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Motivation & Leadership

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This is a scaled back less conservative version of my motivation and leadership PowerPoint presentation. The focus was taken off of data mining / statistics and geared towards positive influence. The presentation was far less formal compared to what I would have manufactured for a business presentation. Many of he slides are also condensed rather than detailed and drawn out to fit the allotted presentation time.

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  • It appears the Dan Pink video that I built into the powerpoint will not come across as a streaming video on this website. I will attach it separately.
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Motivation & Leadership

  2. 2. The 3 Most Important things leaders need to doto Motivate and Influence others
  3. 3. Common Symptoms of the Leadership & Motivation Issues Not knowing or not acknowledging that there is a leadership and motivation issue Denial: There is Poor Alignment of NO problem Organization or H/R Low Organization Insufficient Leadership Inconsistent because I don’t Resources to Engagement & Intelligence Messaging see anything the Best Business Alignment wrong Practices Inadequate/rigid organizational processes, innovative techniques and tools needed to improve performance All lead to higher company costs, reduced realization of vision / mission, Poor employee experience, inconsistent employee moral and high customer and employee churn
  4. 4. Leadership & Motivation is Paramount toTransforming ALL Organizations
  5. 5. Creating & Enabling a Vision for Transformation Using insights to help collaborate across businessHelping the individuals sort and personal avenues to through the information create relevant experiences overload, office politics, for an organization and itsdemoralization and positive employees thinking to help us find a clear way forward Building employees & teams that work together & deliver results. We can measure effectiveness that give us better control, agility, moral, positive experiences and competitive capability
  6. 6. Organizations face motivation challenges daily… We can change & transform the status quo Each of us have attributes within ourselves to showcase, share and execute positive motivation
  7. 7. Transforming Leadership & Motivation Laggards Leaders / Motivators Focus on End Result Focus on best creative best business practices Feature/Function Mentality Understand a product and employees value Customer & Team Driven - Nimble and Plan Driven-Procedurally Motivated Growth Focused Lack of drive, inconsistency, “go with the flow” Consistent, “outside the box thinking”, efficient Poor coaching, training Aligned incentives and and execution Performance objectives with team input Organization built on Performance metrics misaligned Effective training and execution marrying with cross functional teams individuals & departments Disconnect between upper management, middle Understand, embrace, share and management and Staff Consistently implement the strategies
  8. 8. Various Types of Motivation Growth Motivation Power Motivation Social Motivation (It’s not that I’m lazy…It’s that I just don’t care)Incentive Motivation Achievement Motivation Fear Motivation (Fight or Flight)
  9. 9. BE A VISIONARY: Kill Some Sacred Cows – Motivate and lead by setting thenew benchmark for your organization Problems with practices at work that seem to be set in stone? Ever wondered what would happen of you no longer followed them? Better Methodologies to Deliver better Motivation and Leadership • Agile development over waterfall : People and Interactions over Process and Tools. Not segregated teams. • Communication: What deflates you? What Inflates you? Practice Optimization Not Just processes and procedures • Collaborate with each and every department. PROMOTE CROSS-FUNCTIONAL TEAM BUILDING Create an Environment that will Sustain Team Motivation • Make every team meeting as a building session that will motivate and promote communication • Create a culture where people do random acts of kindness with one another Set Goals and Reward Success!
  10. 10. Leadership & Motivation ValuesThrough collaborative leadership, technical expertise, and excellent customer / member service delivery,we will help catapult our organizations growth and delight our customers and valued stakeholders Values • We are committed to being visionary in providing the platform for accelerating organizational growth • We all collaborate as one team • We act with integrity and are personally accountable • We embrace change and encourage innovation • We promote openness and trust • We provide timely coaching and feedback • We act in respectful ways and value diversity in people and ideas • We strive for simplicity in administrative processes
  11. 11. Thank YouThank You
  12. 12. One Bad Apple Spoils & Demotivates the Whole Employee BunchSome people love to: create a destructive environment, be a pessimist, be overwhelmingly critical, not share valuable information, stamp out hope & manufacture poor moral Life & business requires that we interact with many different personalities and situations so….How do we “Sweeten the Sour Fruit”:1) Understand their motivation – Listen, learn & respond2) Let your good behavior & positive outlook stand as an example (create positive motivation)3) Don’t let anyone else affect the quality of your experiences (become numb to negativity)If you are the “Sour Fruit”: 1) Admit the problem 2) Read motivational books and positiveliterature 3) Surround yourself with positive things and people 4) Remember those positive thingsand people 5) Work on making yourself more likeable 6) Live, Love, Laugh (Wolfgang Puck)…Laugha lot!
  13. 13. MOTIVATION MANAGEMENTHighly motivated people step forward & get the job done. Motivation is the fuel forperformance. Three things that directly matter regarding motivation:1) A STRONG BELIEF SYSTEM – You have to help people firmly believe in themselves as well as you and the vision that is being set forth.2) TRUST – This is HUGE! People have to trust you and you in return you have to trust your people. Trust is earned over time, honesty and building a rapport.3) REALIZATION – Remember that everyone is different. What may be satisfying to one individual may not be satisfying to another.