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Robert browning

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This was once my video presentation during my sophomore years when we touched the topic on English-American Literature. See it!!!

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Robert browning

  1. 1. ROBERT BROWNINGEarly Life:o May 7, 1812-December 12, 1889o an English poet, playwright whosemastery of dramatic verseespecially dramatic monologues.o a Victorian poet.o only son of Sarah Anna and RobertBrowning.o Robert’s father is a literary collectorwhere he was raised in a householdsignificant literary resources.
  2. 2. o His mother, to whom he was veryclose, was a devout talentedmusician.o By twelve, he had written a book ofpoetry which he later destroyedwhen no publisher could be found.o He was educated at home by a tutorvia the resources if his father’sextensive library around 6,000books.o By fourteen, he became a greatadmirer of Romantic poetsespecially Shelley.
  3. 3. o He refused a formal career anddedicated himself to poetry.o He stayed at home until the age of34 and dependent to is family untilmarriage.o His father sponsored the publicationof his son’s poems.o In 1834, he accompanied ChevailerGeorge de Benkhausen, the Russianconsul-general. On brief visit to St.Petersburg and began Paracelsuspublished in 1835.
  4. 4. o The publication had somecommercial and critical successbeing noticed by Wordsworth,Dickens, Landor and Tennyson.o It was a monodrama without action,dealing with the problemsconfronting an intellectual trying tofind his role in society.o It gained him access to the Londonliterary world.o As a result, he met Macready whoinvited him to write a play.
  5. 5. o Strafford was performed five times.He then wrote two other plays, oneof which was not performed whilethe other failed, he fallen out withMacready.o In 1838, he visited Italy looking forbackground for Sordello, a longpoem in blank verse presented asthe imaginary biography ofMantuan bard spoken of by Dantein the Divine Comedy, set against abackground of hate and conflictduring Guelph-Ghibelline wars andwas published in 1840.
  6. 6.  Marriage Life:o In 1845, he met the poet ElizabethBarrett. They began regularlycorresponding and gradually aromance developed between themleading to their marriage.o Elizabeth’s poems included lovesonnets that increased herpopularity cementing her as aneminent Victorian poet.o She was a contender to become PoetLaureate after William Wordsworthdeath, the position eventually gongto Tennyson.
  7. 7. o From the time of their marriageuntil Elizabeth’s death, he lived inItaly residing Florence at Casa Guidiwhich is now a museum to theirmemory.o Elizabeth and Robert’s only childwas Robert Wiedemann BarretBrowning.o He described Italy as his university.
  8. 8. o Men and Womeno In 1853, he worked with thistwo volume poem for he is nowwell known and it made a littleimpact.o The Ring and The Booko In 1868, he published this longblank verse based onconvoluted murder-case.o It is composed of 12 books andten lengthy dramaticmonologues.o Concluded by Browninghimself.o Poet’s most ambitious projectand arguably his greatest work.o It was successful bothcommercially and critically.o Robert Browning Society wasformed in 1881 and his workwas recognized as belongingwithin the British LiteraryCanon.o An Epic-length poem thatjustify the ways of GOD tohumanity.
  9. 9. o Porphyria’s Lovero My Last Duchesso Rabbi Ben Ezrao How they brought the goodnews to Aixo Evelyn Hopeo The Pied Piper of Hamelino A Grammarian’s Funeralo A Death in the Desserto A Cavalier Songo A Woman’s Last Word
  10. 10.  I. All June I bound the rose in sheaves.Now, rose by rose, I strip the leavesAnd strew them where Pauline maypass.She will not turn aside? Alas!Let them lie. Suppose they die?The chance was they might take hereye.II.How many a month I strove to suitThese stubborn fingers to the lute!To-day I venture all I know.She will not hear my music? So!Break the string; fold musics wing:Suppose Pauline had bade me sing! III.My whole life long I learned to love.This hour my utmost art I proveAnd speak my passion---heaven orhell?She will not give me heaven? Tiswell!Lose who may---I still can say,Those who win heaven, blest arethey! Robert Browning
  11. 11. o In his remaining years, after aseries of long poems publishedin the early 1870’s, the volumePacchiarotto and How we workedin Distemper included an attackagainst Browning’s criticsespecially Alfred Austin whobecame Poet Laureate.o Parleyings with Certain People ofImportance in their Day wasproduced that speak of his ownvoice. Asolando, published on the dayof his death, a concise and brieflyric poem. December 12, 1889, the dead ofBrowning and was buried inpoet’s corner in WestminsterAbbey adjacent to that of Alfred Tennyson.