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The Future of Customer Centricity - Digital Ecosystems

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Customer Centricity requires meeting and exceeding their expectations at all digital touchpoints. Campaigns not longer work, it's about their unique interactions within the digital ecosysttem. Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Career Forum Presentation 2012

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The Future of Customer Centricity - Digital Ecosystems

  1. 1. It’s Not About CampaignsIt’s About EcosystemsDMEF Student Career ForumDecember 7, 2012James BrettDigital Ecosystem Strategies
  2. 2. The trajectory • Instructor • Systems Programmer • Management Consultant • Digital Publishing Entrepreneur • Started & sold digital publishing firm • Web Entrepreneur • Started & sold web-based business • Raised capital, grew pre-IPO .com business • Digital Direct Marketing • Merger & Acquisition Lead • Customer Experience Digital Ecosystem • eBusiness / Systems / Social / Mobile Strategies • Digital Strategy Consultancy
  3. 3. Snapshot:Traditional andInternet Marketing
  4. 4. Traditional and Internet Marketing
  5. 5. The start of theRevolution
  6. 6. New Sites Proliferate,Adoption Skyrockets
  7. 7. The Social Webis Created !
  8. 8. it’s notabout things… it’s about people! You! Who cares? Our Hey :) product is Hi there! amazing!
  9. 9. People will fight you if you interrupt themand only talk about your products That Company Sucks! #*! My experience #*! with them was... You! #*! ! ? #*! Hey!! Our product is #*! ! amazing! See our #*! ads! #*! #*! ? (: ?
  10. 10. Traditional no longer works... even works against you!
  11. 11. You no longer just market your products share them...and you share what people are doing with them. You make your fans remarkableYou help them do things better, provide tips and ideasYou tell them about what inspired you…and continuesto inspire you!
  12. 12. ...and you ask your fans what they need.So that you, with their help, can continue to beremarkable It’s not about how campaigns can market thingsIt’s about people…and how to provide themcontinually greater value within the ecosystem
  13. 13. The Social Media Revolution –Driving a Fundamental Shift to How we Market =3jhe657AoLs&
  14. 14. Marketing is now done in concert with thedigital ecosystemA business strategy that seeks to leverage digitaltechnology to create dynamic, interconnected touchpoints and product extensions that provide additionalvalue to customers, deepen their connection with abrand, and, ultimately, feed business growth.
  15. 15. THE PHASES OF BUYING THINGSconsider evaluate purchase use/enjoy advocate
  16. 16. THE CHANNELS/CONTEXTS consider evaluate purchase use/enjoy advocateTVweb
  17. 17. THE JOURNEY (across the ecosystem) consider evaluate purchase use/enjoy advocateTVweb
  18. 18. THE OPPORTUNITY SPACES consider evaluate purchase use/enjoy advocateTVweb
  19. 19. In the context of an ecosystem,marketing has a whole new meaning.
  20. 20. Online photography Photo classes sharing InherentlyThis product Photo blog awesome product exhibitwill make youfeel artisticand creative. Customer service = value!
  21. 21. Right “thing,” Right context consider consider evaluate evaluate purchase purchase use/enjoy use/enjoy advocate advocate TV Spot SocialTV breaking sharing assumptions Toolweb for comparison Onboarding mobile app Social chat
  22. 22. Sephora’s objective – provide their users 15 straight days of beauty thrills Sephora’s “15 Days of Beauty” campaign: fan base increased 6x’s over normal growth, an immediate sales life, and a 300% increase in mobile shopping.
  23. 23. Sephora’s online job campaigns are at the core of their recruiting efforts
  24. 24. Domino’s initial goal – remake their entire product line and begin again toplease customers they had lostAfter Domino’s 2010 viral video PR debacle and severe quality complaints,they reported an 11% sales increase in first half 2012 sales driven by theirdigital campaigns, and a 29% profit increase in the UK.
  25. 25. Nike’s Mission: Bring Inspiration and Innovation to Every Athlete in the World Significant increase in posts during Olympics Nike’s digital marketing mojo helped drive a record high $6.7M in Q1 2012 sales.
  26. 26. Carlsbergs “Toast to Courage” campaign Starbucks self proclaimed “scrappy” digitalgoes Viral, 16M views, contributes to marketing plan has driven 18M fans, and4.3% increase in sales (Q3/Q4, 2011). nearly 1M customer ideas. “We made the mistake of pitching without first earning the trust, and our messages fell on deaf ears. It wasn’t until we asked our customers what they wanted of us, that we started building the relationship that would be the foundation of our social strategy.” - Morgan Johnston, Jetblue
  27. 27. How does the Marketingtransformation affect how we work?
  28. 28. Over time, Marketers must gain a base level of knowledge oftechnology – to effectively partner with IT teams/vendors forcampaign creation within the digital ecosystem.
  29. 29. Integrating with leading Marketing vendors allows for fasterexpansion; open, flexible systems ensure ease of integration.
  30. 30. THE OLD WORLD OF CAMPAIGN CREATION:SINGLE PROJECT MODEL / TEAM SILOES Client/ Agency/ Business lead Project lead Team Team
  31. 31. THE NEW WORLD: ONE INTEGRATED AND CROSS-POLLINATED TEAM Marketing/ IT/Systems eBusiness lead lead Team Team Team Team Team
  32. 32. Recap & Review
  33. 33. What does this all mean to you?• Marketing will continue to transform for many years to come• We’re at a very early stage – eCommerce just 5% of US Retail Sales• Aptitude, creativity, passion, drive are coveted, regardless of Degree• Expansion of your skills in any area is at your fingertips• Broad changes/expansion opens up a broad range of opportunities• For these reasons, now is one of the best times in recent history, or possibly ever, to pursue a career in digital marketing!
  34. 34. Q&A
  35. 35. Thank You!James