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Big John’s Gym SM Marketing

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Example social media marketing presentation for Big John's "community" gym.

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Big John’s Gym SM Marketing

  1. 1. Big John’s Gym
  2. 2. Big John’s Gym: Current Snapshot• Fitness center with 3 locations• Yellow Pages = $21,000 / year• Website = $5,000 / year• Print Campaigns = $65,000 / year• Community Sponsorships = $0 / year• Facebook Ads = $ 1000 / year• Typical ROI = new registration sales and personal training sessions upsellExpectation: Facing competition from an established brandentering the marketplace. Wants to protect their current brandposition as the friendly gym and upsell more personal trainingsessions
  3. 3. Personal training Friendly COMMUNITY gym Establish brand presence Establish brand presence Re-allocating budgetPersonal training Personal trainingFriendly COMMUNITY gym Friendly COMMUNITY gym
  4. 4. Big John’s GymStrategy Metric Organization Technology Increase baseline Customer by 25% Conversion rates, Hub and spokeExperience RTs, Engagement Insight: existing program double traffic to Marketing web Analytics – google Hub and spokeOptimization and get clicky Insight: current analytics Development of Twitter #, Innovation web-based Hollistic employee resources accounts Insight: marketing research, comp. analysis
  5. 5. Listening StationGoogle analyticsGet clickyTwitter engagement and # searchesFB insightsGoogle insights pinterest (
  6. 6. Big John’s Gym