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Venturing into the cloud


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Venturing into the cloud

  1. 1. Venturing into the Cloud With Google Apps Jeff Piontek Punahou June 14, 2011
  2. 2. What criteria make something valuable for an educator?
  3. 3. Name a single tool that meets this criteria.
  4. 4. Was such a tool available five years ago?
  5. 5. Why is it available now?
  6. 6. Toolsfor Educators An Educator's World of Google Tools
  7. 7. Google's Mission “Organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”
  8. 8. Google's Philosophy: • Focus on the user and all else will follow. • It’s best to do one thing really, really well. • Fast is better than slow. • Democracy on the web works. • You don’t need to be at your desk to need an answer. • You can make money without doing evil. • There’s always more information out there. • The need for information crosses all borders. • You can be serious without a suit. • Great isn’t just good enough.
  9. 9. Google of the Future?
  10. 10. Google Time Line What Google has been up to for ten years
  11. 11. Vocabulary Web 2.0 - second iteration of internet; highly dynamic Blogging - weblogging RSS - Really Simple Syndication Widget - tool added to web page Aggregator - site for compiling RSS feeds Cloud computing - working in the Internet; online file storage, web apps. Web apps - applications that are web hosted rather than hard drive based
  12. 12. Word Processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation Apps run through browser. Upload common file formats and edit. No compatibility issues.
  13. 13. Open source browser extension that enables web applications to run offline. When not connected to the Internet, your edits are stored on computer until re-connection, at which point changes are synced with Google Docs' servers and made available to collaborators.
  14. 14. Video Chat
  15. 15. Calendar
  16. 16. Calendar
  17. 17. Personalized Home Page Aggregate Information Add Gadgets Many to choose from Develop your own Add Multiple tabs RSS Feeds Themes
  18. 18. Ed Tech Arena
  19. 19. Version 5 • Earth • Sky • Ocean • Mars • Record Tour • Historical Images • SketchUp Integration
  20. 20. Version 7 • 3-D Modeling • Earth Integration • Models in Warehouse • Import & Export
  21. 21. Create 3D models in SketchUp and share them through the Google 3D Warehouse. View 3D models in Google Earth, by downloading the 3D Warehouse network link.
  22. 22. Browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. It's currently available for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or later and Windows Vista. Mac and Linux versions are being developed.
  23. 23. Blog • Free site • Interactive • Facilitate communication • Multiple languages • Follow updates with Reader
  24. 24. Reader Feed Aggragator Display feeds Browse for feeds Share feeds
  25. 25. Book Search
  26. 26. Search for scholarly literature. Identify the most relevant research across the world of scholarly research.
  27. 27. Trends Uses search volume to track trends Google Flu Trends uses aggregated Google search data to estimate flu activity.
  28. 28. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include: • monitoring developing news story • keeping current on research
  29. 29. Google Mobile News. Anytime, Anywhere. Google News for your phone lets you read up on the latest news from anywhere at anytime. Google News for your phone lets you read up on the latest news from anywhere at anytime. Point your phone at, and you can: • See the top stories currently making headlines • Browse related articles from a variety of sources • Customize your news to show just the sections you want
  30. 30. Client Application for Windows Instant messaging Free PC-to-PC voice calls Send and receive voicemails Unlimited file transfers Gmail notifications on your desktop On the Web
  31. 31. On the Web
  32. 32. Gmail integration
  33. 33. Reader
  34. 34. Google Apps • Messaging o Gmail and Google Calendar keep employees connected and save your company time and money. • Collaboration o Google Docs, Google Video and Google Sites complement traditional office software to make teamwork easier. Companies or departments can use these apps on their own to be more productive.
  35. 35. Cloud Computing • Computer Applications as an online service • Managed by the school! o Benefit of apps for ed
  36. 36. Cloud Computing School Options • Cloud Computing intro - • Google Apps • Zoho 
  37. 37. Google Tools for Schools • Standard single user google/gmail accounts • Google Team Edition o Overview page o Can be setup and managed by a teacher or group of students • Google Apps Complete School Solution o Overview page o Requires IT management support and involvement
  38. 38. Education Edition FAQ • “click here for live faq” • 1) What is Google Apps Education Edition? • 2) Why Google Apps? • 3) What other schools are using Google Apps for Education? • 4) How much is Google Apps for Education? • 5) Will there be advertisements with Google Apps? • 6) How much storage do users get with Google Apps Education Edition? • 7) What is the uptime for the Google Apps email? • 8) What's the difference between Education Edition and Premier Edition? • 9) How secure is Google Apps?
  39. 39. Google Apps for Education • Local management of an institution domain o • school registered and owned domain • Basic messaging and collaboration services o Google tools all registered under the school owned domain • School staff has complete management rights o Account creation and management o Which services are active o Access to take control of any account o Tools to integrate with existing services o Tools to migrate user accounts to Google Apps domain
  40. 40. Reference • Other Google Apps video o • Admin Control Panel video o 305C271C
  41. 41. What is it? • Option to Mix and Match o Gmail o Google Talk o Google Calendar o Google Docs  Document, Spreadsheet, Presentation  Document Storage, upload, export, publish o Google Sites (website)
  42. 42. Google Apps: Impact • User-generated content • Collaboration • Supports collection and analysis of data • Student centered • Home and school access 24/7 • Cross platform • Chat feature • Revision history • Easy sharing of documents (view/edit) • Sites • Enables communication
  43. 43. Our Goals • To ensure each student the broadest possible experience with existing and emerging technologies. • To embed these experiences throughout the K-12 curriculum. • To teach each student the safe, legal, ethical and responsible use of existing and emerging technologies.
  44. 44. Our Philosophy • Try anything that's out there • Allow distributed support • Every teacher/student is free to use what works best • Every teacher/student is free to suggest using a new product • Minimize the filter /adjust for grade level
  45. 45. Our Usage Plan • embed Google Apps into the ICT K-12 curriculum • pilot experiences districtwide • identify assured experiences • free to use and publish for school use o teachers/administration o students o school organizations
  46. 46. Responding to Concerns • Sites shared with the world... privacy issues • Who owns the data and online content • How to transition students without losing information • Google doesn't share our data. • Inappropriate content • Technical Support Google Apps User Sites Apps for K-12: Staying Ahead of the Curve Google Apps Help Site
  47. 47. Gmail • Connectivity o ability to contact all students  auto-populating/standardization o Custom auto forwarding o All students K-12 and K12 Staff o Dashboard Level Custom “Distribution Lists” Groups by class o Freshmen Class o Groups created in Mail show up in other apps o Created new learning opportunity for teachers  knowledge of csv files
  48. 48. Google Docs • Students learn collaboration skills, collaborative writing, wiki format, sharing protocols • Universal access for all students and staff o No flash drives or need for email attachments o Cross platform • Revision History Other Advantages • 10 concurrent editors • Easy upload / download • Sharing (view/edit) • Chat • Insert Table of Contents
  49. 49. Google Docs: K-12 Embedded in ICT Curriculum Grade 3: Google Presentations Grade 4: Google Spreadsheets and Forms Middle School: Integration of Neo2 /Google Docs High School: collaborative research docs and data collection on spreadsheets
  50. 50. Google Docs: Professional Use • Professional Development o Agenda/Minutes o Spreadsheets: sharing faculty data/ideas • Curriculum writing • Inventory and budget
  51. 51. Google Presentations • Students learn public speaking, graphic design, visual literacy • Collaborative work on one presentation • Share and send Google link • Can be embedded into site Other Advantages • Creates a Chat backchannel option on the right • Storyboard a presentation • Download as PowerPoint, pdf or text
  52. 52. Google Spreadsheets • Students learn to enter, sort and analyze data / produce charts, graphs • Collaborative data collection • Dynamic cells pull live data Other Advantages • Add dynamic gadgets • 50 concurrent editors • Embeds into Google Sites • Downloads to Excel, pdf
  53. 53. Google Forms • Students learn to write surveys/collect and analyze data • Collect large amounts of data quickly • Resulting data in Google Spreadsheet Other Advantages: • Collect data using mobile devices • Embeds into a Google Site • Self-correcting quizzes • Branching options • Quick formative assessments • School productivity /registration /directories
  54. 54. Curricular Examples
  55. 55. Google Forms: Project Directories
  56. 56. Google Forms: Probability
  57. 57. Google Forms: Statistics Survey .
  58. 58. Google Forms: Administrative Walk Through
  59. 59. Google Forms: Student Learning Profiles for RTI
  60. 60. Google Forms: IT Support
  61. 61. Google Calendars • Students learn to use calendars for project mapping • Shared calendars for labs, COWs • Import 8-day rotation • Layered views: turn on and off Other Advantages: • Specialized calendars • Project calendars • Embeds within Site • Syncs with SmartPhones, Outlook
  62. 62. Google Calendars
  63. 63. Sites • Students learn to publish • Self-initiating a new site • Easy embedding of all Google Apps More Advantages • Differentiated sharing • Insert YouTube videos • Embedding gadgets • Insert an image using a URL • File Cabinet with version numbers
  64. 64. Google Sites: 4th Grade Benchmark
  65. 65. Google Sites: Freshman Health 350 freshman websites are created each September ICT embedded skills • Google Apps • website production/design • copyright law • MLA citation • annotated bibliography • drawing tools for original graphics • conversion of graphics to .jpgs • spreadsheet and charting • online data entry • screenshots and conversion to .jpgs • sharing protocols for personal security
  66. 66. Google Sites: Student Portals
  67. 67. Google Sites: Curriculum Site
  68. 68. Google Sites: Curriculum Site
  69. 69. Google Sites: Parent Organization
  70. 70. Google Sites: English Poetry
  71. 71. Google Sites: Social Studies World Interactions
  72. 72. Google Sites: Course Web Site
  73. 73. Google Sites: Night Pre- Reading
  74. 74. Google Sites
  75. 75. Google Sites
  76. 76. Contact us • if you have further questions • if you would like to visit our school • if you would like us to come to your school • if you would be interested in establishing a collaboration between your teachers/students and ours
  77. 77. Google Apps Resources Google Apps Education Training Center Google Apps Administrator Help Google Apps Security and Privacy FAQs
  78. 78. Photo Credits cloud photo: uploads/2010/09/clouds.jpg
  79. 79. Mahalo •