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What Makes an App Educational?

Slides from the Friday, April 8th "What Makes an App Educational?" at the Mobile Learning Experience 2011 in Phoenix Arizona.

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What Makes an App Educational?

  1. 1. What makes an app educational? Judith Epcke Northbrook, IL Twitter: IEAR
  2. 2. The Plan..• iEAR• Share some apps• Grade an app• Audience participation Twitter: IEAR
  3. 3. Twitter: IEAR
  4. 4. Twitter: IEAR
  5. 5. 50 App Reviewers Twitter: IEAR
  6. 6. Over 900 Members Twitter: IEAR
  7. 7. Partnership with Ben Cahoon Twitter: IEAR
  8. 8. Twitter: IEAR
  9. 9. Twitter: IEAR
  10. 10. Student App Reviewers Twitter: IEAR
  11. 11. Components of the IEAR Community Twitter: IEAR
  12. 12. What are somegood educational apps? Twitter: IEAR
  13. 13. Twitter: IEAR
  14. 14. Twitter: IEAR
  15. 15. Twitter: IEAR
  16. 16. Digital StorytellingSock Puppets Toontastic Storyrobe Twitter: IEAR
  17. 17. Coming Soon... Twitter: IEAR
  18. 18. Flashcards gFlash+ & gFlash Pro integrates with Google AppsIdea: Export PowerPoint or Keynote as image files. Then sync to Photos Twitter: IEAR
  19. 19. Science AppsThe Elementals App designer is... 14 years old! Twitter: IEAR
  20. 20. Drawing and Writing Use Your Whiteboard AnimationHandwriting Creator HD Twitter: IEAR
  21. 21. Easy ChartsMagnetic Alphabet HD or ABC Magnets iBrainstorm &iBrainstorm Companion Twitter: IEAR
  22. 22. Grading Apps on iEAR •Grade Level: •Purpose: •Program Functionality: •Overall Educational Value: •Classroom Use/Ideas: Twitter: IEAR
  23. 23. EdgeMates Twitter: IEAR
  24. 24. Audience Participation Come share your favorite app! Twitter: IEAR
  25. 25. What makes an app educational? Twitter: IEAR