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International Marketing Project, Harvard University

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An International Marketing Project for my summer class at Harvard University.

We're trying to bring this product, Italian Pasta Vending Machine, to Japan - the land of vending machines.

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  • What are the 5 foods that cause belly fat? 
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International Marketing Project, Harvard University

  1. 1. Italian Food Culture:“Al momento, al dente”High Quality Pasta VendingMachine in Italy = SuccessExport: no quotas to Japan
  2. 2. ECONOMIC• Population: 126,475,000• GDP $4.31 Trillion• GDP per Capita: $34,000• Average household expenditure in food $3,303POLITICAL ENVIRONMENT• Joint Venture
  3. 3. Potential Market: AUTOMATED WESTERN Oriented SALARYMEN Culture• Buy lunch at workplace • 99.4 % claims Vending • Positive attitude• Balance diet with Machines are convenient towards western exercise • Prefer interact with culture• The younger generation machine rather than • Brand Name prefer to be work as people • Advertising professionals • Fascinated by new technology innovation
  4. 4. 63 Million people employed
  5. 5. BENTO• The most consumed lunch• “Nobody likes bento-pasta because it’s over-boiled”VENDING MACHINE FOOD• Rarely available• Linked with low qualityHEALTH CONCERN• Diabetes: 10 million people• Stomach cancer - 280,000 men and 200,000 women annually
  6. 6. VENDING MACHINE POPULARITY• 5.5 million units – 1 for every 23 people• 35% Japanese use Vending Machines more than once/day• $ 56 Billion SalesENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY• Decreasing number of units due to environmental reasons• Vending Machines are equipped with solar batteries• 80% have containers for plasticTREND IN TECHNOLOGY• Interactive – touch screen panel• Mobile Payment/E-Money/PASMO Train Card• Facial Recognition
  7. 7. Customization Facial Recognition Innovative Interactive Screen Features Mobile PaymentBrand • Italian Made Pasta: High-quality • Fast Food with Healthy IngredientsQuality • Appealing Packaging Design
  8. 8. TOKYO CENTER OF DISTRIBUTION• Major location for office buildings• Highly populated with Target Market • Salaryman • > 20 years old
  9. 9. Tokyo = Expensive City High-ItalianBrand ¥700 Quality & Healthy Food High- Tech Machine
  10. 10. ACTION PLAN FREE Sample • Business Districts Marketing Campaign • Italy Education • Brand Exposure Celebrity• Introduction and delivery of new Endorsement product• Improve the attitude towards • Italian Public Figure vending machine food
  11. 11. CULTUREPositive to Western Brand Automated System Healthy Diet HIGH-TECH TECHNOLOGY Interactive Eco-Friendly Features PRODUCT Packaging Pricing Future Plans Recommendation
  12. 12. • Italy: AnalysisJAPAN MARKETING MIX• Legal Analysis • Product• Culture & Society Analysis • Distribution• Diet Analysis • Price• Vending Machine Industry • Promotion • ConclusionAPPENDICES• Japans Working Population • Competition: Saizeriya• Salarymen in Japan • Pricing Considerations• Professional Employment by • Decreasing Number of Vending Machines Prefecture • Additional Health Feature• Japanese Trade Stats • Original PASTITALY• Japanese Sales on Vending • Sales Projection Machine
  13. 13. Data from 2005:• 68.5% of the population is between 15 and 64 years of age, meaning that the majority of the population still works• “The ratio of never-married had dramatically risen in late twenties to thirties”: this means less working men have a reason to eat at home or have someone to cook for them
  14. 14. 1,537,830 of total people classified as “professional and technicalworkers”in 2005. This number would then be our potential consumergroup
  15. 15. This map suggests that Tokyo is in fact a hub for “professional andtechnical workers” and therefore a smart choice in location of thevending machines
  16. 16. Food VendingMachine Units:75,500 = 1.4% outof the total units
  17. 17. 842 Japanese outlets – 470 in Tokyo Metropolitan Area Affordable Pricing • Bacon Risotto - $5.98 • Spaghetti - $5.98 Net IncomeSAIZERIYA • $ 92.739M
  18. 18. • ¥80-200 = $2.5 : beverages• ¥ 120 = $1.5 : ice-cream,• ¥ 200 = $2.5 : boxed lunch sets, instant ramen, potato chips, etc• ¥564 = $7.3 : Chinese Brand Noodle
  19. 19. Biometric System• the machine will provide food that will improve your health Healthy ingredients
  20. 20. The only PastaVending Machinethat cooks pasta‘al momento’ and‘al dente’