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100+ Beautiful Slides from #CannesLions '11 from @jessedee

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100+ Beautiful Slides from #CannesLions '11 from @jessedee

  1. 10 S 0+ B CANN EAUTIFUL LIDES FROM 1 ES LIONS ’1 * video! now with @jessedee
  2. Ad agencies not only create some of the best stories, they also create some of the best looking presentations. Here’s over 100 beautiful slides from the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2011. As well, when you see this little icon: that means you can click-through to see a video clip from the presentation.. It’s magic. Enjoy.
  3. SapientNitro | Culture Clubbing
  4. thenetworkone |The Independent Agency Showcase ‘11
  5. Fleishman-Hillard | Social Mobile Marketing
  6. Naked| The Three Cs of Modern Creativity
  7. goviral | The Long Idea
  8. Initiative | Rethinking Paid, Earned and Owned
  9. BBDO | Your next billion
  10. Starcom MediaVest Group & TED
  11. LBi | Too Big To Bother?
  12. Coca-Cola | Liquid and Linked Mystique
  13. R/GA | What’s next? SapientNitro | Culture Clubbing
  14. Leo Burnett | The Language Of The 21st Century
  15. Facebook | Social by Design
  16. Dentsu | Asian Diversity
  17. MDC Partners & CP+B| Five for Five
  18. Ford | When to let go of the Brand
  19. Publicis & Contagious | The Five Per Cent Club
  20. BBH | Growth Needs Space
  21. There you have it. Let this collection inspire you to create your next masterpiece. And also please share it. It’s a small step towards making the world a slightly better place, one beautiful presentation at at time. Jesse Desjardins | @jessedee < More To download PDF version:
  22. Thank you to the wonderful people who crowdfunded my trip to Cannes Lions: via: and: @AdamSheka @asevenstern @sweetiaddict @shoher, @barb_leung, @gwynethjones @wirkungen @khabarta @checkmypres @coachbay, @mosisys, @ataleb52, @dgomesbr