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Final session on wimba

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Final session on wimba

  1. 1. Improving Student Learning Using Technology Summer 2012 Final Session
  2. 2. Outcomes•  Expand on ideas on how to transform learning using technology•  Identify principles driving effective integration of technology
  3. 3. Norms•  Experiment!•  Honor speaker power.•  Engage.•  Let Jenni know you are present for attendance.
  4. 4. Website For Parents and Others Lindsay Dressel-Siete, Shelley Heimsath, Amy Hudson
  5. 5. The Reading Corner Lindsay, Shelley, Amy Using technology to inform parentsa/ Content Areas‎ > ‎FluencyPhonemic AwarenessPhonicsText ComprehensionVocabulary
  6. 6. Flip Cameras,Ladybugs, and ipadshelp with Fluency Lindsay, Shelley, Amy•  video tape students reading orally•  students watch themselves on the video•  students use a rubric to self assess•  student creates a goal to improve fluent reading
  7. 7. fluency rubric Lindsay, Shelley, Amy
  8. 8. Tim “Mac” McCastland - Bell Graham PE I am in an unusual position that doesn’t allow me to use the technology as much as a classroom teacher on a daily basis. Currently, I have to cover what is expected in each quarter without taking time away from their “physical” education. So, I have creatively found technology that is related to P.E. that may be used. I have worked with our librarian to find the best way of using this technology by utilizing the computer lab, IPad, and laptops. This year the following items will be introduced and used as a way of making the learning in P.E. more exciting, fun, and advanced. The examples are:1.Pedometers2.Google Doc, form, maps3.ConVA Student Response (Clickers)4.P.E. website5.Poll everywhere (great suggestion from Doug) I created 4 slides that show the technology currently used in the 1st quarter, technology to be used for the remainder of the year, and in the future.
  9. 9. Mac 1st quarter plans Pedometers Google Maps•Students in grades 3, 4 and 5 wear pedometers •From the Google forms, students begin their and each day keep track of the number of destination in Saint Charles, IL and map out their steps taken. steps (mileage) to any other state except Illinois.•Once a month, students will enter their steps in •Upon reaching their final destination, students the (Google form) survey to keep track of research the following questions: their progress throughout the year. –World Book Online and/or Grolier–Upon the tracking chart, a discussion takes •State capital, flag, bird or animal, song, tree, etc. place to talk about the “how’s and why’s” •Students present their new geographical location students have more steps than others, what to class. happens to your body and what to do to get •Each month the steps will be bigger and mileage more steps recorded. will be longer which then take students to travel to other countries. Google Forms –Popular sports, nutritional foods, something•Students calculate their steps and convert them historical that relates to Physical Education. based on the formula that I created.•The data collected will show their improvements throughout the year based on weekly, monthly, quarterly, by squads, gender, grade
  10. 10. Mac 2nd – 4th Quarter Plan•PE Website (under construction)–Valuable information to parents about the curriculum–Helpful information for students•PowerPoints–Used to show YouTube videos within the slides to demonstrate certain skills–Grading, rubrics, rules, expectations–Pictures of students executing a particular skills•ConVA Student Response–The instructor presents questions to the whole group at once or presents a "do-at-your-own-pace" assessment to be completed by each individual in accordance with the flow of the lesson or topic.–Everyone responds to each question using their own device–All participants get instant feedback on their device no matter what type of responder they are using.–Instructors have “real-time” results in a bar graph, pie chart and/or a tabular format to track individual and class performance.•IPad–Students use to record their partners in skills.–Critique and grade each other for improvements
  11. 11. Mac The Future•–have not used with my students yetThis was suggested by Doug and I have found this to be very easy to use as a reference to gather a quick glance at the feedback of those that answer the questions. In the video below, the participants use their phones. At the elementary level, I would be using the desktop, laptop, or IPad
  12. 12. “How I am using this experience to move your instruction to the next step for transforming mac learning.”•Impact on the learning–Students have shown an interest in the pedometer use. They are even more excited that they get to use the computer, laptop or IPad.–Parents that I have spoken with already have said the “wow” factor and are eager to wanting to work with their kids more.–More student interaction among classmates–More dialogue of the “why’s” to gain further understand of their research.•Experience for the next the level•Even though I have only been in the computer lab once to work with this technology, I feel I am ready to take my “vision” and make it explode to a point to where no one had ever seen something like this before. I know that I need to keep up with the tech world, in order to keep my student from being bored. At the same time, they’ll be teaching me how to make the most of what I want to get across.
  13. 13. Linnea AndersonUsing technology to engage students, offer alternative ways to interact with material, and provide for ELL differentiation.Edmodo: Created classes for both of the Language Arts classes Im working with. Im also logged in to Mr. Ashlines Edmodo class.Blackboard is the portal.I also have used Google Docs to Share ELL information on all ELL students (saves paper!). This helps teachers with differentiation.
  14. 14. Linnea AndersonEvidence of Student learning:Edmodo: Students have used this source to revisit information presented in class. They can view short videos, re-read text, download assignments and blog about their learning and questions they might have.Students are able to take a pretest for grammar and then go on to Edmodo to practice skills that they need to practice. Some students need a great deal of help while others breeze through. This frees up valuable student time. Worked with Maureen Scalia (also in Technology class) to organize this.
  15. 15. Linnea AndersonMoving Forward:--Continue to refine my Edmodo classes.--Have all ELL students linked to Edmodo--Have a group of teachers who are in an Edmodo class that contributes regularly regarding ELL issues, news and concerns--Continue refining Google Docs to disseminate ELL information to teachers.
  16. 16. Pam WattsUsing blackboard I embedded 2 YouTube video clips of How to Make a Pillowcase. After teaching the students the basics of using a sewing machine and making a hot/cold pack under my instruction I wanted to flip the classroom and have the students learn by asking the questions and finding the answers to "how to".
  17. 17. Pam WattsStudents worked with a partner.I introduced 4 Habits of Mind that I wanted the students to really focus on during the process. Collaboration Striving for Accuracy Persistance Problem Solving
  18. 18. Pam WattsAt the conclusion of the unit the students and I talked about the likes/dislikes of the process: Likes: collaborating with a partner access to the video to work at own speed Would Like: more computers-our server could not manage multiple laptops running a YouTube video at once. -samples to reference along the way
  19. 19. Pam WattsOther ways Ive used technology: --I took pictures of students working in the lab and made a power point to show the students as they walked into class the next day. Great way to open the discussion about the lab. --To introduce meal planning I have taken photos of various meals to lead to a discussion of meal planning principles and plate presentation. Will present on Thursday.
  20. 20. Pam WattsMoving forward: Would like to learn how to set up a google docs in the classroom. Ive participated in several google docs but need to learn how to set one up.
  21. 21. Enyth Carson- East High SchoolUsing technology to improve student writing and engagement.Used Edmodo to give students a place to discuss literature assignments.Used the ladibug to record a writing lesson
  22. 22. Enyth CarsonRecorded myself discussing a topic the writing students needed to use to write a letter.The students later recorded themselves reading the letter that they will later edit.
  23. 23. Enyth CarsonThe English students created their own creation myths that will be recorded.The students will then take a survey on Edmodo and vote on which myth was the best and give their reasons on why that myth was chosen.This will then turn into a discussion on Edmodo as to what is the purpose of writing.
  24. 24. Enyth CarsonThe goal is to have students create a discussion link about the topics we have learned about in class that will spark the desire to go deeper in their learning.
  25. 25. Karla Poremba - First Grade Improving Student Learning Using TechnologyMy Objectives:1. Enhance Student Engagement2. Strengthen the Home-School ConnectionTechnology Tools Embedded in My Practice:Digital Camera, Flip Camera, Document Camera, LCD, Internet, Photostory, Bell-Graham/District Websites, BlackBoard, Curricular Websites/Programs; Learn360; AppsWork in Progress: Google Sites personal website2012-13 Goals: Finalize website; increase understanding of Google Docs; expand repertoire of Apps to improve learning and teaching
  26. 26. Karla Poremba - First GradeUsing technology to improve student engagement... Evidence of impact: Students are eager to... •  collaborate to read, respond to, and create digital images and text •  research topics of common interest •  share new learning with others •  utilize information technology to support content knowledge
  27. 27. Karla Poremba - First GradeUsing technology to Strengthen the Home-School ConnectionEvidence of impact: Frequent positive parent/student feedbackExamples: Sharing Photostories with Parents: •  informs about student learning •  increases insights about school experiences •  provides a vehicle for conversations and learning to continue at home•  Homework includes links to curricular websites enabling students to practice, reinforce, and extend learning•  Google website: gives parents and students access to information and resources to support learning
  28. 28. Mary Clark 6th, 7th, 8th grade FACSUse of TechnologyBlackboard •  Posted sewing supply list for 7th & 8th grade •  Posted video of making a Hotdog Pillowcase •  Posted link to Lemonade Stand game •  Created hyperlink to recipe sitesLearn 360 •  Sew Cool ProductionsLCD Projector •  Created video on how to thread the sewing machine •  Instructed 6th graders how to access my class in blackboard
  29. 29. Mary ClarkEvidence of Impact• •  Fewer students asking for a new supply list-greater student responsibility•  Supplies arriving to class my assigned date Fewer students asking for individual assistance -less reteaching- more peer to peer instruction- polled students on the effectiveness of the•  threading the machine video•  Students reporting they played the Lemonade Stand game at home Student curiosity demonstrated-played the budgeting game that was at the site with the Lemonade Stand game
  30. 30. Mary ClarkMoving Forward•  Creating more videos demonstrating sewing processes•  Using Edmodo groups for my 8th grade financial literacy unit•  Posted videos on measuring techniques for future classes
  31. 31. Caryl Anderson LA/SS -8thGoogle Presentations o  Student Info for Me o  Info for Class o  Speaking/Listening Skills o  Visual Aid Skills
  32. 32. Caryl AndersonEdmodoo  Book Chato  Classroom Info
  33. 33. Caryl AndersonImpact on Learning~•  Students were forced to work collaboratively on day 3 of school for Google slides•  Book discussions on Edmodo have allowed for discussion without pressure of fact-to-face interaction o  allowed multiple conversations o  students have more courage/opinions•  Blackboard portal has all links
  34. 34. Caryl AndersonFuture of Instruction~•  Immediate assessment of instructional need based on real-time student work•  Increase/extend student engagement•  Students are able to sef-assess based on peer work•  Parent access to student work
  35. 35. Katie De Felice- Speech Language Pathologist•  I used Learn 360 to read Petes a Pizza to a large group of preschool students using the Epson projector•  15 students total and 4 have IEPs•  The target was /p/ in the initial position of single words and in phrases•  After reading the story, the students had to retell the events and act it out•  Students were the dough and we rolled them out, sprinkled cheese on top (paper), etc.•  Homework to make someone at home into a pizza
  36. 36. Katie De Felice- Speech Language Pathologist•  My evidence was gathered informally by checking to see if comprehension occurred•  After reading the story the students were asked to retell the events•  One specific student working on the /p/ sound used the sound in words with 80% accuracy•  Attention to the story was maintained for 5 minutes
  37. 37. Katie De Felice- Speech Language PathologistThe students engagement increased while using technology so I will continue to address student goals for articulation and language using technology.
  38. 38. Sue SchillerUse of technology:Edmodo:• Given quizzes and assignments• Created and used writing groups in LA and media groups in Communications• Uploaded videos for CommunicationsBlackboard Discussion Board•  Created on-line discussion groups•  Uploaded videos as resources for a summative
  39. 39. Sue SchillerEvidence of Impact:•  Quizzes and Assignments: Instant feedback was given to students and teacher regarding progress. Students who needed enrichment only were able to use Edmodo for higher level activities during instruction time.•  Writing Groups: Differentiation was made possible and students produced improved mini-prompts. Student to student feedback was positive and encouraging•  Discussion Boards: Students had a true back and forth conversation about a text at a higher level than orally in the classroom.
  40. 40. Sue SchillerMoving Instruction Forward:•  Continued use discussion boards with differing text complexity levels should increase critical thinking•  Continued use of Edmodo for assignments and quizzes will increase access to new knowledge, as the wait time for assessment scores will decrease•  Continue to try to use the video feature (I had quite a few issues with this!) to provide differentiation of tasks
  41. 41. Karen Saccomando 8th Gr. Special Ed.Use of technology in LA:•  Used Google Docs to create: o  Reading Interest Inventory form•  Used Blackboard to launch form•  Created Powerpoint presentation showcasing 20 books for kids to choose from for their Readers Workshop novel•  Used Google Docs to create: o  spreadsheet to keep track of student book choices•  use of Edmodo for kids to: o  share ideas/opinions of their book o  discuss book with others reading the same book
  42. 42. Karen Saccomando 8th Gr. Special Ed.Evidence of IMpact: •  Interest inventory: Students reading preferences, opinions, and self- assessment on spreadsheet for future reference and data collection •  SpreadSheet: allows for easy data tracking regarding student choice of novels; will help make future choices for next quarter •  Edmodo: students are able to : o  be involved in discussions o  be easily and quickly reminded of assignments o  share some opinions of book through technology rather than all on paper
  43. 43. Karen Saccomando 8th Gr. Special Ed.steps moving instruction forward:* Use interest inventory, book choice spreadsheet, & Edmodo discussions to craft next book presentation based on student interest* Continue to use Edmodo for book discussions* administer further Reading Interest Inventories at the end of each quarter to track changes and determine possible novels for upcoming quarter* (Hopefully) Launch book talks with students in a middle school in ARizona.
  44. 44. Maureen Scalia•  Created an Edmodo link through my Blackboard site.•  All students joined separate groups by my Language Arts Blocks.•  Created independent study program with subgroups for learning the parts of speech.
  45. 45. Maureen ScaliaFor the first part of speech(nouns) I have posted the following:•  PowerPoint presentation overview on all of the parts of speech•  PowerPoint presentation on nouns•  Practice worksheets•  Answer sheets for worksheets•  Prequiz (done together in the computer lab) This wass posted one week after the above resources were posted so students had time to prep for prequiz if they so chose. If students performed 90% or higher on prequiz they did not need to do the postquiz or interim work. Paper copy of post quiz done in class for those who needed it. Additional sub group one-on- one direct instruction for those who need it.
  46. 46. Maureen ScaliaOBSERVATIONS: • Teacher data delivery through Edmodo gives easy-to-navigate pie graphs for immediate direct instruction on the weak element(s) needing work • Students did better on this prequiz than similar prequizzes Ive given in the past •  Student reflections pointed to improved independence although this is still an area for improvement •  It would be nice to figure out how to track student use of the resources other than a paper/pencil reflection or blogNEXT STEPS... • Additional subgroup work needs to be posted for those who did not pass the postquiz • Similar units will be posted for all of the remaining parts of speech •  Collaboration with ELL specialist to expand, improve, differentiate lessons
  47. 47. Jeanne Johnson - Third GradeObjective1) Introduce students to a collaborative experience using google docs2) Create a presentation for curriculum night to introduce the class and demonstrate to parents one aspect of the use of technology in the classroomActivity1) Using slides that I created with different levels of effectiveness to launch the project, students learned how to write clues about themselves2) Each student created a slide with clues about himself or herself simultaneously in the LRC computer labPresentation1) The class viewed the presentation as clues appeared on a slide followed by the authors picture2) Parents viewed the presentation at curriculum night
  48. 48. Jeanne Johnson - Third Grade Evidence of Student Learning•  Through peer collaboration, students revised their clues helping each other with word choice and making decisions about which clue would be best to appear first, second, and third to keep classmates guessing.•  Differentiation was evident as students worked to their personal potential•  Students were engaged!•  Students learned ethical practice as they collaborated on a single document The following slides were created by students.
  49. 49. Who Am I?I have two cavaliers.I am an adventure guide.I love wrestling because I get to see my friends.
  50. 50. Who Am I?I have one dog. Her name is Bailey. She is a golden labrador retriever. She is very playful, and she loves to play fetch.My dad has a new job. He and my brother live in Peoria Arizona. My mom, my brother, and I still live in St. Charles, Illinois until we move.I was born in a small town called Keller Texas.I lived in Keller for five years. Then I moved to St. Charles, Illinois.
  51. 51. Jeanne Johnson - Third Grade Moving Forward•  I foresee using google docs in a similar manner for students to share information in content areas as they combine their knowledge to present as experts to the class.•  I also see the possibility of using this as a reflection of learning that can be recorded chronologically to share with parents either created individually, with a small group, or as a whole class.•  Students could create a slide as they work on a project without having to wait until revisions and editing are complete.
  52. 52. Melissa DeCamp- 6th and 8th GradeSpanishUse of Technology• Create Formative Assessments on Edmodo o  Audio Assessments o  Video Assessments o  Multiple Choice Assessments o  Short Answer Assessments o  Retake Assessments•  Use iPads o  Continue with familiar technology for students coming from Richmond
  53. 53. Vicki Phelps•  I have introduced my parents to my BlackBoard and Edmodo sites.•  BlackBoard will be a parent communication tools as well as an opportunity to integrate blogs and wikis into my instructional design.•  Edmodo will be used to house individual student portfolios with an emphasis on student reflection and consistent feedback.•  Evidence of Impact: Parents provided an abundance of positive feedback and support.
  54. 54. Vicki PhelpsClass Participation:•  The class has taken part in QR Scavenger Hunts to differentiate math instruction.•  We used the iPads, and differentiated groups found the color-coded QR codes to solve the appropriate math problems. These activities incorporated a variety of instructional prompts.Evidence of Student Impact: 100% student engagement. :)
  55. 55. Vicki PhelpsFuture Steps:• Beginning in October, I will be teaching the class how to navigate our class BlackBoard site and Edmodo site.• The class will complete a creative writing wiki, as well as a book blog.• The class will also begin to navigate the Edmodo site by responding to survey questions.
  56. 56. Melissa DeCamp- 6th and 8th GradeSpanishEvidence of Impact• Students receive immediate results for multiple choice assessments• Students are in control of monitoring self- progress o  Self-check and at-home study•  Most students improved on retake assessments
  57. 57. Melissa DeCamp- 6th and 8th GradeSpanishMoving Forward• Continue to use Edmodo for formative assessments• Work with parents to ensure collaboration on at-home studying• Work with students to increase responsibility for learning
  58. 58. Kristi Richter-Duff - High School ArtUse of Technology:1-Google Presentations - 3D media 2 students are using Google presentations to create digital portfolios. For each new project, students document their research and their completed artwork/ reflections in their google presentations.2-Google Forms - I have been creating surveys using google forms and using them as exit slips in my Digital Media 1 classes to check for understanding on specific Photoshop tools and techniques learned through class demonstrations.3- Edmodo - HALO yearbook has adopted Edmodo as a communication tool for advisors and staff.
  59. 59. Kristi Richter-Duff - High School ArtEvidence of Impact:1-Google Presentations - Although the initial setup and the learning curve for students was somewhat problematic, the benefits are starting to show. Namely, in instances when students fall behind or are absent during our computer lab days, students have the flexibility to access their presentations from home in order to do research and work on their portfolios.2-Google Forms - The data and feedback that I have gotten from students taking the google surveys (as an exit slip) has been extremely valuable. I am able to quickly check for understanding, get feedback from each student about specific tools and techniques, and I am able to react quickly to the students who need additional help.3- Edmodo - The use of Edmodo as a communication tool for HALO yearbook has just started, so I dont have any data yet on its impact.
  60. 60. Kristi Richter-Duff - High School ArtMoving Forward:1-Google Presentations - I plan to follow through the remaining of the semester with students using Google presentations for their research and portfolios and then weigh the pros and cons. Most likely, I will continue to have students use Google presentations, but I may have to take a look at the workflow and make some minor adjustments for future classes.2-Google Forms - I definitely plan to continue using google surveys/ forms as an exit slip for each unit in my digital media classes. It has probably been the most natural integration of new technology that I have used so far in my classes and it has also been the most useful.3- Edmodo - I plan to continue to use Edmodo as a communication tool for HALO yearbook staffers in hopes that it will prove to be beneficial. Only time will tell.
  61. 61. David QuirozParents as studentsUsed a survey to gather information on parent access to technology and how it is usedGathered and analyzed dataNext step: Proposal toadministrator to implementparent CyberCafe program
  62. 62. David QuirozPresented basic concept of Cyber Cafe to parents during curriculum night onSeptember 11thFound high level of parent interestParents signed up to receive more information based on interest level
  63. 63. David QuirozGoals:To implement CyberCafe concept by the end of October in order to educate parents on the use of technology.To communicate more effectively with parents through the use of e-mail, Edmodo, and google docs.
  64. 64. David QuirozMoving instruction to the next level...By implementing the CyberCafe program successfully this fall, I hope to involve more parents in their childs learning through active participation.
  65. 65. Doug OvertonIve been able to implement an essentially paperless Physics classroom for 4 periods of the day. (Ive copied class sets twice to date, both by student request)The following technologies have been used to achieve this:•  Blackboard Daily Announcements•  Blackboard Tests (used for labs, homework, quizzes and tests)•  Google Shared Folder serving as science Notebook
  66. 66. Doug OvertonStudents get directionsgiven through postson blackboardannouncements alongwith attached files suchas "recycled" worksheets. Due dates and upcoming events are given this way. Course links help students navigate directly to specific materials within blackboard such as tests.Blackboard is the portal for all my materials.
  67. 67. Doug OvertonBlackboard really hasa variety of questionsthat can used for labquestions, homework,quizzes and tests. Avariety of feedback canbe provided to studentssome of which isimmediate.
  68. 68. Doug OvertonGoogle Docs / Drivehave provided a locationfor students and my PLCto create, upload, save andshare documents andpictures. The use of theGoogle Drive app on the iPad has made thismuch simpler, now without the need to emailfiles/pics to oneself to upload later.
  69. 69. Doug OvertonBy observation I note higher student engagement, a higher level of differentiation is provided, immediate feedback has motivated a greater level of students seeking re-teaching and revisions, basically kids are learning better and maybe quicker.Undertaking the "paperless" classroom was enough of a fundamental change in my practice to cause a serious reconsideration of the most basic material presented too and expectations of students.I will not claim that the technology in itself was the reason for marked improvements in Physics Learning in my classroom but at the very least it was the catalyst.
  70. 70. Amanda Polzin - English (9th and 10th grade)Use of technology:• Glogster: I am using Glogster with my English 10 class for their summative assessment. They are responsible for 9 total Glog posts and an accompanying paragraphs supporting why their choice.• Google Calendar/ Blackboard: I linked my google calendar to my Blackboard site - I am still having technology issues with this though - its a work in progress.• Im going paperless this year! All my grading is on I love it!• Google Docs: We have used this in my PLC to edit assignments and rubrics.
  71. 71. Sample Glogs-Amanda Polzin
  72. 72. Amanda PolzinEvidence of Impact:Glogster: Students are very engaged and enjoy using this tool. They must be creative in how they answer the weekly questions and thoughtful in how they explain the answers. They are also improving their internet searching/ information accessing skills.Google Calendar: TBD - still trying to get it to work!Turnitin: Students receive feedback immediately once its graded. The format allows easier comments and quicker grading.Google Docs: PLC can collaborate much easier.
  73. 73. Amanda PolzinMoving forward:I would like to integrate Edmodo in my classroom for discussions and collaboration.I would also like to try to integrate Glogster again. I want to have the kids create a glog from a characters point of view.I want to get my Google calendar to work on Blackboard (or just create a Google site if I have to).
  74. 74. Meghan CannonObjective: To enhance student discussion & questioning through technology.•  Utilizing Edmodo and Blogs through Blackboard for class discussionsObjective: To provide timely feedback to allow for student reflection and goal setting.•  Utilized Google Forms & Documents as a formative assessment tool
  75. 75. Meghan CannonEvidence of Impact:1) Students were engaged in a class discussion through Socratic Seminar around the topic "bullying" that we are currently addressing in Literacy Block. They were responding to a specific statement from our anticipatory guide. They were asked to continue this discussion over the course of the next couple of evenings by blogging about one other statement that was on the guide that they had strong feelings/ opinions about... This blog led to more questions around this topic that students recorded and brought back to class. These "essential questions" have become our focus as we read our class novel Bystander and various short fiction & nonfiction texts centered around this issue. Some of the questions posed from this online forum that we are exploring are "How do you deal with a bully?" "How strong is peer pressure?" "Can bullies ever change?" Student engagement is through the roof right now, because of the topic that we are exploring, the use of technology that is being utilized, and the ownership that they have over the questions that they brainstormed through their discussions.
  76. 76. Meghan Cannon Evidence of Learning: 2) I created a reading/writing inventory that studentsresponded to the first week of school by accessing the link onEdmodo. After the data was collected, the student and myselfhad a conference to reflect upon the findings and create ameasurable goal for first quarter.
  77. 77. Meghan CannonMoving Forward:I will continue to foster discussions and collaboration through Edmodo, BlackBoard Blogs, and Google. Specifically, I am working on creating a "virtual" notebook for an upcoming partner reading assignment. Instead of keeping a paper copy that is passed back-in-forth between partners as they read their novel, I am finalizing the logistics of it being on Google for pairs to access simultaneously.
  78. 78. Amy OvertonThompson Middle School
  79. 79. Tell me and Ill forget; show me and I mayremember; involve me and Ill understand. - Chinese Proverb Amy Overton - Slide 2
  80. 80. Edmodo = Learner Involvement Amy Overton - Slide 3
  81. 81. Edmodo = Sharing Ideas &Experiences Amy Overton - Slide 4
  82. 82. Next Steps: •  Collaborate to continue to find ways to support teacher use of Edmodo for communication & sharing of ideas/ resources •  Expand use of Edmodo with inquiry groups, book groups & PLCs. Amy Overton - Slide 5
  83. 83. Margaret Guseman TMS - 6thgrade SS/LAUse of Technology with Students• Google Forms - created self assessment for reading and writing habits/interests• Edmodo - created practice quizzes/study guides, administered quizzes, practiced appropriate response writing with current events post• Blackboard - created a resource center for homework, worksheets, study guides, useful links, and tips; students added their own resource by creating and posting online flashcards
  84. 84. Margaret Guseman6th grade SS/LAMargaret GusemanTMS -Evidence of Impact on LearningGoogle Forms•  Bi-weekly conferences on students reading goals reference their self-reported habits/interests.•  Better ability to identify struggling readers and intervene sooner, as well as help students find reading materials that better match their interest or level.
  85. 85. Margaret Guseman6th grade SS/LAMargaret GusemanTMS -Evidence of Impact on Learning, cont.Edmodo•  With the use of practice quizzes/study guides, the average class performance on quizzes has gone up one letter grade.•  Students who are quieter in class are writing directly to me through Edmodo.
  86. 86. Margaret Guseman6th grade SS/LAMargaret GusemanTMS -Next StepsGoogle Forms • create quarterly reflections for both self assessment and class evaluation • use feedback from Writing Self-Assessment to look at/revise peer editing processEdmodo • Use item analysis from quizzes to identify areas that need reteaching • Integrate more video for and polls for overnight exit slips • Continue work on how to write appropriate postsBlackboard • Establish and promote the use of discussion boards for digital lit circles •  Continue to build up library of student-created resources
  87. 87. Jodi FaloticoHow I used technology with students:* I did a quick survey in Edmodo which said, "So far this year, school has been pretty easy." They had to choose from these responses: "yes", "no" or "sort of"* I put a "note" on Edmodo that said, "Respond to this question: Describe how you keep yourself organized and stay on top of homework assignments."
  88. 88. Jodi FaloticoEvidence on how this impacted learning;* For my survey question, it was very interesting how my three L.A. classes responded; two had mostly "yes" responses, but the one had a 50-50 "yes" to "no" ratio. Now I am taking the kids in this class aside to find out why they answered the way they did since the other two classes seemed fine. Interestingly enough, I am getting a 40% completion rate on homework in this class where my other two are closer to 75-80%.* The responses to my second question were very thorough for my two classes with kids whove used Edmodo (all from Richmond), but very sketchy and not even focused on the topic for the kids whove never used Edmodo (no Richmond kids; only B-G and Wasco).* The impact on learning here is really focused on the "Survival Skills" and not directly tied to a content area. Not only was this reflective for the students, it is a springboard for discussion for me as their instructor.
  89. 89. Jodi FaloticoMoving instruction to the next level:* Taking the information from my questions, I now know what kind of work I have to do either whole group or small group to strengthen organizational skills and work one on one with individuals to help them navigate middle school.* Having seen how the students work with Edmodo, it is clear that Richmond kids have had instruction on how to craft responses and what is acceptable use, but I am going to have to step through that piece with my B-G and Wasco kids.* I have already started tapping into the Richmond groups to find out what their computer teacher from last year did with them that has them now writing very good responses instead of just chatting with friends and giving me one word answers.
  90. 90. Lori  Drumtra  –  U.S.  History  •  Technology  Used:   o Edmodo:    Assignments,  Alerts     o Blackboard:    Used  primarily  as  a  place  for   students  to  access  materials  used  in  class   o Google  forms:    Created  form  to  acquire  data   regarding  students  previous  experiences  and   interests  in  Social  Studies   o LCD/Ladybug:    Used  everyday!    Bellringers,  video   clips,etc.  
  91. 91. Lori  Drumtra  -­‐  Evidence  •  Edmodo:    I  have  used  Edmodo  for  one   assignment.    All  students  (84)  were  able  to  access   the  link  I  provided  and  submit  a  response  to  a   quesMon  that  I  had  asked  them.  •  Blackboard:    I  combined  blackboard  pages  with   the  other  AP  U.S.  History  Teacher  so  there  is  only   one  AP  U.S.  History  page  for  the  students.    We   have  used  the  site  as  a  place  for  students  to   access  materials  we  have  given  out  in  class,  put  a   link  to  the  textbook  that  has  all  kinds  of  useful   tools  to  help  them  prepare  for  tests,  etc...  
  92. 92. Lori  Drumtra  –  Evidence  (cont.)  •  Google  Forms  –  The  only  form  I  have  used   thus  far  is  a  survey.    Approximately  60   students  responded  to  the  survey.    The   informaMon  provided  gave  me  some  insight  to   the  background  of  the  students  in  my  class  –   what  social  studies  courses  and  what  level  had   they  taken  prior  to  taking  AP.    I  can  then  use   that  informaMon  to  tailor  my  lessons  and   assignments.    
  93. 93. Lori  Drumtra  –  Evidence  (cont.)  •  LCD/Ladybug:    The  use  of  this  technology  has   been  incorporated  into  my  lessons  on  a  daily   basis.    Not  only  have  I  been  able  to  bring  in   more  resources,  but  I  am  amazed  at  the   amount  of  Mme  it  saves  –  no  more  Mme   wasted  “seYng  up”  LCD  machines,  overheads,   etc...  
  94. 94. Lori  Drumtra  –  What  Next?  •  Edmodo:    My  use  of  Edmodo  thus  far  has  been   one  direcMonal.    I  would  like  to  change  this  and   make  it  more  of  an  interacMve  tool  –  to  use  it   more  as  a  “discussion”  tool  outside  of  class.  •  Google  Docs:    I  had  some  problems  combining   google  docs  with  Edmodo  that  I  need  to  work  out.     I  want  students  to  use  google  docs  for  group   assignments  and/or  presentaMons  •  LCD/Ladybug:    I  would  also  like  to  have  students   use  both  of  these  in  presentaMons  
  95. 95. Sonja Brazell -- PLC Folder on Google.doc•This has ended up being the most helpful, forour PLC enters all our work for each unit here.We can utilize what other teachers are doingand access it, whether at home or at school.•With the emphasis on pre-testing,differentiation, enrichment, etc., our PLC isworking together to create formativeassignments that meet all these areas.Students benefit by receiving moreindividualized instruction.
  96. 96. S. Brazell -- Videos on My Blackboard Page•For the summative of our 8LA listening/speaking unit, students read 2 articles andwatched 4 videos on the topic of high schoolsports.•The videos were on my blackboard page, sostudents could watch them as often as neededto prepare for the small group discussion.•Students appreciated the opportunity to re-view as much as they needed on their own timeto meet the standards of the assignment.
  97. 97. S. Brazell -- Using a Ladybug•I have a ladybug in my classroom this year,and I use it all the time.•It has been especially helpful in grammarinstruction and in teaching active reading.•I can put the text on the screen and mark,highlight, point out how to inference and drawconclusions from implicit details.•It helps students follow along and clarify theirthinking. After modeling, I have studentsanswer questions, and I can check their
  98. 98. S. Brazell -- Moving my instruction to the Next Level•I want to use google.doc in the writingprocess. My students have now been loggedin, so we can start using it with the next writingassignment. I’m especially interested intracking revisions to improve my instruction ofthat step in the writing process.•I also want to make videos from the ladybug toload onto my Blackboard page. This wouldhelp re-teach students who didn’t understand,as well as be available to those who were
  99. 99. KrisAn  DiTella-­‐-­‐Social  Studies   (10th  and  11th  grade)    How  I  used  Technology  with  my  students:  1.  Blackboard-­‐-­‐I  used  this  mostly  as  resource  for   my  students.    I  put  various  homework,  study   guides,  assignments,  etc.  on  my  page  so  students   could  access  this.    I  also  created  various   homework  journals  for  my  students  to  reflect  and   post  on  blackboard.        
  100. 100. KrisAn  DiTella  How  I  used  Technology  with  my  students:  2.  Edmodo-­‐-­‐I  created  various  discussion  quesMons   pertaining  to  various  primary  source  documents   and  had  my  students  respond  and  discuss  with   each  other.    I  also  used  the  quiz  part  of  this   program  to  gather  data  on  student  interest  and   learning  style  3.  Ladybug-­‐-­‐I  use  this  everyday  for  going  over   homework,  sharing  ideas,  student  examples,  etc.    
  101. 101. KrisAn  DiTella  Evidence  of  impact:  Blackboard-­‐-­‐Parents  are  more  informed  and  students  can   access  extra  assignments  and  other  class  materials  if   they  need  more  copies.    Journaling  has  helped  me  to  get   to  know  my  students  becer  and  is  a  quick  way  for   students  to  reflect  on  their  learning.  Edmodo-­‐-­‐This  has  really  helped  me  to  create  a   collaboraMve  class  environment.    The  students  are   enjoying  responding  to  each  others  posts  and  I  am   impressed  at  the  responses  and  ideas  they  are  sharing.     The  quiz  feature  is  an  easy  and  efficient  way  to  poll  the   class  and  to  hear  the  students  opinions  on  key  events.          
  102. 102. KrisAn  DiTella,  Evidence  cont.  Ladybug-­‐-­‐I  am  actually  comfortable  with  the   Ladybug  this  year  and  use  it  daily.    This  has   allowed  me  to  be  more  clear  with  my  students.    I   am  able  to  show  examples  and  answer  quesMons   clearer-­‐-­‐I  feel  like  I  dont  have  as  many  random   quesMons.    
  103. 103. KrisAn  DiTella  Taking  my  instrucMon  to  the  next  level:  Googlesites:  I  feel  that  using  all  of  these  tools  has  improved  both   my  teaching  and  communicaMon  with  students  and  parents.    I   am  hoping  to  learn  and  understand  Googlesites  more  over  the   next  few  months.    I  hope  by  the  end  of  the  semester  that  I  will   have  a  Googlesite  for  each  of  my  classes  and  will  be  able  to    use   tools  like  Googledocs  and  other  programs  associated  with   Google  in  my  classroom.      Googledocs-­‐-­‐I  want  to  have  my  students  use  this  more.    Especially   in  for  class  projects  like  trials  and  debates,  etc.      
  104. 104. Paige  Staroske  2nd  Grade  What I have accomplished so far:•  Created a Google site for parents•  Created my first Photo Story with students•  Used document camera to capture visuals used in lessons•  Trained students to independently use a website for differentiated math practice on laptops in the classroom and at home
  105. 105. Paige  Staroske  2nd  Grade  Evidence of Impact:  •  Many students have already increased their score for speed and accuracy of their math facts•  Students are logging on at home and practicing math facts•  Students are using the document camera and projector to explain their strategies•  Students are asking to make the next Photo Story•  High level of student engagement with use of technology
  106. 106. Paige  Staroske  2nd  Grade    The Future of Technology in 2S:Students will be creating Photo Stories to: •  Capture classroom events and post on our website for parents •  Document their learning •  Retell a story they have read •  Share their learning with others Students will be producing additions to ourwebsite.Students will be using the internet as aresource for information as well as a sourceof activities to further their skills.
  107. 107. Final  Thoughts...   Contribute  to  an  important  district  conversaAon   Now  that  you  have  survived  the  course,  and  put   some  quality  instrucMon  using  technology  into   acMon,  you  have  some  new  insights  that  others   could  benefit  from.     Visit  the  linked  Google  Doc  in  our  Final  Session  link   on  Blackboard  to  record  your  thoughts.     Thanks!  
  108. 108. End  of  Course  EvaluaAon   My  Learning   Plan   Link  &   instrucMons  on   Bb