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  2. 2. World War II
  3. 3. World War II
  4. 4. World War II
  5. 5. World War II
  6. 6. World War II
  7. 7. World War II
  8. 8. World War II
  9. 9. World War II
  10. 10. World War II
  11. 11. World War II
  12. 12. World War II
  13. 13. Cold War Space RaceUSA (Democracy) vs. USSR (Communism)A race to prove which was more advanced
  14. 14. German Rocket Men
  15. 15. Dr. Von Braun
  16. 16. Early Failures•Huntsville, Al•47% of the firstRedstone Rocketsfailed. Some didn’tlaunch- others blewup on the pad•78,000 lbs of fuel
  17. 17. What are some factors that rocketscientists have to overcome to be successful?
  18. 18. In flight, a rocket is subjected to four forces; weight, thrust, and the aerodynamic forces, lift and drag
  19. 19. Parts of A Rocket• Nosecone• Body Cone• Fins
  20. 20. Purpose of the nose cone• To reduce drag (an aerodynamic force that reduces an objects motion)
  21. 21. Purpose of finsTo stabilize the rockets. Can be done with 3 or 4 fins.Why not 2?How should they be spaced?
  22. 22. Rocket Construction Tips for Nosecone and Fins
  23. 23. You will need to:• Construct a nosecone You will only need half of the circle.
  24. 24. AND Choose the number and shape of your fins• You may have 3 or 4 fins they need to be spaced equally around the bottom of the rocket.
  25. 25. You can launch your rocket from… 30 Degrees 35 Degrees 40 Degrees 45 Degrees PSI 40 or 50
  26. 26. WeighingTo measure weight use grams
  27. 27. MeasuringUse meters to measure distance
  28. 28. What goes upmost come down!
  29. 29. What shape willthe flight pathof your rocket take?
  30. 30. Parabola
  31. 31. Where would you find the maximum height?
  32. 32. Hooray!!!
  33. 33. If your rocket lands…100 meters from the launch pad themaximum height would be found at the 50 meter mark. How can this be calculated?
  34. 34. YESDivide by 2
  35. 35. If your rocket lands…120 meters from the launch pad the maximum height will be measured from?170 meters from the launch pad the maximum height will be measured from?200 meters from the launch pad the maximum height will be measure from?
  36. 36. NASA and the state of Ohio•Ohio has had 24 astronauts•More than any other state except New York (25)
  37. 37. THE END