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Jelastic - Turn Containers into Money Making Machine - 2016

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Find out how to enter the market of Docker containers, PaaS and DevOps.
Big players on the cloud market are moving in containers and DevOps direction. They are offering container services with high level of deployment automation, workload mobility and management with a help of Docker containers. To be competitive in hosting business the service providers must catch the wave of the current trends and meet demands of customers. Better hardware or support is not enough for the differentiation anymore.

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Jelastic - Turn Containers into Money Making Machine - 2016

  1. 1. Turn Containers into Money Making Machine
  2. 2. Invaluable Experience
  3. 3. What Can Influence Your Business?
  4. 4. Catch the Wave to Succeed
  5. 5. Docker Phenomena  History and Experience – dotCloud PaaS  Fast Success – more than $1bln valuation  Rapid Adoption – 5x during the last year
  6. 6. Docker Phenomena Solomon Hykes - Founder of Docker
  7. 7.  Faster and Cheaper  Easy to Scale  Easy to Migrate Why Сontainers Are So Popular?
  8. 8.  Bare CaaS or container-based PaaS  Managed services on containers What Hosters Can Offer
  9. 9. Reach new DevOps customers How to Get to the Container Market? Upgrade legacy VPS customers
  10. 10. Who Are the Target Customers?
  11. 11. SMBs Looking for Public Cloud
  12. 12. ISVs Looking for VPC
  13. 13. SMEs Looking for Private Cloud
  14. 14. What Can Be the Barrier?
  15. 15. Lack of Expertise
  16. 16. Fear to Invest in a New Trend?
  17. 17. Competition with Big Cloud Players
  18. 18. What is the Solution?
  19. 19. Business Platform Customers ServiceProvider
  20. 20. Build Your Own Solution
  21. 21. Use a Ready-to-Go Solution
  22. 22. Resell Existing Solutions
  23. 23. Power up your business! Contact us for more Information Booth # Z02