumont, @jbdumont – Partner Eric Gossart, @Egossart – Associate Léa Verdillon, @Lverdillon – Associate Gabriel de Vinzelles, @Gvinzelles – Associate THE DATA REVOLUTION
  2. 2. 1855: THE 1ST DATA SCIENTIST In 1855, Matthew Fontaine Maury founded the first big data company No smartphones, no internet, no computers Just data
  3. 3. THE 1ST DATA CENTRIC COMPANY Divided the Atlantic into small 5° lat/long blocks Collected data about water temperature, wind speed+direction, waves speed+direction Every month Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock
  4. 4. THE 1ST DATA CENTRIC COMPANY 1,200,000 data points Statistical map with sailing directions Reducing sailing time by up to 30% Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock
  5. 5. LIKE WAZE BUT FOR SAILING Sold the data (+1M data points) With a discount for those who agreed to share their own Andrey_Kuzmin / Shutterstock
  6. 6. WHAT ABOUT TODAY? The datafication of the world SueC / Shutterstock
  7. 7. DATA STARTUPS STUDY We analyzed manually more than 3.000 tech rounds (<€100M in 2014-2015) Looking for data centric startups disrupting the economy We wanted to figure out: How Big? Why?Where? How Much? Which Sectors? Who?
  8. 8. AdTech Agriculture Analytics Automotive Customer Insight Data Distribution Database e-Commerce Energy Environment FinTech Health Horizontal Software Hospitality Human Resources IoT IT Logistics Processing Real Estate Retail Sales & Marketing Security Services Sport 26 SECTORS IDENTIFIED IN THE SERENA CAPITAL STUDY BIG DATA IN EUROPE… IN A NUTSHELL IN EUROPE 130 DATA STARTUPS FUNDED 2014 2015 € 616 M € 625 M € 1 200 M INVESTED IN E.U. DATA STARTUPS
  9. 9. 130 EU DATA CHAMPIONS (1/2)
  10. 10. 130 EU DATA CHAMPIONS (2/2)
  11. 11. TOP SECTORS # FUNDED STARTUPS 36% AdTech E-Commerce Health Customer Insights Sales & Marketing Horizontal software 9 10 10 10 17 19
  13. 13. THE REAL WORLD IS BEING "DATA-FIED" (#) Digital sectors Traditional sectors
  14. 14. UK France Germany Benelux Nordic countries Spain Italy Rest of Europe 2642 16 11 9 411 11 130 EU data centric startups raised money in 2014 and 2015 UK, FRANCE & GERMANY LEAD THE GAME
  15. 15. G E R M A N Y SECTORAL DISTRIBUTION (# OF STARTUPS) Customer Insights E-Commerce Ad Tech Customer InsightsAd Tech Horizontal software DatabaseAd Tech Horizontal software 1 2 3 9 5 3 6 5 4 4 3 3 F R A N C E U N I T E D K I N G D O M
  16. 16. UK Nordic countries Germany France Benelux Spain Italy Rest of Europe M€ INVESTED 70 M 176 M 84 M 94 M 29 M 5 M 50 M 102 M Excluding financing rounds > €20m €1.241M invested by VCs (2014+2015): €611M in <= €20M rounds + €630M in > €20M rounds INVESTED AMOUNTS GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION
  17. 17. M€ INVESTED INVESTED AMOUNTS PER ROUND SIZE 26 74 22 17 15 € 0-1 M € 1-5 M € 5-10 M € 10-20 M > € 20 M Number of fundraising rounds per round size 13 195 155 248 630 € 0-1 M € 1-5 M € 5-10 M € 10-20 M > € 20 M Amount raised (in €M) per round size
  18. 18. PATTERNS We analyzed data on data companies First trying (painfully) to define what a data company is Then looking at our data, some patterns became obvious DamienGeso / Shutterstock
  19. 19. DATA STARTUPS ARE ALL INVOLVED IN (AT LEAST) ONE OF THESE FUNCTIONS: - Non-trivial data collection (~ source aggregation, data transformation) - Interpretation (= extracting meaning from data) - Producing actionable data (~ inputs for a secondary system) - Data Storage - Data Processing (~ databases) Creative Mood / Shutterstock Physical Layer Digital Layer
  20. 20. THE "DATA CHAIN" Collection Interpretation Actionable data Storage Processing Digital Layer Physical Layer
  21. 21. THE "DATA CHAIN" In other words: Software data startups’ role is to collect and interpret huge amounts of information turning it into decisions and actions Want some concrete examples?
  22. 22. Beddit collects health data (heart rate, breathing, snoring movement) thanks to a very-thin film sensor placed under your bed sheet. Ballistocardiography (1) and machine learning enable Beddit to discover breathing, sleeping and heart beat rhythm patterns. Users learn about their sleep quality (sleep cycles, efficiency, etc.) and how to improve their recovery. (1) A measure of ballistic forces on the heart Raised $3.5m Collection Interpretation Actionable data Measures and collects data to improve sleep with analytics and recommendations
  23. 23. AdasWorks software for self- driving cars has 6 cameras and processes their images in real time. Detection of cars’ immediate environment thanks to deep learning techniques and convolutional neural network. 4 major uses: 1. Automation of lane changes & maneuvers; 2. Emergency braking (pedestrian detection); 3. Smart reverse camera; 4. Full self-driving car thanks to an embedded processor. Raised $2.65m Collection Interpretation Actionable data Software for self driving cars
  24. 24. Metrica Sports analyzes football game video recordings. Pattern-recognition analysis (machine learning) on football games. Unknown stats are gathered into a single dashboard, enabling trainers to dig deep into their team’s strategy. Raised $100k Collection Interpretation Actionable data Video and data analysis for football teams
  25. 25. Wireless & ultrasonic sensors collect fill-level data from waste containers. Drivers receive on a daily basis optimized routes on cloud-based applications. Sensor placed into waste containers Enevo analyzes sensors’ log in real time, enriches it with external data, and delivers optimized collection routes. Raised $26.75m Collection Interpretation Actionable data Leverages on big data to optimize waste collection
  26. 26. Collects industrial drone’s data from the clouds Algorithms extract meaningful information about productivity and safety of industrial operations Raised $3.2m Collection Interpretation Drone data collection and processing (network supervision, geospatial, agribusiness)
  27. 27. €202m invested - 33% €6.7m / startup 30 startups - 26% €95m invested - 16% €3.8m / startup 25 startups - 22% €58m invested - 10% €5.3m / startup 11 startups - 9 % €39m invested - 6% €3.2m / startup 12 startups - 10% €72.6m invested - 12% €4m / startup 18 startups - 16% Any of the 155 studied rounds can be distributed amongst this "Data chain" Collection Interpretation Actionable Data Collection Interpretation Collection Interpretation Interpretation Actionable Data 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3
  28. 28. UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT OF DATA Andrey Armyagov / Shutterstock
  29. 29. 45000 BC Fire 4000 BC Writing 600 BC Money 1000 AD Compass & Navigation 1100 AD Gun Powder Printing 1454 Microscope 1650 Steam machine 1712 Electricity 1750 Internet / Mobile TECH REVOLUTIONS
  30. 30. TECH REVOLUTIONS Nature Interaction Interaction Interaction Interaction Interaction Perception Nature Nature Interaction
  31. 31. Galileo showing the satellites of Jupiter to Venetian senators PERCEPTION DISRUPTION IS QUITE RARE IN HUMAN HISTORY
  32. 32. It changed our perception of the universe Leading to the Copernican Revolution: Science & reason vs. dogma THE TELESCOPE 1586 Vadim Sadovski / Shutterstock
  33. 33. THE MICROSCOPE 1650 It changed our perception of the infinitely small world For example: Chemistry + Microscope = Microbiology Health + Microscope = Immunology Dreamerb / Shutterstock
  34. 34. Data is like a new kind of microscope, But for the whole physical world Louis Pasteur, father of Germ Theory
  35. 35. 010010100101001  A NEW KIND OF PERCEPTION FOR US Collection Interpretation Actionable data
  36. 36. BUT THERE’S MORE
  38. 38. FEEDBACK LOOP IN THE "DATA CHAIN"… The start of machine learning Collection Interpretation Actionable data Storage Processing
  39. 39. "DATAFICATION" IS "DATA AI FICATION" Sensors allow machines to literally feel the real world, Cloud enables them to share all together their own experience, AI technics unlocked machine learning, API turns machine decision making into concrete action.
  41. 41. TRANSPORT 1.3m deaths on the road due to human drivers vs Smart Self Driving Cars (assuming that computers will never get drunk)
  42. 42. TERRORISM & ORGANIZED CRIME Money laundering represents €1600 billion per year (U.N. 2009) Terrorism, Corruption, Drug, Crime … vs Data analysis and vizualization tools Like Linkurious which enabled ICIJ to investigate the Panama Papers Credit Photo : Linkurious
  43. 43. HEALTH Heart rate, respiration rate, temperature, blood pressure & oxygen levels… Computerized medecine correlates data & detects patterns i.e. IBM Watson can detect infection in premature babies 24hrs before symptoms appear Francois Etienne du Plessis / Shutterstock
  44. 44. ENERGY In the US, electricity production represents 30% of CO2 emissions - Smart Grid could reduce these by 18% (US Dept. of Energy) Claudia Otte / Shutterstock
  45. 45. AGRICULTURE There are 795 million undernourished people - Precision agriculture is improving crop yields With fewer pesticides / fertilizers Using sensors in the ground to monitor and address the soil’s needs Alf Ribeiro / Shutterstock
  46. 46. DATA, as a connection between cloudified AI & the physical world, is the starting point for tech to address the world challenges Clement Kiragu / Shutterstock
  48. 48. Scale Growth enabler Entrepreneur minded Process orientedInternationalize Supportive Disruptive About us Serena Capital is a Venture Capital firm, Supporting disruptive startups across Europe "Because we have built our own businesses and financed others as venture capitalists, we are able to act as a bridge between the worlds of finance and entrepreneurship, turning investment money into smart money" Clement Kiragu / Shutterstock
  49. 49. Portfolio Companies
  51. 51. AD TECH Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Ad Tech Adbrain Data provider for the advertising industry, enabling cross-device tracking Increases audience reach and allows cross device tracking - -    Ad Tech Adello Self-optimizing advertising campaigns leveraging on data and deep learning Optimizes ad spend / ROI - -    Ad Tech Adikteev Optimizes ad spend while choosing the right moment to target a user Optimizes ad spend / ROI - -    Ad Tech Adjust Marketing performance tracking. Attribution and analytics across channels. Optimizes ad spend / ROI, better understanding of performance - - -  - Ad Tech ADmantX Audience data Optimized match between ad placement, content and contextual data - -    Ad Tech AdotMob Programmatic platform for mobile, leveraging data and algorithm to segment audience and provide recommendations Optimizes ad spend / ROI, better understanding of performance - - -  - Ad Tech Adsquare Enables advertiser to rely on geolocation information (user's current position, past route and POI proximity) to set up new bidding strategies Enables new bidding strategies - -    Ad Tech Alkemics Enables retailers and CPG manufacturers to collect, activate, and share data Enables retailers and CPG manufacturers to run smarter analytics, merchandizing, and shopper marketing thanks to always complete, up-to-date and actionable product data - -    Ad Tech Campanja Paid search bidding engine leveraging data tracking to save 10-30% on AdWords campaigns Better ROI on AdWords - -    Ad Tech Captify Search retargeting, display advertising Ensures users are shown relevant (context, social, etc.) ads for a better conversion - -    Ad Tech Databerries Mobile predictive marketing Right ad for the right person at the right moment and at the right price; profiling the user based on their past locations - -    Ad Tech LoopMe Mobile video DSP Allows better targeting - -    Ad Tech MOCA Mobile targeting platform Enables companies to relevantly engage and target its customers - -    Ad Tech Sirdata Leverages on traffic behavioral data to find and score new targets for ad buyers (pre-targeting) Enables finding new ad targets with a higher conversion rate and at a better price - - -   Ad Tech Tapvalue Omni channel data platform for retailers Enables cross device tracking and better ad targeting - -    Ad Tech The Adex Data management platform for programmatic advertising with real- time access to data marketplace Facilitates data aggregation and distribution - -    Ad Tech Zeotap Monetizes data from telecom operators by making it actionable and accessible to advertisers Allows the use of telcos data for better targeting in advertising - -  -  Position in the Data Chain
  52. 52. Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Agriculture Silent Herdsman Collects live data from cattle (temperature, rumination or not, eating or not) to provide predictive analytics and prevent disease Provides better health for animals and a deeper knowledge of cattle - -   - Analytics Aito Unifies business, network, product and customer data for real-time analysis, discovery and reporting Un-siloed data and real-time analysis - -  - - Analytics Analytics Engines Big data platform for complex analytics and real-time processing Enables faster, more in depth and real time analysis   - - - Analytics Meniscus Analytics platform Enables companies to manage a wide range of data from which to deduce calculations -  - - - Analytics Semmle Data analytics platform for software engineering Gains insights into coding - -  - - Automotive AdasWorks Software for self driving cars Enables a computer to "read and understand the road" and to drive a car automatically - -    Automotive Automile Collects data from a car (fuel, position, maintenance, driver performance) and uploads this to the cloud Enables data collection - -  - - Automotive GreenRoad Technologies Leverages on data to measure, improve and sustain safe and fuel- efficient driving behavior Results in safer fleets and lower fuel consumption - -   - AGRICULTURE – ANALYTICS – AUTOMOTIVE Position in the Data Chain
  53. 53. CUSTOMER INSIGHT (1/2) Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Customer insight bd4travel Personalizes the travel portal user-experience in real-time Enables relevant and personalized offers - -    Customer insight Big Data For Humans Analytics to better understand customers Helps companies manage/monetize their customers and save money using data science - - -   Customer insight Boxever Personalizes the travel portal user experience in real-time Enables relevant and personalized offers - -    Customer insight Clarisite Behavioral analytics on web/mobile Allows marketing teams to instantly drill down into site usability and functionality by capturing, recording and indexing every single customer session in full - -   - Customer insight Customermatrix Big data powered CRM leveraging on cognitive computing to provide high value recommendations Higher value added CRM system - - -  - Customer insight Featurespace Adaptive behavioral analytics for fraud management, responsible gambling and churn protection Avoids fraud, allows more transactions from customers and detects gambling addiction - -   - Customer insight Innometrics Aggregates consumer data and allows for segmentation Allows centralized consumer data and better segmentation - -  - - Customer insight Intent HQ Customer segmentation based on traffic data matched with publisher data allowing for ad targeting New kind of segmentation and targeting, for a better understanding of media audiences - -    Customer insight Intersec Extracts value from mobile network operators' big data Allows to gain knowledge from MNO networks - -   - Customer insight NewsWhip Detects the web's top trending topics through social sharing analysis Allows for trending contents discovery in real-time - -  - - Position in the Data Chain
  54. 54. Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Customer insight Predicsis Leverages on data to predict customer behavior (e.g. churn) Makes it possible to predict behavior among customers - - -   Customer insight Qubit Leverages on e-commerce customer and traffic data to customize experience and provides BI Enables better experience, knowledge and decision for e-merchant - - .   Customer insight Ravelin Machine learning for fraud detection Prevents fraud - - -   Customer insight Salviol Analytics software for fraud detection Detects fraud - - -   Customer insight Search'XPR Leverages on traffic data and cognitive science to customize user- experience and improve e-commerce conversion Enables better user experience and conversion in e- shops - -    Customer insight Sentiance SDK to collect contextual data Enables a better understanding of interaction with mobile audience - -    Customer insight Shift Technology Leverages on data to detect insurance fraud Improves fraud detection - - -  - Customer insight Signal Media Text analytics platform Identifies and analyzes trends - -  - - Customer insight Webtrekk Real-time web analytics with raw data, aggregating different data source (CRM, Traffic,etc.) allowing RTB and customization Allows automated advertising targeting and site customization based on individual user behavior - -    CUSTOMER INSIGHT (2/2) Position in the Data Chain
  55. 55. DATA DISTRIBUTION – DATABASE Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Data distribution Push Technology Cloud based infrastructure to provide reactive and fast data stream Enables scalability and speed to deliver data   - - - Database ArangoDB Distributed free and open-source NoSQL database Velocity   - - - Database CartoDB Maps and analyzes location data Makes it easy to see and understand/explore location data -  - - - Database Clusterpoint SaaS and distributed NoSQL database offering real-time processing Easier scalability for NoSQL database   - - - Database Crate Data SQL syntax database for big data Allows making MySQL queries with a big data database   - - - Database Elastic Big data database software (Elastic search) Ability to process big data sets   - - - Database GeoSpock Search Engine for the rapidly-changing, multi-dimensional, physical world Scalable, real-time geospatial database   - - - Database Neo Technology Graph database Allows graph data modeling on big data sets   - - - Database Swarm64 Robust database solution Increases capacity of databases   - - - Position in the Data Chain
  56. 56. Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data e-Commerce Cortexica Deep learning applied to fashion visual recognition Enables visual search for fashion -  -  - e-Commerce EDITD Leverages on real-time analytics of pricing, assortment and deep product metrics to help fashion retailers structure their pricing competitively Optimizes pricing and timing for e-merchants - -   - e-Commerce Flyr Predicts the future pricing of airfares to optimize booking Optimizes flight bookings - -   - e-Commerce Netwave Real-time personalized customization of e-commerce websites Improves conversion rates of e-commerce websites - -   - e-Commerce Nosto Provides a personalized e-shopping experience, including Facebook advertising and post-visit triggered emailing Allows automated e-shop conversion funnel management - -    e-Commerce Ometria Predictive software for e-commerce marketing Increases revenue by creating campaigns to suit customers' profiles - - -   e-Commerce OrderDynamics Leverages on retailers' data to recommend actions for products, customers, channels and marketing to improve their omnichannel operations Allows retailers to provide an omnichannel customer- centric experience - -    e-Commerce Profitero Price monitoring for e-retailers Allows optimal pricing within the competitive environment - -  -  e-Commerce WebData SolutionsPrice monitoring for e-retailers Allows optimal pricing within the competitive environment - -  -  e-Commerce Yieldify Predictive marketing abandonment solutions for e-commerce conversion Increases conversion on e-commerce websites - -    E-COMMERCE Position in the Data Chain
  57. 57. ENERGY – ENVIRONMENT Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Energy Actility SmartGrid, M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) enabler Optimization of energy production and peak load management - -    Energy Effigenie Leverages on real-time thermic data to control heating in a building Optimal heating and lower energy consumption - -   - Energy Limejump Provides virtual electricity to the network by reducing the consumption of a group or user Allows for efficient peak consumption management and lowers production capacity needs - -    Energy Onzo Measures electricity consumption per device and provides insights to customers and utilities Provides a deeper knowledge of electricity consumption to provide advice to the consumer and allow utilities to improve network planning - -  -  Energy QwikSense Collects energy indoor data (CO2, temperature, humidity, air pressure) to optimize energy consumption and improve well being Reduces energy consumption and improves work conditions - -  - - Environment Enevo Leverages on big data to optimize waste collection. Improves waste collection efficiency by enabling more waste to be collected with the same fleet and on shorter routes. Able to measure individual waste production and price individual waste collection - -   - Environment Inflowmatix Optimizes water utilities and IT systems Improves the management of leaks, demand, energy and operational incidents - -   - Position in the Data Chain
  58. 58. FINTECH – HEALTH Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Fintech Aire Credit scoring using machine-learning and statistical modelling, creating a fair and transparent credit score for consumers Increases credit reach / reduce credit risk, improved transparency - -   - Fintech Credit Benchmark Gathering credit risk information Provides the market with better data on credit information - -  - - Fintech Klarna Allows online buyers to pay for ordered goods after receiving them thanks to credit and fraud risk algorithms Makes for a better customer experience, higher conversion rates, and less risks - - -  - Fintech Kreditech Innovative banking solutions Allows for faster credit scoring of individuals based on 20.000 data points - -    Health Beddit Measures and collects data to improve sleep with analytics and recommendations Allows users to track their sleep - -    Health Big Health Uses tracked data to create highly personalized behavioral medicine programs (cognitive therapy) applied for instance to sleeping Computer based behavioral therapy - -    Health Cortrium Body sensors and data collection Lets physicians remotely track patients' vital signs - -  - - Health CubeSensors Collects data about home interior air and provides recommendation Better air quality - -   - Health Lifesum Aggregates fitness apps' data Allows healthier behavior, better knowledge of one's behavior and for a more efficient diet - -   - Health LindaCare Simple integrated data platform for medical tele-monitoring Improves quality of care and patient safety with a simplified patient tele-monitoring - -   - Health MySugr Aggregates and track diabetes data Allows for a better understanding of one's health and a better behavior - -  - - Health Sensovida Sensors for smart home and connected health Makes it possible to detect emergency risks and abnormal behavior - -    Health Sophia Genetics Provides physicians with secure data storage and advanced genetic diagnostic / analytics software Lets physicians provide personalized, predictive, preventive and participatory healthcare   -  - Position in the Data Chain
  59. 59. HORIZONTAL SOFTWARE HOSPITALITY - HR Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Horizontal software Bitext Text analytics (sentiment analysis, categorization, entity extraction) Text understanding - - -  - Horizontal software Blue Yonder Predictive platform which automates decisions in real time and delivers precise forecasts for retailers' stocks Provides forecasts, automatized and optimized decisions for stock management - - -   Horizontal software Brand a Trend GmbH Text analytics (sentiment analysis, categorization, entity extraction) Text understanding - - -  - Horizontal software Dataiku Integrated development platform for data professionals to turn raw data into predictions Eases deployment of prediction algorithms on existing data warehouse - - -   Horizontal software Massive Analytic Predictive analysis for businesses Allows data driven forecasting and decision making - - -  - Horizontal software Neokami Artificial Intelligence platform Making data driven decisions by predicting a wide range of business matters -  -   Horizontal software OpenDataSoft Visualization platform Enables users to visualize and interpret heterogeneous data - -  - - Horizontal software Redbird Drone data collection and processing (network supervision, geospatial, agribusiness) Enables better decision making based on drones' collected data - -   - Horizontal software Snips Data contextualization for apps Enables the end user to smoothly interact with apps thanks to contextualization - - -   Horizontal software SynerScope Software for data visualization Provides a tool to visualize relationships within a huge data set and detect anomalies - - - - - Hospitality PriceMatch Leverages on hotels' data to predict and optimize room filling rates Allows for optimal room price-fixing in order to maximize hotels' fill rate and revenue - -    Human Resources Clustree Uses the data to give career suggestions Analyzes millions of pathways to maximize the company's talent - -   - Human Resources Jobandtalent Job matching platform based on linguistic pattern recognition Reverses the job search process: highly targeted jobs are sent by email to passive candidates - -   - Position in the Data Chain
  60. 60. IoT – IT – LOGISTICS - PROCESSING Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data IoT Concirrus IoT middleware cloud and hardware service Creation of connected devices and platform to enter into the IoT world - -  - - IoT EVRYTHNG IoT cloud platform collecting data from connected devices and ability to activate them remotely Provides a unified platform to access and activate connected devices - -  -  IoT Relayr IoT hardware and software Allows developers to build IoT apps - -  - - IoT IoT platform Enables development of IoT applications and connecting objects - -  - - IT Server logs analysis Allows full server monitoring through real-time log analysis - - -   IT opvizor SaaS platform to predict and prevent datacenter issues through crowdsourcing and pattern recognition Provides automated support tracking issues and giving comprehensive information on how to solve problems - -    Logisitics Traxens Sensors for freight forwarding Enables tracking and ensuring secure transportation of containers - -  - - Logisitics Xeneta Price comparison service for sea freight based on crowdsourced data to find the cheapest port to port combinations Finds cheaper sea freight routes - -   - Processing Cambridge Quantum Computing Limited Quantum computing Makes for easier and quicker complex problem solving -  - - - Position in the Data Chain
  61. 61. REAL ESTATE – RETAIL – SALES & MARKETING Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Real estate Land Insight Online solution to recognize and manage off-market lands opportunities Allows identification of new sites, risk assessment and connection with landowners - -   - Retail Geoblink BI solution leveraging on data to optimize retailers' shop networks Optimizes selection of store and site networks, applying advanced analytics over small and big data - - -  - Retail Relex Solutions Supply chain management software Improves the supply chain - - -  - Retail Viewsy Retail analytics tool based on in-store sensors (Wi-Fi) and data (sales, video) Enables a deeper understanding of consumers' behavior inside a shop - -  - - Sales & Marketing Brandtone Builds mobile campaigns and collects interactions in a database to help brands to engage with customers Creates customer insights for advertising - -    Sales & Marketing BrightSun Leveraging on smart data to identify investment opportunities for funds Find unforeseen opportunities - -   - Sales & Marketing Growth Intelligence Qualifies sales leads based on a conversion prediction score Identify and focus on only high potential prospects - - -  - Sales & Marketing Innaas Collects data from business entities and provides KPI visualization Allows for data collection and centralization from multiple business entities - -  - - Sales & Marketing Kuldat Web platform for B2B prospection Insights for optimizing B2B marketing campaigns and find new relevant prospects - -  -  Sales & Marketing NGDATA Software for CRM Enables companies to leverage their marketing and improve their CRM - - -   Sales & Marketing Relay42 Tag and data management software Provides relevant data on customer profiles for marketers through integrating all cross channel and cross device customer data in one single platform - -   - Sales & Marketing SpazioDati Knowledge-graph of places, events, companies and geographies accessible from a single API. Enables automatic entity extraction from a text via an API - -    Sales & Marketing Telectic Enriched database for the professional world Enables monitoring and tracking changes within a particular business field - -   - Sales & Marketing Tinyclues Software for marketing automation Delivers the right message to the right person - - -   Position in the Data Chain
  62. 62. SECURITY – SERVICES – SPORT – SPORT STORAGE Sector Name What Added value Storage Processing Collection Interpretation Actionable data Security Blueliv Uses big data and machine learning to prevent a cyber attack Cyber-attack prevention - - -   Security Brainwave Rights management audit tool based on data to detect abnormal activity and prevent fraudulent access Strengthened and automatized security policy - -   - Security Buguroo Cloud security software for detection, analysis and management Fight network threats, manage and monitor risk - -   - Security Darktrace Identifying new, emerging threats in real time Enables proactive defense against in-progress cyber- attacks - -    Security Nexthink Real-time monitoring of information systems to improve security Transforms information system end-users' data into actionable analytics - -    Security Panaseer Cyber security software Leverages on security data (hacker attacks and company defenses) to analyze and make better decisions regarding cybersecurity - -   - Services Unbabel Online human corrected machine translation service Enables faster translation with high scalability - - -  - Sport Fitmo Track sporting activity by wearable sensors and provide a custom program by a coach Provides a custom coaching program with personalized recommendations from a real coach - -   - Sport Metrica Sports Video and data analysis for football teams Allows better tactical analysis for football teams - -  - - Storage Amplidata Large scale distributed online storage Scale, velocity, reliability  - - - - Storage Scality Cloud data storage services Building petabyte storage  - - - - Position in the Data Chain
  63. 63. ANNEX 2: BIG GUYS The fundraisings >€20m that we excluded in our amounts analysis
  64. 64. BIG GUYS €212,000.000 €45,000.000 €110,000.000 €64,000.000 €65,000.000€154,000.000 Excluded from amounts based analysis
  65. 65. BIG GUYS Automotive 24 M€ Processing 47 M€ Security 21 M€ Customer Insights 24 M€ E-commerce 38 M€ HR 23 M€ Database 21 M€ Database 65M€ Finance 118 M€ Horizontal 70 M€ Customer insight 25 M€ Finance 90 M€ Retail 20 M€ Energy 23 M€ Storage 45 M€ Excluded from amounts based analysis
  66. 66. ANNEX 3: AMOUNT ANALYSIS The fundraisings >€20m that we excluded in our amounts analysis
  67. 67. 35% AdTech E-Commerce Health Customer Insights Sales & Marketing Horizontal software Excluding financing round > €20m 42,6 45,8 50,6 60,1 73,6 78,9 TOP SECTORS €M INVESTED IN DATA STARTUPS
  68. 68. €M INVESTED IN DATA STARTUPS Excluding financing round > €20m
  69. 69. THE REAL WORLD IS BEING "DATA-FIED" TOO (€M) Excluding financing round > €20m Digital sectors Traditional sectors